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You know you're a Cary Grant fan when ....

What's the wackiest thing you've done?
Email me and I'll post yours!!

"You know YOU'RE a Cary Grant fan when ..."

  • You're glad you're left-handed because Cary was.
  • You WISH you were left-handed because Cary was.
  • You refer to all of Cary's movies by their initials.  Who knows what ToTT is?
  • You've ever had an intervention held on your behalf because your
    friends or family are concerned that you are spending too much time watching Cary Grant movies.
  • You are willing to drive 500 miles to see Cary on the BIG screen.
  • You buy a Bix Beiderbecke CD because Cary mentioned liking him!
  • You buy a calendar just to write down the times his movies come on, station, and how old Cary was at the time he made the movie!
  • You've built a Shrine to Cary Grant and are constantly planning ways of improving it and making it more glorious.

  • You marry a man named Carey.

  • People at work call you "that Cary Grant girl" because you have
    pictures of him in frames on your desk as if he were a relative.

  • I realize that if I were to have to participate in a word
    association test every answer I would blurt out would be CG relevant. 

  • You host a convention of Cary Grant fans in your home town.

  • You have an irrational hatred of that "eyebrow woman," Joan Fontaine, just because Cary Grant once expressed a mild dislike of her in an off-handed comment.

  • You've called in sick to work to watch a bunch of Cary Grant movies on cable that you already have in your video collection.

  • You've actually made and consumed a Stinger.

  • On Christmas day, the kids were opening envelopes with money.  Everyone got a $50 bill.  Someone asked, "Who's on the $50 bill?".....now, my brain was saying Ulysses S. Grant, but my mouth shouted, "CARY GRANT!" 

  • You've set your alarm for 3 A.M [on a school night] so that you wouldn't miss the 3:15 showing of a CG film you've never seen.

  • You have been using the same Cary calendar for the past 18 years
    because you can't find a new one!

  • Your New Year's resolution is to talk to other Cary Grant fans more frequently.

  • The Trivia Queen and the Ultimate Website Master ask to pick your brain for answers.

  • you're 14 and you beg your mom to buy you pink champagne because Cary ordered it in An Affair to Remember

  • your email address contains Cary's birth date


  • You have a 10 hour Cary Grant movie marathon party at your house with all your 14-year-old friends.


What's the wackiest thing you've done?
Email me and I'll post yours!!

"You know YOU'RE a Cary Grant fan when ..."

Cary Grant's "biggest fan" writes:

  • You start suggesting to your girlfriends to name their newborn son "Archibald" (since they want a first name or middle name that starts with an "A")

  • And you REALLY think "Archibald" is a nice name

  • You visit Bristol from the other side of the world and go straight to the information center and say, "I am looking for Cary Grant's house!"

  • You visit his house in Bristol and take about 10 shots in different angles

  • You visit Bristol from the other side of the world and ask ANYBODY, "Where is Cary Grant's statue"?

  • You recognized the statue even at its smallest size from afar, even though you haven't seen it before

  • It's your first time on the French Riviera and all you could think of is TCAT and Cary Grant (and Grace Kelly, too!)

  • You have an all-year-long white Christmas Tree at the office with Cary Grant pictures as ornaments (and you refused to take it down even if the Bureau Manager tells you to do so. Your argument: If you want me to remove my Cary Grant pictures, you better tell the whole building to remove the pictures of their families and friends because it's the same thing! It's not work-related!)

Emma confesses:
Wacky things I have done:

  • You spend your ENTIRE 8th grade year organizing, directing, editing, and producing a remake of AAOL starring you, of course, as Mortimer Brewster and the rest of your class in all the other roles.
    AAOL (pronounced Ah-ool) becomes a common phrase in your school

  • You memorize songs from his movies and sing them for your grandma

  • You have bi-annual Cary Grant Movie Watching Parties with your two best friends at which you set aside two whole days to fill with Cary movies

  • You know it was meant to be when the Cary Grant day on TCM was the same day as your Bat Mitzvah

  • You dream about him all the time and always end up together in the dreams

  • Just hearing his name makes you happy

  • Your entire grade knows who Cary Grant is even if they didn’t a year ago

  • You spend 4 hours photoshoping a picture of you into a picture with cary:

  • Patricia Hitchcock tells you in person “he was a very nice man” and you almost faint from joy even though you already knew that

  • You and your friends have more inside jokes to do with Cary movies than with anything else

  • You write songs about Cary every year on his birthday to the tune of “101 Pounds of Fun” from South Pacific. For example:

A hundred and one years of fun
We all like him a ton
Get a load of Cary Grant tonight

His hair is sleek and dark
His chin makes quite a mark
He can make you laugh
At a big giraffe
Running loose in the park

I’m talking bout our
Favorite star
Though he’s from a country far
Get a load of Cary Grant tonight

Believe me friends
The fun never ends
He knows his part
And he’ll steal the girl’s heart
So let the movies start!

Judy says:

  • All you want for Christmas are Cary Grant postage stamps.

  • Every letter that you send has a Cary Grant stamp on it.

  • You have three Cary Grant mouse pads. 

  • You have purchased every Cary Grant book ever published.

  • Fifty-three Cary Grant magnets (the man and his movies) adorn your file cabinet.

Kim wrote:

  • I loaded Windows XP (a disaster) just so that I could download the CG desktop theme!  (The printer didn't work, I couldn't open some of my documents ...)  But she had Cary!!

Audrey says: 

  • I'm glad I have a widow's peak because Cary had one.

Tonya confesses:

  • You start searching your home for things- anything!- you can Ebay to support your Cary memorabilia habit.

  •  You get surprised by your family with a Cary Grant birthday cake. 

  • You've seen Cary's movies so many times you start recognizing his co-stars in other films just by their voices. (Deb---this has happened to me innumerable times- like "Dutchy" from OAHW is Sgt. Schultz in Stalag 17 and I recognized him by voice even though he's 40 pounds heavier and in disguise. That was when I new it was bad.....)

  •  You start thinking of the 20th century in terms of Cary-time. (that happened in 1944?? hmm..cary would've turned 40 that year....)

  •  You start reading the books Cary's movies were based on, even if you didn't like the movie.

  •  You simply must collect every movie in it's purest form, (dvd or vhs) even if you already have it taped from TV. (i.e. you will pay the $15 for the DVD of "Kiss Them For Me")

  •  You own 4 different copies of Penny Serenade and Amazing Adventure, TRYING to get the best copy.

  •  You have searched and searched for a good "bangers and mash" recipe and/or you have actually made "bangers and mash"

  •  You wish your cats were kittens again so you could rename your tuxedo cat  Cary.

  •  You have a sudden irrepressible urge to visit Bristol, England.

  •  You have a majority of your home page dedicated to Cary (or have a Cary page all in itself)

  •  You have no pictures of family in your wallet but you carry a Cary keychain.

  •  You bought shelves just to display your DVD/VHS collection and have easy access to it.

  •  You bought a surround sound DVD/VCR set for your husband so you could secretly take the old equipment and turn your office into a Carytopia.

  •  You start coining Cary related phrases like Carytopia!

  •  You start a collage of Cary photos from any media resources you can find. 

  •  You spam TCM every month to persuade them to play more Cary movies.

  •  You stop on a Cary movie while channel surfing and watch it anyway, even though you have seen it 1000 times and/or you don't like the movie to begin with.

  •  You start searching for copies of songs covered in Cary's movies. (my kingdom for a good copy of "The Peanut Vendor"!)

  •  You start collecting LPs of Cary's soundtracks just to be able to decorate your wall. (I don't even own a turntable!!! And my kingdom for a clean "Walk Don't Run!")

  •  You start signing your letters "Happy Thoughts"

  •  You keep a log of all the Cary memorabilia you own and you are trying to get something from each of his movies.

  •  You have a Cary Grant license plate. (ok I don't actually have this one yet but I am going to order it as soon as I get down to the DMV- what do you think about CaryG38- the year our favorite movie came out?)

  • I had a dream that he was "chasing" me to go out with him I played coy then saw he was after another woman so I ended up with him and MARRIED him in my dream!! (laughing) I just love this man and do wait up to tape hard to find movies. Boy if dreams could come true! (I know he passed away but it's still a great thought!)

Steve wrote:

  • You're only 14 and you have posters of him on your walls.

Barbara wrote: 

  • Before I go to bed every night, I watch selective scenes from "To Catch a Thief" on DVD (Thank goodness for DVDs with its scene selection option) In "To Catch a Thief" CG was soooooooooo dark and lovely. I'm glad that picture was filmed in color for it was the first film of CG, I watched and I fell head over heels for him. 

Esther wrote:

  • ...you buy Cover Girl makeup (even though it makes your face break out) because of the CG monogram on it.

Lori says:

  • you ask your new boss to take a picture of the CG star, handprints & footprints while he is on vacation with his family in Los Angeles.

Melanie C. confesses:

  • you have been using the same Cary calendar for the past 18 years
    because you can't find a new one!

Renee says:

  • You put a mural of him up in your family room.

Cynthia says:

  • You cry on about his death (I just found out the exact date).

  • You have a jealous fit every time you see him kiss one of those co-star

Barbara wrote: 

  • your conversations and school assignments always include a line from some Cary movie.

  • your younger brother has countless lines from Cary movies memorized, even though he's never seen them, because you quote them so often.

  • you yell 'charge!!!!!' every time you go upstairs.

  • you think of other actors in relation to how many Cary Grant movies they were in.

Liz says:

  • Every time you get paid, you buy at least one CG movie.

  • You get into arguments with coworkers whenever you tell them that you'd rather be on an island with Walter Eckland than going down the river with Charlie Allnut. (For the record, at first I always chose Allnut, but then I saw "Father Goose". Nuff said. As long as I could wear his hat, lol!).

  • If a CG movie is on, all things stop.

  • You are home alone for three days and all you do is watch CG movies.

  • You quote lines from CG movies, complete with hand motions.

  • You quote lines from CG movie for no reason (I.E. when one of his movies
    isn't on!).

  • You cry when Nickie realizes that Terry was the one that bought his

  • You cry at the end of "AATR".

  • You circle the date on the calendar as to when TCM has their CG movie date (8/27/04!!).

  • You set reminders on your digital cable for the movies they will show on CG movie day.

  • You know you could possibly burn up your DVD player by playing all of your CG movies.

  • Your message board username's initals are CG.

  • Your message board username's tagline is a quote from a CG movie (Currently from "Father Goose").

  • Your message board username's photo is from a CG movie (Currently from "Father Goose").

  • You change your user photo and tagline at least once a week, always matching photo and tagline.

  • You have to educate certain people when you reference a CG movie, line or character.

  • You think the crop-duster scene from "North by Northwest" rules all.

  • You wish CG and Audrey Hepburn made more movies together.

Amber confesses:

  • You can recite the entire movie "Arsenic and Old Lace", line
    by line, from memory

  • You print out a map of England just because Cary Grant was
    from England (and you mark the town of Bristol with a large
    red heart)

  • Your family is so tired of hearing you talk about Cary Grant
    that they begin to worry about your obsession out (or they
    come to you when they want to know a little trivia fact
    about Cary Grant)

  • You have posted to your walls almost a hundred photos of
    Cary Grant that you printed out from your computer

  • You have for each decade (30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s) a notebook
    full of Cary pictures from his films of that decade

  • You play every new DVD you obtain of a Cary Grant film on your
    computer so that you can capture images from the movie (and
    the images you print out you keep in a folder, each movie
    in its own folder)

  • You have printed out computer desktop wallpapers from
    carygrant.net, and you have posted them on the wall next
    to your bed so that the last thing you see before falling
    asleep is Cary

  • You have a typed list of the Cary Grant movies you own, want,
    or don't own so that your family knows what to get you for
    your birthday or for Christmas

  • You buy a twelve-month calendar because one of the months is
    a picture of Cary Grant

  • You wish you had a cat or a dog so that you could name it Cary
    (or even better, you had two so that you could name one
    Cary, and the other Grant)

  • Every time you watch something non-CG, you start playing
    "Six Degrees of Cary Grant" with each of the actors

Alison says:

  • You hold your living room captive for 24 hours on Cary's birthday and have a movie marathon. (I even moved the microwave in there to make popcorn, and kept food in a cooler next to the couch!)

  • You and your aunt go up to the top of the Empire State Building every year on July 1st at 5 o'clock waiting for your Cary Grant to come.

Gina wrote: 

  • you start asking your husband to call you "Monkey Face". True fans will know why, all others should watch Suspicion.

  • you refuse to ever set foot again in a Circuit City store when TWO employees of the store admitted they had never heard of Cary Grant. What kind of world do we live in where people have never heard of Cary Grant?

  • you know you will never have his autograph because you are too afraid to get a fake on ebay. I HATE the idea of sellers faking his autograph for money and refuse to get one in hopes that the fakers will stop.

  • you have a bottle of vintage Pink Champagne in your Cary Grant Shrine. I also have the two bottles that make up the ingredients of a Stinger in there also. I tried a Stinger and hate to admit that I did not like it at all. Thanks to your web site for listing the ingredients.

  • you vow to join the 72 Speakeasy Club (almost there).

Todd wrote:   

  • You name your second son Preston Grant Summers.

Pam confesses  

  • You max out your TiVo harddrive in 24 hours, recording the Cary Grant marathon on TCM, even though you already have most of the movies, and watch the others as they record.

Lauren says  

  • I'm only in eighth grade and im a new fan of Cary Grant. Last year we got to choose our foriegn language class(either french or spanish). I wanted to choose Spanish for a while but when I saw "An Affair to Remember" and saw the part when their in the Villefranche I immediatly changed my mind. I've been taking French ever since.

Leanne wrote:   

  • I know I am a dedicated fan (for my Grandmother who doesn't have access to the internet) when my husbands ex-girlfriend is going back to the UK and I am considering giving her money to send back Hard To Find Cary Grant movies. - I am in Australia! Now that is real dedication!!!

  • I also wait with baited breath for the Austar guide to come out so I can scan TCM and Fox Classics for Movies my grandmother doesn't have - or has taped already but with advertisments.

  • I pay for extra pay TV channels just on the chance there will be a CG movie on.

  • I am bewildered when people wonder what is wrong with you when you turn the channel while on the phone and you tell your friend you have to go because CG is on!

  • I will do almost anything to find the missing movies to my Grandmothers collection. - As one day she might give it to me!

Kels says: 

  • When you celebrate his birthday with a party consisting of all your favorite movies, a black and white birthday cake, and pictures of him everywhere! Happy Birthday Cary Grant! 1/18/1904

Tanya says: 

  • You enter into a bidding war on eBay for those DVDs that you just can’t get your hands on elsewhere! (especially those of us in the UK!!)

Gin wrote: 

  • Ok, the law office that I work in makes fun of me because I bring a birthday cake in for Cary’s birthday every year lol! I’m sure Cary would appreciate it 

Kristin confesses:

  • I (of course) LOVE Cary Grant, and am collecting all his movies. Recently, I ordered special license plates that say “CARYGNT”

  • My hubby is in the Army, and almost every time we drive up to the guards to get onto base, the guards ask me, “Does that plate mean Cary Grant?” One of the guards who I see most often even calls me “Miss Cary Grant!” =)  Of course I LOVE it!!! =)

Karl wrote: 

  • My Cary Grant movies are segregated from the rest of the DVD collection.

  • My Hitchcock movies are also segregated and when it came time to make a decision as to where to place S, N, TCAT & NBNW, I actually entertained the thought of buying duplicates! (They went to Cary's Corner).

  • All the Cary Grant movies are sequentially listed by release date(see #4)

  • I put AaOL in 1941. It was filmed in 1941 and released for military viewing then and I just couldn't see holding it back till 1944.

  • My copy of PS was on the same DVD as AA and since I had to have them stored sequentially, I bought another copy of PS.

  • I have printed off copies of the lobby cards from the this website and have them as inserts in my DVD cases.

  • Since I can't always remember the exact order of all my Cary Grant movies, I have made tiny "cheat sheet" labels, listing the release date.

Diane says: 

  • You pay more for postage than the purchase price of a sample of CG's favorite cologne!

Paula confesses: 

  • because when he died I got two notes of condolence. And they were not facetious.

Elizabeth says: 

  • you wish you had a widow's peak cause CG had one

  • you're 14 and you're begging your mom and friends to buy you Cary Grant movies

  • you're 14 and you're begging your mom to buy you some pink champagne cause your favorite CG movie is An Affair to Remember

  • you've memorized all the words to all the songs in An Affair to Remember cause it's your favorite movie of all time

  • you spend all your spare time online at CG sites

Brigeeta wrote: 

  • one can know that she is a Cary Grant fan when her boyfriend has to ask her to move the 8 by 10 framed glossy she has of Cary next to her
    bed somewhere else....

Alexis says:

  • You request the day off work in order to see a Cary movie you own on the Mall.

Commie confesses: 

  • You need to hear his voice every night before you go to be so you watch 'Penny Serenade' or 'Mr. Lucky' as you fall asleep.

  • You get your mother and everyone around you so into Cary Grant that they watch his movies over and over again with you.

  • You've been watching him since you were six and you still think he is the sexiest man ever.

  • You compare every actor to Cary Grant.

  • You have his pictures on your computer at home and at work.

  • You research his costars so that you can learn more about him.

  • Almost all your conversations include something about Cary Grant.

  • You try to get all your friends to see 'The Awful Truth' and 'My Favorite Wife'.

  • You are thrilled that CG filmed a movie in your country (Jamaica) and in your favorite spot there.

Judy writes:

  • Here's one thing that would probably make me a true CG fan:
    I quote his lines, onscreen and backstage, more often than anyone would ever guess. My favorite expression is probably "Everything's just ducky!"  Thanks for the great website, it's loads of fun!

Jovana sends photos:

  • I love your work and here's mine for you. I put 222 posters of Cary on this building and 223 all around the town. The town is Leskovac, Serbia. I covered posters of Seselj with those of Cary and said to the press that I did it because Cary is so much more handsome. And he is... Love, Jovana

Kim S says:

  • If I ever get married and have a daughter, I am going to name her after Cary. Also, I became a Cary Grant fan after realizing that he died on my 4th birthday.

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