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SheDHWBotherMe.wav - Don't bother me!- West

SheDHWBranded.wav - Once I get 'em they're branded.- West

SheDHWBusyEveningsLG.wav - Why don't you come up some time, see me? I'm home every evenin'. Yeah, but, I'm busy every evening. Busy! Say, what you trying to do, insult me? Why, No! No, not at all. I'm just busy, that's all.- West/Grant

SheDHWCelebratin.wav - Then it'll all be over but the celebratin'.- Landau

SheDHWCityBig.wav - The city's gettin' so big it takes time to get around it.- Landau

SheDHWComeSeeMe.wav - Why don't you come up sometime, see me?- West

SheDHWConscience.wav - My conscience is clear. Leastwise I think it is.- West

SheDHWConvWord.wav - I'd like to have a word with you when it's convenient.- Grant

SheDHWCuffs.wav - Those absolutely necessary? You know I wasn't born with 'em? No, a lot of men would have been safer if you had. Oh, I don't know. Hands ain't everything.- West/Grant

SheDHWDarkHandsome.wav - Where'd you get that....dark and handsome?- West

SheDHWDayWork.wav - Serge is my new assistant Lou. Day or night work Rita?- Ottiano/West

SheDHWDieDead.wav - I shall die to make you happy. OOOh, but you wouldn't be much use to me dead.- Roland/West

SheDHWDifferent.wav - Well, he wouldn't look at me, only out of curiousity. He's different.- West

SheDHWDisappointed.wav - I'm disappointed in you.- Grant

SheDHWDoubleX.wav - If you been double-crossin' me you're gonna pay for it.- Moore

SheDHWFastTime.wav - One of the fastest guys in the business but he's taken his time now.- West

SheDHWFightQuit.wav - I thought it was gonna be a fight to the finish but in the 77th round the guy kept yellin' 'Quit'.- man in bar

SheDHWFireman.wav - I wouldn't want no Policeman to catch me without no petticoat. No policeman? How about a nice fireman, huh?- Pearl/West

SheDHWFlysKill.wav - The flys here are terrible. You pick out the one you don't like and I'll kill him for you.- Bar drunk/ Spider

SheDHWFoolEnough.wav - You don't suppose I'd be fool enough to go anyplace with you?- West

SheDHWFreeLunch.wav - This ought to learn you that 'Free Lunch' is meant to be et and not stored for the winter.- Spider

SheDHWGeography.wav - The men of my country go wild about women with yellow hair. I'm glad you told me. I wantta keep straight on my geography.- Roland/West

SheDHWGift.wav - The minute my back is turned I find you making love to another woman. Whaddja expect he'd be doing? Why a boy with a gift like that should be workin' at it.- Ottiano/West

SheDHWGladToHear.wav - Well, I'm glad to hear that.- Grant

SheDHWGoodForU.wav - I'll remember to be good for ya.- West

SheDHWGoodnight.wav - Well...goodnight.- Grant

SheDHWGotItBad.wav - Gee, you've got it bad.- mission lady

SheDHWGrand.wav - Ain't it grand!- West

SheDHWHave2Do.wav - Yeah. But it's one of the things I have to do!- Grant

SheDHWHeardProve.wav - Yes I have heard so much about you. Yeah but you can't prove it.- Roland/West

SheDHWHearThings.wav - It seems to me you've been hearing things.- West

SheDHWHereToo.wav - Oh, you're here too, how nice.- West

SheDHWHoldHand.wav - Well, surely you don't mind my holding your hand? It ain't heavy. I can hold it myself.- Grant/West

SheDHWHoldIt.wav - Hold It!!- Grant

SheDHWHopeful.wav - No, I'm still hopeful.- Grant

SheDHWIDo.wav - Say it like you mean it. I do!- West/Grant

SheDHWIndisposed.wav - Your bath is ready Miss Lou. You take it. I'm indisposed.- Pearl/West

SheDHWInterest.wav - Well, thanks for the kind interest.- Grant

SheDHWInteresting.wav - Hmm, that oughtta be interesting.- West

SheDHWISee.wav - I see.- Grant

SheDHWJailer.wav - You're my prisoner. And I'm going to be your jailer for a long, long time. Oooh.- Grant/West

SheDHWJob.wav - Just doin' a job I never did before.- West

SheDHWLearnSomethin.wav - Oooh. Take a look at this Gus and learn something.- West

SheDHWLongNow.wav - Well, it won't be long now.- West

SheDHWLost.wav - Aaugh. You ain't been no place. You just been lost.- West

SheDHWManHappy.wav - Haven't you ever met a man that could make you happy? Sure, lots of times.- Grant/West

SheDHWMarryRid.wav - Why he'd be the kind a woman would have to marry to get rid of.- West

SheDHWMatterMurder.wav - Whatsa matter? Commited murder?- West

SheDHWMemory.wav - I wish he'd forget me, but the guy is a memory expert.- West

SheDHWMistaken.wav - Well, I've heard differently. But if what you say is true I'd only be too glad to be mistaken.- Grant

SheDHWNextHusband.wav - Well, I wasn't always rich. No? No, there was a time I didn't know where my next husband was coming from.- West/Pearl

SheDHWNoivous.wav - Are you noivous Lou? No. You are noivous ain't you Lou? No, I ain't noivous. 'Cause if you're noivous I'll go.... I ain't noivous but if you keep askin' me I will be.- mission lady/West

SheDHWNoSoul.wav - He said they had no soul.- West

SheDHWOfCourse.wav - Yes, of course.- Grant

SheDHWOldStory.wav - The story's so old it should have been set to music long ago.- West

SheDHWPaintingFree.wav - I like best that marvelous painting of you in the bar. Oh yeah. I gotta admit that is a flash. But I do wish Gus hadn't hung it up over the free lunch.- Roland/West

SheDHWPip.wav - Ain't that a pip?- Beery

SheDHWPrisoner.wav - Yeah, I got ya. You're my prisoner.- Grant

SheDHWProtectMe.wav - So you're gonna protect me huh?- West

SheDHWPutOut.wav - Well, ya ain't gonna put 'em out? Put 'em out? Me!? Oh no. I just tell 'em they'll have to move.- West/ Jacobsen

SheDHWRitaDies.wav - (what a stabbing!)- Ottiano

SheDHWSaveTimeU.wav - I been saving a little time for you.- West

SheDHWSelfControl.wav - Well, this is a dirty trick. I could get real sore, if I didn't have a lot of self control. Well, so have I. But I'm beginning to lose it.- West/Grant

SheDHWSlam.wav - Never heard of me cheatin' anyone did you? No! No! Not about money. Hey listen, that sounds like a slam.  But comin' from you I'll let it pass- West/Jacobsen

SheDHWSongMurdered.wav - You know, ever since I sang that song it's been haunting me. It should haunt you. You murdered it.- singer and pianist

SheDHWSoulDiamonds.wav - They always seem so cold to me. They have no warmth, no soul. I'm sorry you think more of your diamonds than you do of your soul. I'm sorry you think more of my soul than you do of my diamonds.- Grant/West

SheDHWSound.wav - uhmhmm- Grant

SheDHWSound2.wav - huh?- Grant

SheDHWSpicyRaw.wav - For the bedroom. A little bit spicy but not too raw. You know what I mean?- West

SheDHWSpillIt.wav - Well, spill it. I ain't afraid.- West

SheDHWSpite.wav - I wouldn't give you this here thing now for spite.- West

SheDHWStayAway.wav - I could not stay away. I was kinda expecting that.- Roland/West

SheDHWTakes2.wav - You know it takes two to get one in trouble.- West

SheDHWTellFortune.wav - Why don't you come up sometime huh? Well I... Don't be afraid. I won't tell. But uh....Come up, I'll tell your fortune. Ah, you can be had.- West/Grant

SheDHWTellMe.wav - What are ya tryin' to tell me.- West

SheDHWTheyRWonderful.wav - Well, they're wonderful.- Grant

SheDHWThinkDoing.wav - Why I wouldn't think of doing such a thing.- Grant

SheDHWThisMoment.wav - Oooh! I've waited a long time for this moment!- Grant

SheDHWTimesFor.wav - Oh well, I guess I'm taking your time. What do you suppose my times for?- Grant/West

SheDHWUBeen.wav - Well where you been? Just when I need you most of all you ain't around.- West

SheDHWUnbend.wav - That's it! Loosen up. Unbend. You'll feel better.- West

SheDHWUpAgainlg.wav - Come up again, any time. Thanks I will.- West/Grant

SheDHWUThink.wav - Oh. It ain't what you think.- West

SheDHWUThinkSo.wav - I'm sorry you think so.- Grant

SheDHWWaitin.wav - Well, I gotta do something while I'm waiting don't I?- West

SheDHWWelcome.wav - Any time you have a moment to spare I'd be glad to have you drop in. You're more than welcome.- Grant

SheDHWWhatMatter.wav - What is it? What's the matter?- Grant

SheDHWWolfPups.wav - The wolf at my door? Why I remember when he came right into my room and had pups.- West

SheDHWWonderfulHim.wav - Oh, it ain't nothing serious. But there was something just wonderful about him.- West

SheDHWWrongAfter.wav - When women go wrong men go right after them.- West

SheDHWYeah.wav - Oh yeah? Yeah.- West/Grant

SheDHWYouBadGirllg.wav - You bad girl! MMMm You'll find out.- Grant/West

SheDHWYourKind.wav - You ain't kiddin' me any. You know I've met your kind before?- West

Mae West (Lady Lou), Cary Grant (Capt. Cummings), Owen Moore (Chick Clark)

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