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"A Day at the Office with Cary Grant"
Lilly, Doris
Ladies Home Journal, November 1970, p. 142-143
A better-than-average interview with Grant taken after he became a member of Rayette-Faberge's board of directors.

"About Cary Grant - From Mae to September"
Flatley, Guy
The New York Times, July 22, 1973
Interview with Grant in which he talks about his work with Faberge, his experiences with LSD, his wives, and his daughter, Jennifer.

"A Different Kind of Love"
Gris, Henry
Coronet, March 1971, p. 32-38
This interview with Dyan Cannon takes place several years after her divorce from Grant.  She discusses her first meeting with Grant, their relationship then and now, their daughter Jennifer and his work with Faberge.

"Beame Honors Cary Grant for Theatre Contributions"
New York Times
, May 30, 1975, p. 14
Short notice of New York City Mayor Beame honoring Grant at the Straw Hat Awards.

"Cary on Hitchcock"
Monaco, James
Take One, Number 2, 1976, p. 20
Grant is quoted briefly on working with Hitchcock in the four films they did together.

"Cary Grant"
Siskel, Gene
Chicago Tribune, February 15, 1976, Section 6, p. 2
Part one of two.

"Cary Grant Comes Out on a Limb"
, March 17, 1976
Grant was legally absolved of blame after he was sued by a Mrs. Radke who had rented his Palm Springs home in 1972 and had been hit by a falling limb.  She had originally sued for $100,000 and Grant had refused to settle out of court.

"Cary Grant Today"
White, Betty
Saturday Evening Post, March 1978, p. 45-47
Contains several good, candid photos of Grant at home, the article chronicles Grant's career and life.

"Cary Grant: Doing What Comes Naturally"
Mann, Roderick
Los Angeles Times, June 11, 1978, Calendar Section, p. 39
Informal interview held over breakfast on Grant's terrace, in Grant's Cadillac on the way to the races and at dinner at the Magic Castle.

"Cary Grant Keeps Growing Younger"
Anderson, Curtiss
McCall's, October 1975, p. 92
Interview article centers around Grant's relationships with his wives and with his daughter, Jennifer, and around his fears and personality.  Offers Grant's views on marriage, love, sex, and the women's liberation movement.

"Cary Grant - Still the Cream of Bristol"
Cohn, Al
Los Angeles Times, January 11, 1976, Calendar Section, p. 27
Question-and-answer format interview in which Grant tells of his work with Faberge, why he dropped out of films and his visits to Bristol.

"The Couple, Sob, That Never Was ..."
People Weekly
, February 19, 1979, p. 33
Publicity photo of Grant and Sophia Loren from Houseboat with discussion of their relationship during that film and The Pride and The Passion.

"From Dyan and Cary to Bob and Carol"
Klemsrud, Judy
New York Times, February, 15,1970
Interview with Dyan Cannon in which she discusses her life and divorce from Cary Grant.

"Grant's Private Life Adds Luster to a Public Image"
Siskel, Gene
Chicago Tribune, February 16, 1976, Section 3, p. 1
Part two of two.  Siskel was in the enviable position of not only doing an interview with Grant, but also of being invited to spend the weekend with Grant, his girlfriend of the time Maureen Donaldson and his daughter Jennifer at Palm Springs.  Many good quotes by Grant and insights by Siskel.

"He Still Gets Squeals"
New York Times, September 28, 1979, Section B, p. 4
A small column about a Grant appearance at Lord and Taylors as a director of Faberge to promote a $90 an ounce perfume.

" 'How Do You Like Being Cary Grant' 'I Like It Fine' "
Ostroff, Roberta
Los Angeles Times, January 9, 1972, p. 26
While this article describes in interesting detail Grant's handling of an interview with a young journalist, in a way, it really tells more about Ostroff than Grant.

Bogdanovich, Peter
Esquire, April 1972, p. 82
Bogdanovic discusses the evolution of Grant's style in light of his free-lance career.

, January 14, 1974, p. 39
Photo and short mention in personalities section of magazine marking Grant's 70th birthday.

"New Woman in the Life of Cary Grant"
Mangel, C.
Look, February 23, 1971, p. 58-62
Grant visits Filene's Department store in Boston for a Faberge meeting.  Contains a nice intimate written portrait of Grant relating to daughter Jennifer.  Cover Photo.

"The Other Cary Grant"
Hoge, Warren
New York Times Magazine, July 31, 1977, p. 14
Intimate interview with Grant in which he addresses his feelings about women, his life as a buisnessman, his health, his philosophy of life, and even rumors about his stinginess and bisexuality.

Kael, Pauline
New Yorker, July 14, 1975, p. 40-42
Perhaps the ultimate worshipful article on the Cary Grant audiences had come to know and love.  While admiring, the article also insightfully analyzes the reasons for this admiration.

"Take It for Granted He'll Cary It Off"
Harton, Rose Margaret
The Dallas Morning News - August 18, 1970

Most of the information on these magazine pages comes from: 

Cary Grant: A Bio-Bibliography
by Beverley Bare Buehrer
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