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Caption Contest #2

Submitted by Debby Schwenson

2nd Place

"Roger is saying "Yes, it smells nice Cary, but do you really think the name 'Chanel Number Eau Eau Seven' will catch on?""
Submitted by Donna Moore

3rd Place

Cary: "What in the heck is this??" 
Rodger: "Well I'm just guessing but it could be a dual compact salt and pepper shaker with removable top and a non-clogging outlet that circles when it is rotated and has an accessible knob at the top...but I am just guessing."

Submitted by Nicole Cartier

Other captions submitted:

"Here you are 007. 
THIS will make you more popular than Sean Connery."

"Cary, I told you the formula should be shaken not stirred. 
This stuff pongs."

Roger is saying into his secret James Bond microphone ring
"Q, I'm afraid that Cary has pulled the pin......
Where's that ejector seat when I really need it?"

"And they think this stuff smells GOOD??"


And you thought the women flocked to you before?

Take a wif of a million dollars!

Give this to your Bond Girls!

You made how much on this???

CG: Honest, Rog, it's not a bomb 
RM: It looks like a bomb 
CG: That's not a bomb.... 
CG: That looks like a bomb!

"007 to Q, come in Q.   I think we have a solution to the problem that'll cause a real stink ........ perfume bombs!"

"Do you think Sean Connery smells this good?"

'It's a Fabergé Egg, Q!'

Cary- " Honest, with this you'll never spend another night alone!" 
And you can have it for only a hundred bucks!

CARY: "Now remember, THIS is the explosive and THIS is the detonation device."

Cary: "Ah, come on Rog, I know you really want to borrow 'em! 
They're great!"

Cary: "I'll sell 'em to ya really cheap -- you can't go wrong! 
It's the purchase of a lifetime!"

Roger, to himself: "Please, Cary, I really don't want to know what those things are or what you did do with them..."

(Roger thinking to himself) "Thanks for sharing..."

"Hmmmmmm, yes Cary, sure, I believe you..."

Roger thinks: "Well, they can't ever say that Cary Grant leads a dull life!"

"With four ex-wives, this is all they left me."

Cary: So 007 tell me, do you think this will help win the war?

Cary: Hey Rog, what do you think of this then!
Roger: Erm, you really have a lovely pair there....!

Roger: What a lovely pair you have there Cary....! 
Cary: Oh pay attention Roger (in the style of Q to 007)....

Uh Hmmm .... Cary are you sure it will keep Suzy Parker away?

Cary: See I told you these atomizers are great. 
Roger: (coughs) Yeah they might be great but what about the contents!!!!!!!

Roger Moore is thinking: "Good grief, this Faberge cologne smells horrible! I wonder how many of these he had to sell before they gave him the private jet?"

Wowee that stuff is good!

Many thanks to all of the participants in this contest:  Donna Moore, Cheryl Trahan, Gina Ward, Diane Parker, Aileen Mackintosh, Esther Park, Chris Darley, Debby Schwenson, Brit, Kristen, M.T. and Nicole Cartier.

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