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Caption Contest #12

Cary: Why Madame, you did ask the waiter for the finest dish available, did you not?
               Girl: Yes I did, but....
Cary: We-ell then! Here I am!

Submitted by Kate Curran

"Is that a steak in your hand or are you just pleased to see me?"
Submitted by Sharon Rose

"Have you ever been kissed in a chair? Would you like to be?"
Submitted by LeeAnn Neal

"You say you're how old? Really? 22?
Well definitely that meets my requirements.
Send your resume to my secretary. Then we can talk about marriage."

"I wonder if this fence is plastic or real wood?"

"Excuse me do you happen to have any Grey Poupon?"

Cary was ready to tear the stake out of the ground and stab her the moment she turned into a Vampire.

She was so boring Cary thought he may have to stake himself to keep awake.

"Sorry, but I'm really tired & this fence isn't too safe.
Just give me my jacket back."

"Why yes, Mr. Grant, that is a dapper looking suit. 
But don't you think your a bit over dressed? 
It is just a barbecue you know."

Cary thinks, I'll keep hold of this fence picket just in case I need to
beat them off with something.

"Who me  Married......... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You remind me of a man........."

CG gripping fence tightly, "Oh my! What a nasal voice!"

"If she doesn't stop talking to me, I'm gonna brain her with this fence!"

"So, Mr. Grant, do you think I could go back to your place and, uhmm, see your suit of armor from the Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer?"

"I am in between wives and could use some nice companionship this evening!"

Cary thinking..."If I don't hold on to this picket fence, her breath is
going to knock me over!"

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest: Lora Alejandro, Morag Clarke, Kate Curran, Jenny Curtis, Kathy Fox, Christina Matthews, Anthony McGuire, April Parrish, Sharon Rose, Melanie Yancey.

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