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"The Gay Romance of Cary Grant"
Waterbury, Ruth
Photoplay, April 1939, p. 26-27
This article delves into Grant's relationship with Phyllis Brooks.

Australian Photoplayer, dated April 8, 1939
Gunga Din cover

He's Grand and He's Grant
Film Pictorial, December 17, 1932; page 29

"How Cary Grant Took Hollywood"
Lane, Virginia T.
Photoplay, May 1938, p. 22
This article talks about Grant's attitude (forgetful but shrewd) toward money.  (He doesn't carry cash but will treat a group of children to the circus.)

"Modesty and Mr. Grant"
Crowther, Bosley
New York Times, December 4, 1938
Crowther interviews Grant and discusses subjects as varied as his income taxes, his vaudeville training and his discomfort at women's admiring stares on the street.

"Movie of the Week - Topper"
, July 26, 1937. Vol. 3, No. 4.

"The Reluctant Bachelor"
Reeve, Warren
Photoplay, June 1936, p. 48-49
After the death of his father the year before, Grant is now described as having a new formula for happiness.  Although dating Mary Brian, he says he won't marry for five years.

The Story of Cary Grant
  - Liberty - March 11, 1939; Waterbury, Ruth

"Up From Tumbling ..."
  - Stage Magazine, April 1938, p. 35
  - Article courtesy of Matt Jacobsen, Editor, www.OldMagazineArticle.com

"We Will Never Understand Cary Grant in Hollywood"
Hunt, Julie Lang
Photoplay, August 1935, p. 46
Grant is revealed to be very self-conscious about seeing his name in print in this article by one of Paramount's early press agents.  Grant is described as being gracious, disarming and uninformative with reporters.

"Who's Who in Pictures: Highlights in the Careers of Gladys Smith (Mary Pickford) and Others"
New York Times
, March 12, 1933, Section 9, p. 4
One of the first mentions of Cary Grant in print.  Amusing biographical inflation (his father is listed as a clothing manufacturer) and a listing of his stage career.


Most of the information on these magazine pages comes from: 

Cary Grant: A Bio-Bibliography
by Beverley Bare Buehrer
I HIGHLY recommend this book.
I consider it my CG bible!!


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