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The Shrine to Cary Grant

The Shrine To Cary Grant 
This is a most superb site, maintained by Jenny Curtis. Loads of sound samples from CG movies, The Crackpot Critic, links to more Cary Grant critics and a great screenings page - check this to find out when to set your video. 

Donna's Delightful Page Donna's Delightful Page
More than a splash of humor livens up this site!  A special tribute to Asta more than makes this a great side trip on your Cary Grant internet journey.

Elizabeth's Cary Grant Page Elizabeth's Cary Grant Page
A very pretty site with special attention paid to "The Philadelphia Story."

Cary Grant: The Acrobat of the Drawing-Room Cary Grant: 
  The Acrobat of the Drawing-Room

A fantastic CG page written by Italian warbride Laila. This page has everything - particularly some of the most wonderful Cary pictures available anywhere on the web!!!

The Glory of Cary Grant The Glory of Cary Grant 
This web magazine has a great feature on our Cary with lots of fantastic images.

This is a list of links to pages dedicated to the co-workers of Cary Grant. Not only actors and actresses, but also directors and others somehow involved in the making of any film in which Cary Grant appeared. Arranged in alphabetical order. 

Ronald Colman
  Ronald Colman - The Man With the Velvet Voice
  The Ronald Colman Pages

Gary Cooper
The Gary Cooper Home Page
  My Gary Cooper Pages

Marlene Dietrich
  Marlene Dietrich 
  Lynn's Tribute to Marlene Dietrich

Irene Dunne
   Irene Dunne 

Kay Francis
   Kay Francis' Life and Career

Jean Harlow
  Lynn's Tribute to Jean Harlow 
  The Official Jean Harlow Page

Rita Hayworth
  Rita Hayworth - The Love Goddess
Rita Hayworth
  Eternally Rita Hayworth

Audrey Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn
  Kate Hepburn Queen of Hollywood
Lynn's Tribute to Katharine Hepburn

Alfred Hitchcock
  Alfred Hitchcock 

Edward Everett Horton
What a Character.com
Elizabeth's Edward Everett Horton Page

Leslie Howard
Lynn's Tribute to Leslie Howard

Grace Kelly
  Grace Kelly Online
Tasha's Grace Kelly Page


Carole Lombard
Carole Lombard.org

Lynn's Tribute to Carole Lombard

Marilyn Monroe
  The Marilyn Pages 

Claude Rains
  All Things Claude!

Jimmy Stewart
  The Jimmy Stewart Museum 

Franchot Tone
Lynn's Tribute to Franchot Tone

Mae West
  Mae West Color Site

General Movie Links

This is a list of links to general movie sites - studios, databases, lists of links etc - where you may be able to find either some Cary Grant stuff, or stuff about other films/actors/directors of the same period and genre. 

The Internet Movie Database 
The most comprehensive database of films, stars, directors, etc, etc on the web. This links you to the entrance of the database - if you want to go directly to CG then look at the Cary Grant Links.  This is one of my favorite sites!

Classic Movies 
In my opinion, this is one of the best sites out there for classic movie fans. You really should visit it!

The internets largest film and media directory. Nice, bright & colorful!

Clamen's Movie Information Collection 
As it says, a collection of movie information. Simple page with useful links.

Cinema Sites 
A very impressive list of........cinema sites. Watch out for those extra windows!

Cyber-Cinema - The Movie Poster Cyber Shop 
Sells loads of movie posters at reasonable prices. They don't have any Cary Grant ones in stock at the moment, but they are trying to get some......

Movie Stars 
Gives information and gushings about major movie stars. Cary is listed in the 50's section.

Bruce Hershenson 
Vintage Movie Posters and Movie Poster Books
The most visited vintage movie poster site on the Net! 

Paramount Pictures
Movie Studio

Movie Studio

20th Century Fox
Movie Studio

Jeff's Official Gregory Peck Homepage 
Jeff is one of the warbrides most regular contributors. He is also GP's biggest fan - probably. This page is definitely worth a visit.

AFI American Film Institute

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