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"America's Ten Sexiest Men Over 60"
Gittelson, Natalie
McCall's, October 1985, p. 10
Cary Grant is included in a list along with Paul Newman, John Forsythe, John Huston, Lee Iacocca, Ronald Reagan, Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra, Norman Mailer, and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

"An Affair to Remember"
Kobal, John
American Film, April 1987, p. 59

"Cary's class can be taken for Granted"
David Kronke
Dallas Times Herald, March 24, 1986, p12A

"Cary Grant Wows Schenectady"
Barton, Jane
Variety, July 18, 1984, p. 2
Description and concert review of Grant's appearance at the Proctor Theater in Schenectady, New York.

"Cary Grant Gets His: Friars' Testimonial Airs Vanish as Burns, Callas, Buttons Baste Grant's Roast with Laughs"
Cohen, Joe
Variety, May 19, 1982, p. 2
Blow-by-blow description of the evening when Grant was given the Entertainer of the Year Award.

"Cary Grant:  A Candid Conversation with America's Epitome of Elegance"
Davis, Debra Sharon
Playboy Guide - Fashion for Men, Spring-Summer 1981, p. 31
It seems appropriate that when Cary Grant finally did consent to do a celebrity interview for
Playboy, it would not be in their monthly magazine, but in a special edition fashion guide.  In the interview he talks about his sense of style, his wardrobe, what he likes and dislikes in people, and even the kind of car he drives.

"The Cary Grant That Nobody Knows"
50 Plus
, October 1984, p. 34
Biographical introduction to Wansell's article in same issue.  Also includes "In Trivial Pursuit of Cary Grant" questions and answers on page 36.

Film Comment, May 6, 1982, p. 11
Column discusses Grant as combining the best of English and American characteristics.

Film Comment, February, 1985, p. 15
A brief biography of Grant that discusses his acting style.

"Cary Grant, 80: a 44-film Festival"
Flint, Peter B.
New York Times, April 6, 1984, p. C25
At 80 years of age, Grant's career is honored by an 8-week, 44-fillm retrospective of his films.  Contains quotes by co-star Ralph Bellamy and a schedule of the films.

"Cary Grant's Fifth Wife, Barbara, Tries Out a New Role as a Working Woman for Halston"
Hart, Lianne
People Weekly, December 12, 1983, p. 89
Biography of Barbara Harris Grant as she starts a new career as a "clothescaster" for Halston.  Includes a glimpse of the Grants at home and photos of Barbara doing more than just standing at Grant's side.

Cary Grant Gets His
  - Variety, May 19, 1982, pg 2; Joe Cohen

"Cary Grant at 80, Still a Touch of Mink"
Mann, Roderick
Los Angeles Times, January 15, 1984, Section VI, p. 1
Mann's interview presents a casual Grant who is also a businessman.  Grant discusses his heroes, his accent, the mentions of him in Heymann's Poor Little Rich Girl, his cruise around the world on a freighter with Betsy Drake, and the character he plays on screen.

"Cary Grant Preserves Image as He Turns 80"
Mansfield, Stephanie
The Pittsburgh Press, January 15, 1984
A short interview with Grant as he reaches his 80th birthday.  It originally ran in The Washington Post.  (It seems intimate because it takes place in his hotel room, conditions which are described in detail.)

"Cary Grant - His Life! His Loves!"
Schickel, Richard
Good Housekeeping, November 1983, p. 158
Offers a background biography and a recap of Schickel's book.  (See review of Schickel's book in the Library)

"Cary Grant, Live"
Smith, Sid
Chicago Tribune, September 22, 1986, Section 5, p. 1
Comments on Grant's "A Conversation With Cary Grant" appearance in Joliet, Illinois.

"Charms and the Man"
Thomson, David
Film Comment, February 1984, p. 58
Discussion of the acting style Grant used in his films which made him a great star.  Slight references to Grant's biography.


"Cary Grant Sues Comic for Crack"
, November 19, 1980, p. 5
Grant brought suite against Chevy Chase claiming he subjected Grant to "shame, ridicule and humiliation" after implying on Tom Snyder's television show that Grant was a homosexual.

"Cary Grant: He is the Epitome of Charm, Wit and Savoir Faire"
Wansell, Geoffry
Ladies Home Journal, January 1984, p. 107
Excerpts from Wansell's book, Haunted Idol.  Illustrated.

Cary Grant Wows Schenectady
Variety, July 18, 1984, p. 2; Jane Barton

"Carrie Meets Cary: Happiness is a Secondhand Sandwich"
Dolan, Carrie
Wall Street Journal, June 26, 1984, p. 32
Gushing account of Dolan's interview with Grant really tells more about the author than it does Grant.  It does, however, describe an intimate evening card game of "spite and malice" between Grant and his wife.  Illustrated.  (Sections of this article later used as a "Dear Abby" column by Abigail Van Buren in December 1986 to eulogize Grant's death.)

"Constant Worry Led Him to Remain Aloof and Remote"
Wansell, Geoffry
Fifty Plus, October 1984, p. 36
Biographical excerpt from Haunted Idol- the Story of the Real Cary Grant by Wansell.  (See review of Wansell's book in the Library)

"Dyan Cannon: She'd Like to be Known for More Than Being the Mother of Cary Grant's Only Kid"
Deford, Frank
People Weekly, July 12, 1982, p. 55
Brief biography and career description of Cannon with a discussion of her divorce from Grant.  Shows Cannon and Jennifer together and living in Grant's shadow.

"Friars: They Come to Praise Cary"
Jacobs, Jody
Los Angeles Times
, May 18, 1982, Section V, p. 1
Description of the Friars Club roast of Cary Grant.

"Happy Birthday, Cary Grant"
Good Housekeeping
, January 1982, p. 98
A photographic tribute to Grant on his birthday. (Eight photos from 1910 to 1981)

"Hollywood Stepped out in High Style to Honor Cary Grant as MCG Put His Name in Lights Forever"
October 22, 1984, p. 139
On the occasion of MCM/UA renaming their refurbished theatre after Grant, its president presents Grant, who is on the board of directors, with its first Leo award for movie pioneers.

"In Praise of Leading Men"
Ladies Home Journal
, May 1986, p. 115
Excerpts from Leading Men by Julie Welch and Louise Brody.  Illustrates ten favorite Hollywood legends.  Contains full-page photo of Grant.

"An Intimate Chat with Cary Grant"
Michaelson, Judith
Los Angeles Times, March 18, 1985, Section VI, p. 1
Description of one of Grant's lectures which were billed as "A Conversation with Cary Grant."

"Kennedy Center Honors Grant, Basie, Robbins, Serkin and Helen Hayes"
Gamarekian, Barbara
New York Times, December 7, 1981
Tribute to Grant given by Rex Harrison upon the occasion of Grant's receiving Kennedy Center honors.

"MGM Turns 75; Toasts Cary Grant"
New York Times
, October 5, 1984, p. C4
Description of a party in honor of Grant during which MGM renames its theatre after the star.

"A Museum Tribute for Cary Grant"
Duka, John
New York Times, June 28, 1984, p. 17
Museum of Modern Art honors Cary Grant with a cocktail party, film clips and dinner.  Illustrated.

"No Memoirs for Grant; Actor Goes Stand-Up to Reminisce About His Life"
, November 3, 1982, p. 1
Article about Grant's first try as a stage speaker reminiscing about his life.

"People" (column)
Garcia, Guy D.
Time, January 30, 1984, p. 73
Short  mention of how Grant celebrated his 80th birthday.

"Slow Days in Camelot"
Seligman, Daniel
Fortune, February 7, 1983, p. 31
Short article derived from Variety about Grant at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California where he spent two hours on stage answering questions.

"That Touch of Class"
Armory, Cleveland
Parade Magazine, September 22, 1985, p. 4-9
The first part of this article describes Armory's visit to "A Conversation with Cary Grant."  There is a very brief biography followed by an interview Armory had with Grant and his wife at their California home before going to a baseball game.  An informative and informal look at Grant.

"A Toast (Beer) to Cary Grant (Champagne) on Reaching 80"
Cohen, Joe
Washington Post
, January 20, 1984, p. 2
Column praising Grant on the occasion of his 80th birthday.  Includes short biography.

"To Save Their Skins, Peter Fonda & Nancy Reagan Surrender to Aida Grey"
?People Weekly
, February 2, 1981, p. 60
Accompanied by a photo of Grant, this article about Aida Grey who takes care of the skins of the famous indicates that she makes a special pore cleaner for Grant.

"Washington Salutes a National Gallery of Superstars"
?People Weekly
, December 21, 1981, p. 38
Kennedy Center Honors bestowed on Grant and others by President Reagan.  Illustrated.

"When Friars and Friends Grant Cary a Dinner, They Come to Praise Him, Not Braise Him"
Small, Michael
People Weekly, May 31, 1982, p. 39
The New York Friar's Club "roasts" Grant at their "Man-of-the-Year dinner.  Includes 6 photos (Grant in only one) and tribute quotes from Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor.

Most of the information on these magazine pages comes from: 

Cary Grant: A Bio-Bibliography
by Beverley Bare Buehrer
I HIGHLY recommend this book.
I consider it my CG bible!!


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