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Pictureshow Magazine- March 28, 1959

Never Half-Hearted

by ???????

As an actor who professes he became intrigued by the show world only because it seemed the best way to pursue a driving ambition to travel, Cary Grant concentrates as much care and concern on his business as any atomic scientist does on his. he is as devoted to the art of acting as any professional man is to his chosen field. He works as hard as long.

Needless to say, he is never late to a set, never without knowing his lines and never in a hurry to leave his work.

Not satisfied only to act - which, technically is all he is required to do - Cary Grant has a vital concern with every phase of movie production. He works hand in hand with other actors, the producer, director, writer, wardrobe man - and even the set designer and art director - to achieve the best possible effects. He questions lines as to meaning, situations as to plausibility, and bits of action as to believability. Nothing escapes his interest.

In offering suggestions for the changing of dialogue, he has argued, "I wouldn't say anything like that." He will offer a substitute that may have no apparent value, but delivered in the inimitable Grant manner it will. His mind is a storehouse of interesting sentences, phrases and colloquialisms gathered from his travels.

Cary Grant is as dapper, suave and debonair off-screen as he is on and lives as glittering a life as any of the heroes he portrays. He keeps "a Rolls Royce here and a Rolls Royce there . . . " and maintains homes in Beverly Hills and palm Springs, each of which he decorated. He often travels - preferably on a tramp steamer to revel in the luxury of not being recognized - and within the past year has been reported in Brazil (where he has a coffee plantation), Moscow (where he recently visited after obtaining a Russian visa in a record six days), Monocot (where he dropped in on his close friends the Prince and Princess de Monaco), the Mediterranean area and Paris, London, New York and Chicago.

His valet, discovered in London, doubles as his chauffeur, bodyguard, masseur - and as a highly specialized Rolls Royce mechanic. He is reputed to own the largest collection of men's clothes in Hollywood and still wears suits and greatcoats made twenty years ago - because he only buys the best. His handmade shows come from England, his suits are from Hong Kong.

It is obvious why he has been referred to as "the last of the true elegants."

Privately and professionally, the key to Cary Grant is that he never does anything half-heartedly.

As for the way he conducts himself professionally, Cary Grant shrugs calmly. "I don't believe in taking money for doing a job just passably. To be good, you must do your best. If not for yourself, then out of consideration of others working with and around you."

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