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Caption Contest #13

Second Place - Morag Clarke - UK
Yes, I've heard more than a handful is a waste, but is that your hands or mine??

Third Place - Nancy Bruce - TX
You should  have seen it, Mountbatten!  
Bangers and mash, bubble and squeak.
Best spread I've seen since the chorus line at the Flamingo!

Other Captions Submitted .....

Stay with me, last verse:  You put both hands in, you put both hands out....

You can't make a dog shadow puppet that way....no, no, that's the butterfly!

Cary Grant teaches officer how to fly.

Say, you are right, that is a good color of nail polish.  And it dries fast too.

You want me to put my hands WHERE?!

Simmer down now.

Patty cake, patty cake, baker's men......

Are your hands as clean as mine?

Oh no...no way.......Your manicure is NOT better than mine!

Simon says, put your hat under your arm...
Simon says, hold out your hands...

Acting is all in the hands you see, although great looks don't hurt.

I don't mean to complain, but today alone, I had this many offers for marriage.

They said I'd have to wear make-up I said I'd suffer for my art. 
They said I'd have to wear a wig, I said I'd suffer for my art. 
They said I'd have to wear pantyhose, I said 'whoa!' my day rate just tripled...

You just walk up behind her, give her a little pat, 
say 'Hey, baby,' and they swoon every time.

Just remember, it's all in the hands!

Just remember, nice and easy does it every time.

When my girl walked by, her hips kind of ...

Caption, schmaption!  I'll take the hat rack on the left whatever the price!

CG:    Selznick always said to hold your hat in your hands to keep 'em from looking awkward or distracting in the camera shot, now what up with that?!  
Other guy:  I dunno, beats me  . . .

Man:  "You've only made ten movies?"
Cary:  "Um take that by 7 and add 2."

Really, Officer, I was just playing patty-cake with her, like this, when my hand slipped!

I know, can you believe it? 
A manicure this good for only $10.00 at Crazy Nails!!

No no no, you're doing it all wrong.  This is how you clap.

I believe this is sign language for bird or was it flying...

CG:  When your hands sweat, just do this . . .and see, my right side always sweats more, but you can put the hat under either arm . . . .

CG:  You think those pilot's wings are so great, well I'm gonna have some bigger ones made for me!!
Pilot:  Its not the size of your wings, Cary, its how much air lift you get . . .

That's nothing!  Mine is THIS BIG!

I once caught a fish this big. 
Wow! Really that big?

Do you understand my problem? 
I just don't know where to put my hands when I sleep.

Don't worry about it. 
If your wings give out just stick your hands out like this, and flap.

You know what they say --------- Warm hands, cold heart!

OK! SING!  "Born to hand-jive, Baby!"

I say old chap can you feel me? 
When your career is on a roll like mine ain't that a groove!!!!!

Yeah old man I know what ya' mean - a good script, a good director & a good leading lady. I just love when a plan comes together!! Oh---yeah!!

How about a game of patty cake, old chap?

Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake!

Grant: So I says to me ma, I says, "Ma, I gotta pick meself up, brush meself off, and just find me another bird to marry,"  I says!

Mountbatten: "You don't say?"

"...and those are the basic mechanics of the airplane. Don't worry, in that uniform you'll have everyone convinced. None of the passengers will suspect a thing..."

Yes, that's right. I'm from the west side. Mind giving me a ride?....Of course you'll be safe. Officers are never a target. You'll be perfectly safe in that uniform.

-Cary, if you were playing Othello, would you be able to strangle Desdemona with your own hands ?
-Oh, I would be happy to do this!
-With these hands?!
-Yes, why not ? Look, it's simple, you should only put some black color on your hands and choose right leading lady ...

"You just put your hands together like this, hold it up to the light......
And viola! A shadow bird!"

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest: Lynette Ayala, Chris Baradit, Stacey Baradit, Leila Beach, Nancy Bruce, Morag Clarke, Maribel, Donald Ebel, Harvey Fondren, Lynn Godwin, Dawn Hamilton, Meg Herrick, Nicole Klaus, Michelle Lindsey, Brian McCarthy, Irena Pasvinter, James Phillips, Yardan Russ, Judy Schuler, Amanda Spitler, Amanda Swenson

Many thanks to the judges, too!!

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