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"Amour and the Man"
Saturday Review
, October 13, 1956, p. 29
Short paragraph with photo of Grant as one of eight actors in the "Gallery of the Kings."  Grant listed as "The Sophisticate."

"Barbara's Son - Lance Reventlow"
Christian, Frederick
Cosmopolitan, October 1959, p. 45-49
Within this story of Grant's stepson, Lance Reventlow, Grant's touching relationship with the boy is mentioned.

Cary Grant forgets his heart problems at the heart of New York and Chicago
  - French Magazine Article; 1959

"Cary Grant, Hollywood's Indestructible Pro"
Hubler, R.G.  
Coronet, August 1957, p. 34-41
Grant discusses his marriages and why and how he started in show business in this article which also contains a slight and inaccurate biography.

"Cary Grant of Enduring Charm"
, August 23, 1955, p. 94-95
Personal and film photos highlight brief text about Grant's career upon the release of To Catch a Thief.

"Cary Grant Stars in a Cosmo Story"
Parsons, L.O. 
Cosmopolitan, October 1955, p. 86
Photo of Grant with brief write up on why he took on To Catch a Thief, a film based on a story which appeared in Cosmopolitan.

"The Charm Boys"
Lerman, Leo
Mademoiselle, February, 1955, p. 160-162
Photo of and brief text about Cary Grant, Marlon Brando and Danny Kaye as examples of three varieties of "manly charm."

"Curious Story Behind the New Cary Grant"
Bergquist, L.
Look, September 1, 1959, p. 50
Upon the release of Operation Petticoat and his revelations about undergoing psychotherapy using LSD, Look released a brief, illustrated biography focusing on Grant's current doings.

"Gary, Cary, Remain Frisky Past 50"
, August 12, 1957, p. 79-80
Photos (some candid) and brief text about Gary Cooper filming Love in the Afternoon and Grant filming An Affair to Remember.

"Happy London Get Together"
, February 10, 1958, p. 49-50
Candid photos and brief text of Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant enjoying leisure time in London together.

"He'll Never Win an Oscar"
Desmond, Charles
Photoplay, March 1957, p. 52
Grant's thoughts on acting and on the Oscars and his chances of ever winning one.  The article also discusses the Grant-Hutton and the Grant-Drake

Never Half-Hearted
Pictureshow Magazine, March 28, 1959

No Time for Laughs
  - Picturegoer, January 4, 1958

"Rakish Hollywood Star Who Simply Won't Grow Old"
, June 24, 1957, p. 108-109
Interviewer offers brief insights into Grant's personal life and philosophy.

"Riddle of Cary Grant"
Harris, Eleanor
McCall's, September 1958, p. 50-52
An in-depth article on Grant with emphasis on his relationships with his wives, his delving into hypnosis, his perfectionism, his income, his career, and hints at his less-than-perfect personality.

"Screen Writer's Recipe for 'Hitch's' Brew"
Lehman, Ernest
The New York Times Encyclopedia of Film, August 2, 1959

"We'll Always Love Each Other, but ..."
Laraine, Nina
Photoplay, January 1959, p. 56
An interesting and detailed recounting of Betsy Drake's meeting with Cary Grant in 1949 aboard the Queen Mary.

"Women Like Them"
, November 15, 1959, p. 110-111
Full-page photo of Grant with short profile text.

"What's Cary Grant Up To?"
Zittell, Edwin
Photoplay, December 1957, p. 42
Offering an overview of the very private life of Cary Grant and Betsy Drake, the article also discusses Grant's salary for The Pride and the Passion, his choice of his leading ladies, his kindness and snobbery.

Most of the information on these magazine pages comes from: 

Cary Grant: A Bio-Bibliography
by Beverley Bare Buehrer
I HIGHLY recommend this book.
I consider it my CG bible!!


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