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Caption Contest #1

I hope it doesn't rain.  She'll take root.
Submitted by Donna Moore

2nd Place

"Why did Suzy have to Parker carcass next to me?"
Submitted by Laura Collins

3rd Place

Cary:  "When they asked me if I wanted to take part in a tree hugging ceremony, I had no idea THIS was what they meant."
Submitted by Donna Moore

Other captions submitted:

"Ah...  I hope it doesn't rain."

"How do you get her off?"

"What is she doing?  Trying to break my arm?"

"And I thought I was going to launch HER career?"

Suzy: "I just know he will want to marry ME"

"Woodn't yew know, she's stuck on me!"

"Did I really say 'I Do?'"  
"I can't believe that I did say 'I Do!!!'"

"Thank Goodness the shooting is finished!  
Now what do I do with HER?"

She is saying: (Boy do I have a great catch here!) 
He is saying:  (Why did I have to listen to my father this time?)

"Why does every woman in Hollywood have to have long fingernails?"

"My tips on how to get your man?  Get plenty of exercise, go to
bed early, eat healthily, and practice a vice-like grip."

"When would be the time to tell her I've just pee'd all over her

"Wood yew get her off me......please!"

"You mean this is permanent fixture doc?!"

Suzy P:  singing to herself the wedding march 
"Here Comes the Bride, Here Comes the Bride"
Cary Gorgeous Grant: thinking to himself 
"Oh My Goodness! Is that church bells I hear? 
No, No, not again!!!!"

Suzy: with clenched teeth under the smile 
"He thinks he can get away from me, well I  will just hold on a little tighter"

Cary:  with clenched teeth 
"Can someone please help me--I can't feel my fingers!!

"Hello up there Sir....
Please help me, her wooden splinters are digging into me!"

[Suzy thinks:] "You're right, the smile in this picture IS more emotion 
than my entire performance in KISS THEM FOR ME!"

"Didn't she use Deodorant this morning?"

"What did she have for lunch? Onions?"

"I say, I'm getting splinters in my arm!"

"Then again, perhaps I'm NOT too old for Audrey!"

"If I can just find a jukebox to lean her against..."

"Audrey Hepburn... Katharine Hepburn... Grace Kelly... Suzy Parker... One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just  isn't the same..."

"Gosh is she gonna pull my arm off??"

Cary Grant oh so graciously tries to transmit charisma through osmosis.

"WHO does she think I am?!!!  Cary Grant?!  
Oh, that's right, I AM Cary Grant."

Talking to the guy he's looking up at, 
"Have you ever had one of these?"

"Honey, looks like rain. We better get you in before you mildew."

"Honey, that woodpecker is still following us! 
We better get inside before he finds a place to perch."

Cary, looking to the horizon, says in a most compassionate tone, 
"Oh honey, they are chopping down another tree over there. 
I am sorry you had to see that. Thatta a girl, keep that brave face"

"Oh, I think he is the most wonderful man that I know," she says.
"How can I get rid of this girl?" he says.

"Maybe if I turn my head like this, no one will recognize me. "

"Maybe if I hold on tight enough, his talent will rub off on me."

"Would you PLEASE....Kiss her for me!"

Cary: "Jeff, Happy birthday!  I hope someone else brought the napkins because I brought the toothpick!"

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest:  Diane, Crystal T., Sharron, Gina Ward, Cheryl Trahan, Donna Moore, Aileen Mackintosh, Tina C., Selena Richardson, Traci Martin, Rhea, April Parrish, Joy U., Laura Collins, and Jeff Lang.

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