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Caption Contest #15

Second Place - Michelle

"I hope that's my wallet you're looking for."

Third Place - Janet Place

"Hold still Cary, I can feel the calf's legs!"

Fourth Place - Rachel Roszman

Sorry Katie Couric!  
It looks like you were the 
SECOND person to televise your colonoscopy.

There were 98 entries in this caption contest!!  These top four were the runaway winners!!  

Honorable Mention:

"Let go of my shorts, Gunga.  You're giving me a wedgy."

Where's my stunt double when I need him?

I knew I should have taken Sgt. Ballantine's part and gotten the girl.

We're going to have to McGyver our way out of this one!!!

Cary thinking to himself: "...well this is by far the most awkward picture with a fan I've EVER had to pose for!!"

QUICK, Din!  Get the Anti-Elephant spray out of my back pocket!!!

"Sahib, I don't know nothin' about birthin babies."

Cary :  "I hope this isn't a promotional photo."

Hey, elephant, look over here, I've got a Cary Grant puppet!!

Gunga Din is the best action adventure picture of the year.  There's fighting, laughter, and two guys on a bridge...just trust us on this one!

"Who are you and why are you always behind me?"
"I play Cary Grant in Indian version of this movie."

When George Stevens said to improvise, Din, I don't think this is what he had in mind.

Cutter - Don't tell me... I just got hit with a tranquilizer.
Din - I'll get it out.

( Cary thinking) "Man, I wish I hadn't switched parts with Doug... then I'd have the girl and HE'D be stuck on this blasted bridge!"

I'm telling you, Mr. Grant, you're on the wrong set!
This is lot twenty FIVE!!

Din, are you sure that's what George Stevens directed you to do?"


"You just had to go and say something about her ears!!!"

G.D. 'Are we there yet?'

*confused smile* Gosh, for a water carrier, you sure are friendly.

Say, you don't have any spf30 do you?

"She said this marriage wasn't going to be the usual ball and chain."

I TOLD you we shouldn't have taken the short cut.

"This is the last time I take your advice, next time I'll travel by plane".

Coming from Cary : This is NOT as easy as it looks.
From Gunga: You're tellin me!
(as a thought in a bubble, not actually saying it out loud)

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest: Becky, Jen, Michelle, Meg, Karen Andrews, Rachel Behnke, Daniela Brack, Bernie Casey, John Clark , Morag Clarke, Jennifer Colby, Mary Eckerson, Rhonda France-Peralta , Colleen Goldrick, Renee Klish, Mary Matthews, Diane Parker, Irena Pasvinter, Cath Pierowicz , Janet Place , Alexandra Rivero, Rachel Roszman, Yardan Russ, Judy Schuler, Wayne Schuler, Amanda Spitler, Sheila Stapleton, and  Kimberly Tapper.