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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

babyabsurd.wav - Oh, that's absurd!- Grant

babyalright.wav - Everything's going to be alright.- Grant

babyaway.wav - Go away- Grant

babybad.wav - He's Bad!- circus worker

babybelong.wav - Is there anything in the world that doesn't belong to you? Yes, thank heaven, You!- Hepburn/Grant

babyboys.wav - Sorry boys, force of habit. Forgot where I was for a moment- Hepburn

babybuddy.wav - Don't let it throw you buddy- delivery man

babychances.wav - Well, if you'd planned it you couldn't have ruined my chances more completely.- Grant

babychildren.wav - You mean..you mean children and all that sort of thing. Exactly!- Grant

babycircle.wav - There, you see, it's a circle. Well, of course it is. Do you think it would roll if it was a square?- Grant/Hepburn

babyclear.wav - No, no. And my dear sir it never will be clear as long as she's explaining it.- Grant

babydo.wav - I don't care what you do!- Grant

babydoing.wav - What are you doing?- Grant

babydone.wav - Now look what you've done!- Grant

babydontknow.wav - I don't know!- Roberts

babyeek1.wav - (David's surprise at the leopard in the bathroom)

babyexcuse.wav - Excuse me?- Grant

babyfeeling.wav - Uh. Oh dear. I have a feeling something horrible is going to happen.- Grant

babyfits.wav - It all fits perfectly.- Grant

babyforgot.wav - Oh, yes, yes. I forgot.- Grant

babygame.wav - Its only a game anyway. - Hepburn

babygay.wav - Because I just went gay, all of a sudden!- Grant

babygee.wav - Gee Whiz.- Grant

babygeepers.wav - Jeepers, lets get out of here!- Hepburn

babygolf.wav - My dear young lady I am not loosing my temper, I'm merely trying to play some golf.- Grant

babyhat.wav - Well, I might have known you were here. I had a feeling just as I hit the floor. That was your hat.- Grant/Hepburn

babyhat1.wav - Oh! Will you please stop doing that with your hat!- Hepburn

babyhaul.wav - Come on. Haul it over, haul it over.- Hepburn

babyhello.wav - Oh, Hello.- Hepburn

babyhorrible.wav - Something horrible has happened. Well, don't tell me about it. Just get out of it as best you can.- Grant/Hepburn

babyinsured.wav - Oh, that's alright. I'm insured.- Hepburn

babyjeepers.wav - Oh, Jeepers!- Hepburn

babyknow.wav - I know it.- Grant

babyknow2.wav - Don't do it until I let you know.- Grant

babylaugh.wav - (Hepburn laugh)

babyleopard.wav - (leopard call)

babylike.wav - Oh, that's alright. I'll send it back. I don't like it anyway.- Hepburn

babylimits.wav - There are limits to what a man can bear.- Grant

babyloop.wav - I'll knock him for a loop.- Grant

babymarried.wav - Oh yes, that's right. We're getting married tomorrow.- Grant

babymatter.wav - What is the matter with you?- Hepburn

babymind.wav - I'm losing my mind, that's all.- Grant

babymisery.wav - The man who gets you is going to have a lifetime of misery. Grant

babymove.wav - I know we ought to go now. But somehow I can't move.- Grant

babymrpea.wav - Oh yes, I'll be with you in a minute Mr. Peabody!- Grant

babynew.wav - Not so fast, this is new to me- cop

babyoh.wav - Ohh.- Grant

babypicture.wav - Constable. She's making all this up out of motion pictures she's seen.- Grant

babyquit.wav - Oh, I've had enough. I quit!- Grant

babyrareprec.wav - it's rare, it's precious. What did you do with it?- Grant

babyrelationship.wav - Our relationship has been a series of misadventures from beginning to end.- Grant

babyridiculous.wav - Oh, go on and laugh. I know it looks ridiculous. But I'm past caring.- Grant

babyserious.wav - Now a lot of things have happened. But we'll forget all about them, because this is serious.- Grant

babysinging.wav - (Hepburn, Grant, George and Baby singing this)(long)

babystop.wav - Hey,hey, hey. Stop that, stop that.- cop

babyteach.wav - That'll teach you to go around saying things about people.- Hepburn

babythankyou.wav - I ought to thank you!- Grant

babythat.wav - Well now, I didn't do that.- Ruggles

babythink.wav - What are you thinking of?- Walker

babythinkrun.wav - Well, if I could think I'd have run when I saw you.- Grant

babyupside.wav - You look at everything upside down. I've never known anyone quite like you.- Grant

babyuthink.wav - You, you think. You can think faster than I can.- Grant

babywant.wav - What do you want?- Grant

babywellgee.wav - Well, gee whiz.- Grant

babywhat.wav - What!- Grant

babywhat2.wav - What?- Grant

babywhat3.wav - What!!- Grant

babywhatI.wav - What have I done?- Hepburn

babyyou.wav - Oh, it's you!- Grant

Katharine Hepburn (Susan Vance), Cary Grant (David Huxley), Charlie Ruggles (Maj. Horace Applegate), May Robson (Aunt Elizabeth)

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