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This is by no means an inclusive list of all the magazines you will find photos and/or articles about Cary Grant!

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Another "Profile" the Women Adore
  - Picturegoer, February 17, 1945; page 20

Cary Grant
  - Modern Screen - October 1941; pg 20

Cary Grant
  - Screen Album, 1948; pg 36

Cary Grant
  - Unknown Magazine, Late 1940's; pg 8

Cary Grant's Crying May Make Him Happy
Family Circle, June 27, 1941; pages 4-5

"Cary Grant's Million Dollar Romance"
Stein, Herbert
Photoplay, November 1940, p. 14-15
Stein focuses his article on Grant's relationship with Barbara Hutton.

"Cash and Cary"
Roberts, Alma
Photoplay, February 1940, p. 22
While mentioning Grant's generosity and penchant for clipping newspaper and magazine articles and ads, the article primarily focuses on the custom-made bed he recently purchased.

"Gary and Cary"
Hartung, P.T.
Commonweal, September 22, 1944, p. 547-548
Film reviews and a comparison of the acting styles of Gary Cooper in current release Casanova Brown and Cary Grant in his latest film Arsenic and Old Lace.

"Heartbreak Story: Cary Grant and Barbara Hutton Fight For Her Son"
Maxwell, Elsa
Photoplay, October 1944
What is most interesting about this article is the depiction of Grant's affectionate relationship with Barbara Hutton's son, Lance Reventlow, and the legal battles surrounding him.

"Hollywood Luminary: Cary Grant"
, October 1946, p. 122
Color photo of Grant with a descriptive caption of the type of clothes he likes to wear.

"How Cary Grant Lives"
Steele, Joseph Henry
Photoplay, September 1940, p. 20-22
This article offers a description of Grant's Santa Monica home where he lives with his two Sealyhams, Archibald and Cholmondeley.

"How Grant Took Hollywood"
Martin, Pete
Saturday Evening Post, February 19, 1949, p. 22-23
Illustrated.  Written in a very friendly tone, this article offers a slight history (and some inaccuracies) with interspersed anecdotes.

"I Cary, Take Thee Barbara ..."
  - Modern Screen, October 1942; pgs 36; 66-68; Miller, Cynthia

"The Married Life of the Cary Grants"
Parsons, L.O. 
Photoplay, February 1944, p. 30-32
Including a detailed description of their home, this article by famous gossip columnist Louella Parsons presents a look at teh at-home life of Cary Grant and Barbara Hutton.

"Matrimony Deferred"
Jefferson, Sally
Photoplay, October 1942, p. 64-65
Article on the Grant-Hutton marriage.

"Notorious Gentleman"
Waterbury, Ruth
Photoplay, January 1947, p. 38
Grant offers his thoughts on Ingrid Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock and Rosalind Russell.

"Portrait in Quicksilver"
Arnold, Maxine
Photoplay, November 1947, p 70-71
A personality profile of Grant that includes his philosophies of life and the subjects he has been studying.

"Portrait of U.S. Grant"
Steele, Joseph Henry
Photoplay, March 1943, p. 52
Wile containing factual errors (Grant's stint in St. Louis is listed as being in 1921 for example), the article is still an interesting and detailed list of the actor's likes and dislikes.

"The Role I Liked Best"
The Saturday Evening Post, January 10, 1948; p. 94; Cary Grant

"She's My Dream Wife"
Grant, Cary
, August 1948, p. 50-51
Grant has written a flattering and interesting article on one of his co-stars, Myrna Loy.  This article was republished in Photoplay in February of 1964.

"That Angel, Cary"
Maxwell, Elsa
Photoplay, April 1948, p. 44-45
Detailed description of the house Grant lives in which mentions how he is lethargic about it since his divorce from Hutton.

Time, May 20, 1940, p. 86
After a review of My Favorite Wife, Grant is profiled with a brief account of his career before Hollywood and his early days with Paramount.

"What Next for Cary Grant?"
Parsons, L.O. 
Photoplay, August 1945, p. 32
This brief article, written after Grant's divorce from Barbara Hutton, discusses where the now-eligible bachelor is seen and with whom, namely Betty Hensel.

Most of the information on these magazine pages comes from: 

Cary Grant: A Bio-Bibliography
by Beverley Bare Buehrer
I HIGHLY recommend this book.
I consider it my CG bible!!


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