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Chapter 6

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Chapter Six
-- by Aileen Mackintosh --

--- What's new pussycat? Or who got the cream. ---

Nearly knocking the chess set on the floor John turned abruptly his insides played leapfrog - though his face showed nothing - how did Jessie know about the Hughson problem? Smart cookie his mother-in-law.

"I have no idea what you are talking about Jessie" he said with all the aplomb he could muster.

"You may be able to talk your way out of most things John, but I can be very purr-sistent you know."

48 minutes, 30 seconds he could hear the seconds ticking away in his head. I need a diversion but it's got to be good to fool Ma Stevens, he thought .....

.... Meanwhile back at the ranch - or in this case a taxi cab that was careening towards the meowseum. David was beginning to feel quite sick AND getting a headache. The smell of the cab and it's driver was getting to him, and the encounter with Domi was getting quite overwhelming. Little did he know they were close on his tail. That is until he glanced round for the nth time and it finally struck him that the two cabs behind him seemed to have been there forever.

Finally he arrived at the meowseum, and just as he entered he thought he heard several voices that he recognized calling his name. While he briefly thought he should investigate, he came to the conclusion that the necklace problem (and more importantly the Smilodon) was a much better prospect and much more needing his full attention. Taking he lift he headed for room B-4, unaware that also heading that way were Katz, Chow and Willow for much less noble but far more profitable reasons. However none of them were aware that the Smilodon and "Sleaze" were already heading towards the Newman room, the specimen preparation area on the rooftop.....

....45 minutes dead, the ticking in John's head was getting unbearable. Suddenly inspiration hit him - in that damp tea towel sort of way. "Ma-in-law" he said in a conspiratorial whisper (despite the fact that Francie was asleep and no-one else was up and about), "can you keep a secret - from Francie I mean?"

"So what is it this time John?"

Putting an arm round Jessie's shoulders and hoping that she could not feel how tense he was, he walked her to the door. "Well ma its like this.."

5 minutes later with a sly grin on his handsome features (and Jessie mollified) he slips out of the ornate wrought iron gates at the bottom of the drive in an Aston Martin Vantage V8. Another of those luxuries that he would be loathe to give up, all that power under the bonnet and the sound of the engine like a large cat purring. Time however is getting on and these niceties are forgotten as he heads for the meowseum - along with the rest of the world it seems. Arriving with about 15 minutes to spare, he parked the Aston among the other Ferrari's, Mustangs, Bentley, Rolls and other such, and walked nonchalantly round the building to the south side. Here he briefly glanced round and started to scale the building with that easy grace born of much practice, reaching the roof he paused briefly to let his breathing calm down then went in search of the ventilation shaft. Finding it he slipped in with nary a sound and headed for B-4 along the duct work to meet up with Stray Katz, Mi ow Chow and Puh si Willow.

By this time "Sleaze" was at the Newman Room, busy preparing the Smilodon. No other thought in his head than the thought that finally he would get one over on David, and the accolades he would receive and most importantly funding he would gain for other projects.

Meeting Stray as arranged. They headed towards room 53, as they turned the corner, wallop, they walked right into David coming from the opposite direction........ 

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