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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

OPetAnytime.wav - Anytime they're ready.- Grant

OPetBatStat.wav - (alarm) Battle Stations

OPetBeenTold.wav - Alright, you've been told.- Curtis

OPetCareExplain.wav - Would you care to explain that?- Grant

OPetCollision.wav - (alarm) Collision Sir! Whoa, whoa, relax. We're not even moving.- Seaman Fox/Grant

OPetCutThatOut.wav - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Will you cut that out?- Grant

OPetDidntAskUThat.wav - I didn't ask you that.- Grant

OPetDidOKDryOff.wav - At least I think that's what I did. I thought you did alright. Oh dear. That's okay. Well, let me dry you off. No please.- O'Brien/Grant

OPetDoesIt.wav - Well, I guess that just about does it.- Grant

OPetDontMind.wav - I don't mind.- Grant

OPetDontTouch.wav - Well, uh, just don't touch anything.- Grant

OPetDoThat.wav - But you can't do that! Now why can't I do that?- Sargent/Grant

OPetFactsLife.wav - Uhm. Well, what I mean to say is...We know what you mean to say Captain. We're well acquainted with the facts of life. So are the men major. I'm simply trying to avoid any exchange of information.- Gregg/Grant

OPetFairEnough.wav - Fair Enough.- Grant

OPetFightTrim.wav - Well, naturally Sir, we don't figure to get her into a fighting trim right away.- Grant

OPetFine.wav - Fine, fine.- Grant

OPetGentleman.wav - Thats very kind of you. Yes, isn't it. What I mean is you're such a gentleman. Ah, yeah, that sort of comes as a surprise to me too I can tell you that.- O'Brien/Grant

OPetGetAnything.wav - Can I get you anything? Yeah, anything. Yes Sir. - Crockett/Grant

OPetGetEnufOf.wav - Well, when a person is nervous and irritable, you can be sure there's something he's not getting enough of.- O'Brien

OPetGirlFairGame.wav - When a girl is under 21 she's protected by law. When she's over 65 she's protected by nature. Anywhere in between, she's fair game. Look out.- Grant

OPetGoingDown.wav - Am I uh, going down right? Is she going down right? She sure is.-Merrill/Grant/Gist

OPetGoingThrough.wav - It's not that I'm complaining Sir, but this is the sort of thing I've been going through.- McCleod

OPetHaveIt.wav - Well, uh, I'm not sure we have it Sir. You must have it. You've got everything else.- Grant/ Simon

OPetHellOutHere.wav - Let's get the hell out of here.- Grant

OPetHeyIdea.wav - Hey, hey,.....tsch tsch...That's the idea.- Grant

OPetHummh.wav - (one of those sounds)- Grant

OPetIKnowThat.wav - Yeah, I know that.- Grant

OPetIllBet.wav - I'll bet.- Grant

OPetInstructs.wav - Tell me, did you follow the instructions.- Grant

OPetItWorks.wav - It works. You're just too stubborn to admit it.- Gregg

OPetKindAns.wav - What kind of an answer is that?- Curtis

OPetKnockOff.wav - Okay fellas, come on, knock it off. Let's get back to work.- Grant

OPetLetterSanta.wav - Might just as well write a letter to Santee Claus.- Machinist Mate Totson

OPetMansMachinery.wav - A woman just shouldn't mess around with a man's machinery.- Machinist Mate Totson

OPetMistakeSir.wav - It was a mistake Sir.- Curtis

OPetNeedCompulsionLg.wav - Honestly I really don't think I should go to the party. Oh yes. Yes, you should. I demand that you do. Well, you don't have to go just for me. Well, I can't think of anyone else I'd do it for. It's become sort of a need, a compulsion. Thats very kind of you. Yes, isn't it. What I mean is you're such a gentleman. Ah, yeah, that sort of comes as a surprise to me too I can tell you that.- O'Brien/Grant

OPetNormal.wav - Is this normal? Or should I be nervous again?- Curtis

OPetNotEngageLG.wav - Now there is one stipulation though. You will engage no enemy shipping, and that includes life boats. Even if you sight one of the enemy swimming in the water avoid him. He might kick a hole in your side. Yes Sir.- Simon/Grant

OPetNowTime.wav - Now is the time.- Grant

OPetObjective.wav - If any man has any other objective in mind he'd better forget it.- Grant

OPetOByWay.wav - Oh, by the way, eh.- Grant

OPetOhNoTell.wav - Oh no, don't tell me.- Grant

OPetOptimist.wav - I like to think we can, but then I'm an incurable optimist.- Grant

OPetOurWay.wav - And just so you won't upset that system, I'm afraid you'll have to do it our way.- Grant

OPetPrimaryRule.wav - One primary rule you must observe.- Grant

OPetQuestAbout.wav - Oh, no question about it.- Grant

OPetRelMan.wav - I'm a religious man Captain, I believe we'll get through if the good Lord puts his mind to it. Of course, he'll have to give us his undivided attention.- Machinist Mate Totson

OPetResCommand.wav - I don't want to bore you with the problems of command Mr. Holdan, because I doubt you'll ever have one. It's inconsistent with that philosophy of yours 'Every man for himself'. 'Dog eat dog'. Exactly. The unfortunate thing about command though, Mr Holdan, is that the responsibilities outweigh the priveleges. Now if it was just myself I was concerned with I'd tell you what to do with that list. But my responsibility is this boat, and to get her out of here I'd even make a pact with the devil. That's where I come in. That's right.- Grant/Curtis

OPetScaredOfU.wav - She's scared to death of you.- Gregg

OPetScrapMetal.wav - All you've got out there is a periscope sitting on top of a couple thousand tons of scrap metal.-Simon

OPetSelfDefense.wav - She feels you've been avoiding her. Only in self defense.- Gregg/Grant

OPetSelfDefenseLG.wav - Now she's tried to apologize, but you won't even talk to her. She feels you've been avoiding her. Only in self defense. She's scared to death of you.- Gregg/Grant

OPetStartWThat.wav - Yeah, let's start with that.- Grant

OPetStripTeaser.wav - It's like watching a strip teaser. Don't ask how it's done, just enjoy what's coming off.- Grant

OPetSuggestSir.wav - What do you suggest Sir?- Grant

OPetThankU.wav - Thank you.- Grant

OPetThankUSir.wav - Thank you Sir.- Grant

OPetThinkAbout.wav - Well, it's somethin' to think about.- Machinist Mate Totson

OPetTiger.wav - (sub sound)

OPetTimeFor.wav - How'd you find time for it?- Grant

OPetTPLG.wav - Subject, Toilet paper. One, on 6 June 1941 this vessel submitted a requisition for 150 rolls of toilet paper. On 16 December 1941 the requisition was returned with stamped notation , 'Cannot identify material required'. Two, the commanding officer of the USS SeaTiger cannot help but wonder what is being used at the Caviti Supply Depot as a substitute for this unidentifiable material once so well known to this command.- Grant

OPetTrySometime.wav - Gotta try it sometime.- Grant

OPetUses.wav - What I meant Sir, is that I'm sure there must be something they can be used for. I can think of any number of uses, but not here and now.- Sargent/Grant

OPetVolunteerType.wav - Now, you're not the volunteering type. What's your angle?- Grant

OPetWhat.wav - What?- Grant

OPetWhat2.wav - Eeh, what?- Grant

OPetWhatBusiness.wav - What's your business here?- MP

OPetWhatIsItLG.wav -Hey, what's going on? Oh, take a look at this Sir. Holy, what in...(laughter) What is it? Well, I hope I'm wrong Sir...-Grant/Gist

OPetWhatsGoingOn.wav - Hey, what's going on?- Grant

OPetWhy.wav - Why?-Grant

OPetWorry.wav - Well, we've got nothing to worry about.- Grant

OPetWow.wav - Wow!- Sargent

OPetWowLess.wav - I suggest you 'Wow' less and tsch, tsch, tsch a little more.- Grant

OPetYeah.wav - Yeah.- Grant

OPetYesSir.wav - Yes Sir.- Grant

Cary Grant (Adm. Matt Sherman), Tony Curtis (Lt. Nick Holden), Joan O'Brien (Lt. Dolores Crandall), Dina Merrill (Lt. Barbara Duran), Gene Evans ( Molumphry, Dick Sargent Stovall, Virginia Gregg ( Major Edna Howard), Robert Simon (Cpt. J.B. Henderson), Robert Gist ( Lt. Watson), Madlyn Rhue ( Reid), Marion Ross ( Colfax), Clarence Lung ( Sgt. Ramon Gillardo), Gavin MacLeod ( Ernest Hunkle), George Dunn ( The Prophet), Dick Crockett ( Harmon)

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