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remington.jpg (9157 bytes)It seems that VERY many Cary Grant fans are also fans of the television program, 'Remington Steele.'  Some seem to regard Pierce Brosnan as a Caryesque-type fellow.  The chief reason for 'Remington Steele's  popularity seems to be his regular mention of old movies.  Recently, Laila sent a list of quotes from 'RS' referencing Cary's movies.  I thought it might be a nice addition to my site!  Thanks Laila!!!

But first ....
Some quotes from the Warbrides concerning 
'Remington Steel' and Pierce Brosnan!!

"Remington Steele was (along with Star Trek) my favorite TV series and every time they show it I watch it again.   Pierce Brosnan was born to do Steele, but if we had had Cary Grant..." - Laila

"Re Pierce Brosnan (spelling?) being the new Cary Grant... he is gorgeous and he has some funny lines, but ....." - Jan

"I must admit that a couple of times Pierce Brosnan has reminded me of CG.  But the whole 'Next whoever' is probably just lazy journalism most of the time. .....  And anyway, who wants a 'next Cary'?  The first one was good enough for me!" - Sarah

"As for who could be described as a modern CG??? Well, obviously no-one.   But the other day I was watching 'Goldeneye', and there was a split second when Pierce Brosnan REALLY reminded me of Cary. I think it was just his expression, the look in his eye or something, I'm not sure. But he's not a bad candidate, I reckon." - Sarah

"Now I've got that Remington Steele theme song in my head. Thank you Henry Mancini, first the Baby Elephant walk and now this!" - Jenny

The Irish Times of Pierce Brosnan:
"Conventionally handsome, politely wary and apparently straight out of a mould respectfully marked 'for Cary Grant cloning-purposes'"   "As for his Cary Grant-like quality: 'It's been very useful. I have every reason for being more than grateful to it.'"

"Remington Steele! What can I say except "Yum!" He was one of my first major crushes and I still think he's gorgeous."

"One of the major achievements in my life was the time I caught them in a mistake. They once said that "The Alphabet Murders" by Agatha Christie was never made into a movie, but it was filmed in 1960 with Tony Randell as Hercule Poirot." - Tom

"I used to watch the series regularly and I liked it a lot since there were so many "good hidden" hints for any of CG's movies or classic movies in general, well, let's say they were hidden for all those non-classic movie watchers, but not for me, I knew what they were talking about. Yep, it was great, wasn't it how Steele and Laura managed to solve all cases just by referring to typical classic movies" - Domi

"Ahh, we're Steele talking about that Pierce Brosnan guy as the next Cary. When I was fifteen I was just starting to get into old movies. Remington Steele was my favorite show. I loved all the references to classic films, especially the episode that was a rip-off of North By North west where the guy they were looking for was George Kaplan."

"Although Pierce Brosnan comes in high on the Suavometer. He's just not funny enough to begin to compare to CG." - Jenny

"Pierce Brosnan is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO very gorgeous!!!!"
 - Kathryn

"I do remember there was a poster for the movie "Notorious" in Remington's apartment in that series." - Lynn

>I must admit that a couple of times Pierce Brosnan has reminded me of CG.

The whole Remington Steele character was an allusion to Cary Grant, (did he ever mention a Cary Grant movie in the series. I remember Stephanie Zimblist using "Tracy Lords" as an alias.) but I always thought the idea behind the character was more Archie Leech pretending to be Cary Grant." - Tom

"I loved Remington Steel too! I still try to watch it if I ever find it in syndication. I caught most of those CG references too."

"I loved that show. I even managed to catch them in a mistake once. They once said "The Alphabet Murders" was an Agatha Christie mystery that was never made into a movie. It was called "the ABC Murders" and starred Tony Randall.  And there was a French film called "The Sleeping Car Murders" that seemed loosely based on it. (and had a great surf music soundtrack)

There was a running plot about an investigator pursuing Remington to prove he was in the country illegally, and his name was Keyes in a reference to "Double indemnity."

"OK now I've been bitten by the Remington Steele Bug. Remember how
Remington used to spout movie titles when the plots of cases were curiously similar to classic films? Its one of the things that made me love old movies, seriously, I know it sounds cheesy, but it was my favorite show when I was 15 and it had a great influence over me." - Jenny

In the February issue of Biography Magazine, 2001, pg 36 several asks Pierce Brosnan which romantic movie or book character he would want to be.

"Nickie Ferrante in 'An Affair to Remember' or Philip Adams in 'Indiscreet.'  I love Cary Grant, especially in romantic comedies."

Arsenic and Old Lace (55)

Steele: "_____, Cary Grant, Raymond Massey, Warner Brothers 1944."

Arsenic and Old Lace (91)

Steele: "_____?"
Mildred: "Come again, chief?"
Steele: "Cary Grant, Josephine Hull, Warner Brothers 1944."

Charade (28)

Laura: "_____."
Steele: "The game or the movie?"
Laura: "Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn!"
Steele: "Universal 1964."

North by Northwest (3)

[A character is named 'George Kaplan', Cary Grant's character. In search of Kaplan, Steele sets sail for "two miles offshore, north by northwest."]

North by Northwest (71)

Laura: "How can you be so sure?"
Steele: "_____, Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, MGM 1959."

North by Northwest (72)

Steele: "_____, Cary Grant, James Mason, MGM 1959."
Laura: "I never saw it."
Steele: "Laura, sometimes you're very difficult to talk to."

Notorious (14)

Steele: "Good idea, wouldn't you say?"
Laura: "Hm. Very good."
Steele: "That's what I thought. Well, it had to be good. Claude Rains did it in _____."

Notorious (24)

Steele: "_____?"
Laura: "Well, it's true, Pepe's did have a bit of a reputation in those days."
Steele: "Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, RKO 1946."
Laura: "I must've missed that one."

To Catch a Thief (15)

Laura: "John Roby?"
Steele: "_____, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Paramount uh 1955."

To Catch a Thief (45)

Steele: "What are you talking about?"
Laura: "

[furious] _____, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Paramount 1955?
Grant plays a retired catburglar named John Roby."
Steele: "I'm impressed."
Laura: "You took me to see it three weeks ago!"

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