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As you might expect, I receive a lot of mail about Cary Grant. This FAQ attempts to answer the questions that I answer weekly, if not daily.  The most frequently asked questions!!  Please check here first before you email me with your question.  Also, are there questions that you think ought be included on this FAQ page?  Please let me know!  - Debbie

What was Cary Grant's real name?

Cary's birth name was Archibald Alexander Leach. Some sources state his middle name to be Alec, but it is generally accepted to be Alexander. 

When/where was Cary Grant born?

He was born at home - 15 Hughenden Road, Bristol, England - on January 18th, 1904. More information about Cary's life can be found in Cary Grant - An Internet Biography.

When/where/how did Cary die and where is his grave?

On November 29, 1986, while performing "An Evening With Cary Grant" in Davenport, Iowa, Cary complained about not feeling well.  He was taken to the hospital where he died of a stroke a short time later.

Cary was not buried. He was cremated and his ashes were given to his daughter, Jennifer, and his wife, Barbara. I do not know for certain what Jennifer and Barbara did with his ashes, but I have heard that they were scattered in the hills around his Beverly Grove house. As far as I know, there is no gravestone or memorial to mark his passing.

Was Cary Grant left-handed/ambidextrous?

As far as I know, Cary Grant was left handed. He was only portrayed as being left handed in one film, Indiscreet. In other films, where a close up of Cary Grant's character writing something was required, somebody else's hand was used. In North by Northwest, and many other films, he threw stones with his left hand and punched with his left hand. 

**In your FAQ section you have the question was Cary Grant left handed/ambidextrous.  I read a book in which he states that he is and gives credit to his teachers in Bristol for not trying to change him because he later learned it could have negative effects on the brain.  -- Annie

How tall was Cary?

He was 6'1" tall.

In what movie did he say "Judy, Judy, Judy"?

Cary never said "Judy, Judy, Judy" in any of his movies. He came close to it Only Angels Have Wings (1939) with lines such as "Oh Judy" and "Yes, Judy", but he never said it. He did say "Susan, Susan, Susan" however in Bringing Up Baby (1938). The story of how the phrase "Judy, Judy, Judy" became associate with Cary Grant can be read here .

Where can I get a copy of [film name] ?

Here!!!  After years of searching, I have discovered sources for all of Cary's movies!!!  (In the NTSC format)  Click on the NTSC page or the PAL page.  If you don't find the movie you want on those pages, check out the Hard-to-Find page.   , or somewhere Check your local video store! Or tape it off the TV!  Or swap with another Cary Grant fan. If you decide to go with the "swap with another Cary fan" option, it will help if you are in contact with other CG fans. One way to do this is to join the Email Warbrides - the Cary Grant mailing list.

What do NTSC & PAL mean?

Different countries use different methods of recording and playback.  Please go to Video Standards for a complete  explanation of this.

Where can I find a complete list of Cary's films?

If you go to the Reviews page, you'll find an alphabetical listing of all 72 of Cary's movies.

Why do you only have 72 movies listed?  I've found more.

There are only 72 movies listed in Cary's 'official' filmography.  He did, however, make several other appearances not listed in his filmography.  Most notably, a cameo in "Without Reservations," where his screen-time was actually longer than the officially listed, "Merrily We Go To Hell."  

When & where I might be able to see Cary on the "big screen"?

Sorry!  The world is a big place and I don't have access to all the cinema schedules in the world. If you know of a cinema that regularly shows Cary on the big screen, please let me know - if possible, also give me a contact phone number for the cinema. I will then create a list of cinemas for people to contact.

When is the next CG movie is going to be shown on TV?

While I don't have access to all the TV schedules in the world.  There is a U.K. Screenings on Jo's page which is updated every month with dates of CG showings on U.K. television.  

You you can visit the TV-Now site for U.S. information up to a month in advance.  That gives you plenty of time to stock up on blank video tapes and figure out at last how to program your vcr! 

Are there any Cary Grant fan clubs?

As far as I am aware, there are no current paper-based Cary Grant fan clubs. You might like to join the Email Warbrides which is an electronic mailing list for Cary Grant fans. You can meet like-minded CG fans on the list, and exchange opinions, questions and information about Cary. I have been considering setting up a CG fan club, but obviously this will take a lot of work and is still quite a way in the future.

When did Cary Grant become an American citizen?

June 26th, 1942... He became a citizen and changed his name, legally, from Archie Leach to Cary Grant.

What is an [Email] Warbride?

Please see the answer to "Are there any Cary Grant fan clubs?"

Where can I get CG Wallpaper/Screensavers?

For a Cary Grant screensaver, please visit the Ultimate Cary Grant Software page. You can use any CG picture for wallpaper. Check out the Can't Get Enough Foto Gallery for more available images.

What kind of car did he drive in [film name] ?

To Catch A Thief - Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine SportsA wonderful fellow named Brian has been so helpful here.  He's discovered a site with some wonderful information about the car from "To Catch a Thief."
If you can help me out with any of Cary's other cars, please send an email.

What were the dates/places of Cary's marriages/divorces?

Important dates in Cary Grants life (including the dates and places of his marriages) can be found in the Trivia section of the Ultimate Cary Grant Pages.

Did Cary really take acid/LSD ?

Yes, Cary did take LSD.  Read what Cary has to say about it, himself, in his Autobiography.

Can you give me any information about Jennifer Grant?

The amount of information I can give you about Jennifer is limited. After all, this site is dedicated to her father - and while this doesn't mean that I am not a fan of Jennifer's ( I can't truly say I have seen enough to decide), it does mean that it is dedicated to Cary! All that I know about Jennifer Grant is summarized on the Jennifer page of this site. I do not know about any websites dedicated to Jennifer Grant. If you know of one, please email me and let me know!

Was Cary Grant homosexual?

Cannon defends Cary Grant

Calgary Sun

HOLLYWOOD -- Dyan Cannon has a new centre to her universe.

"I've tasted a lot of wealth and a lot of fame and I've known a lot of very famous people. None of this has ever given me the peace of mind or happiness that prayer and faith have," explains Cannon.

Cannon was thrust into the Hollywood celebrity whirlpool in 1965 when, at 28, she married superstar Cary Grant who was 35 years her senior. It was Cannon's first marriage and Grant's fourth.

She bore Grant his only child, daughter Jennifer Grant, before divorcing him three years later.

In the past decade, several biographies of Cary Grant have claimed he was a closet homosexual.

Cannon is adamant when she says "I can tell you there isn't an iota of truth to those ugly rumors.

"They would never have written that drivel when Cary was alive. He'd have sued the pants off those cowards.

"Cary can't defend himself from the grave but I will go to mine insisting he was every ounce a straight man."

.... article continues with no more Cary content.

My own comments about this subject:
"How would you characterize the relationship between Cary and Randolph Scott? "

First of all, Cary came from a very impoverished childhood, emotionally and physically, as well as monetarily.  At the age of nine, his mother mysteriously disappeared, never to return. (Cary was to learn twenty years later that Elsie had been committed to a mental institution by Cary's father, Elias Leach.)  Elias was an alcoholic.  Cary was a very lonely little boy who eventually ran away from home at fourteen to join the camaraderie of Pender's circus troupe.  He found himself a family, basically.

Once in America and the Pender Troupe having gone back to the U.K., Cary was again without family.  He had many friends, but no family. 

After many years in the U.S., and after moving to California, I believe that in Randolph Scott he found a friend that felt like family: someone who accepted him for who he was and cared deeply for him.  This type of friendship is possible between two people of the same sex without it being a homosexual relationship.  They were buddies.  Buddies hang out together and help each other out in good times and bad.  In fact, their relationship wasn't called into question until a series of publicity photographs was taken and released.  Photos that were set up to entice women to see how "domestic" these two handsome bachelors were, instead sparked rumors that such domestic bliss must mean something sexual.

The two remained friends for years. I do believe that the rumors that haunted them both all of their lives, and exists even after their deaths, eventually took its toll on their friendship.

I do not believe that Cary was homosexual.  Were that true, I believe he would have married once to appease the studio moguls and then pursued his pleasures quietly, e.g. Rock Hudson. The truth is, he was married five times, dated (intimately) very extensively and had a grand passion for Sophia Loren. 

My thoughts are that Cary and Randy had a deep and caring bond, like brothers. Cary lived with Randolph off and on before and between marriages for the sense of family, for the moral support (who isn't shattered after a divorce?), the companionship, and for monetary reasons.  From a lonely child sprang a man who spent a lifetime searching for the happiness and security of home; Randolph Scott provided that for a period in Cary's life.  

Is Hugh Grant related to Cary Grant?

No. Cary only has one child, Jennifer Grant. Cary's birth name was not Grant, but Leach, so it would be difficult for any natural born Grant (unless they are Jennifer's kids!) to be related!

When was the mole on Cary's cheek removed?

The mole on Cary's cheek was removed between the filming of "Crisis" and "People Will Talk."  That would be between 1950 & 1951.

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