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OnlyAAnsSense.wav - I couldn't give you an answer that would make any sense.- Mitchell

OnlyAArguements.wav - When are you going to get some sleep? After your boat sails. Aren't you just wasting your time? Well, that's a point that is open to argument. That's what I'm afraid of.. What? Those arguments. What's the matter with 'em? Oh, they're too one sided.- Arthur/Grant

OnlyAAskWomanAnyth.wav - Look, I didn't ask you to stay. I wouldn't ask any woman... I know, you wouldn't ask any woman to do anything. That's right.- Grant/Arthur

OnlyABathDoing.wav - Hey, oooo, don't come in, don't come in. What are you doing here? I've been taking a bath. I know that. Well, you've got a nerve. Well, you can't take a bath in a washbasin you know. Why pick on my room? It's the only clean one I could find. I'll be out in a minute. Alright, hurry it up, will ya? I'm hurrying.- Arthur/Grant

OnlyABeatOnce.wav - Say, somebody must have given you an awful beating once.- Arthur

OnlyABossWin.wav - Who does that guy think he is anyway? That's the boss. As you may have gathered from the conversation. Well, he's not my boss. And I'm not going to let him.... Well Bonnie, I hope you win.- Arthur/Beery/Joslyn

OnlyABrag.wav - Well, I don't want to brag.- Ruman

OnlyABurned2X.wav - What's more, there's something else I wouldn't do. What? Get burned twice in the same place.- Grant/Arthur

OnlyABurnedTwiceLG.wav - What's all this? What? All this cooking. Well, that's coffee.. Look at this here. Don't touch it, it's hot! I know but it's boiling. OOoh. I told ya. Let me see. Go 'way, let..go 'way. Oh that is a burn. Here I'll put some butter on it. I don't want any butter on it. But it'll make it feel better.I told you I don't want any butter on it. My grandmother always used butter. I don't care what your grandmother did. Look, it's still boiling. What's all this about? I just thought I'd like a nice cup of coffee. It's so cold and rainy outside and nice and warm and cozy in here. Wouldn't you like to have one too? No, I wouldn't, and get out of here, and stop making a lunch stand out of my room, and take this thing with you. Oh don't. I thought you never did that. Did what? Got burned twice in the same place.- Arthur/Grant

OnlyABuzzSaw.wav - It's like being in love with a buzz saw.- Arthur

OnlyACauseTrouble.wav - Cut it out. Pull yourself together. Haven't you caused enough trouble?- Grant

OnlyAChCBWasher.wav - Also the owner of this general store on your right. Proprieter of the bar on your left and chief cook and bottle washer of this luxurious hotel and restaurant you see before you.- Beery

OnlyACould.wav - I wonder if I could?- Grant

OnlyACrazy2.wav - You'd be crazy too.- Grant

OnlyACutItOut.wav - Cut it out! I can't do it. Cut it out!!- Grant/Ruman

OnlyADaddyKiss.wav - What about me? You know I didn't get this by walking into a door. Come on Daddy, kiss it and make it well. (kiss) It's better already.- Carroll

OnlyADeadLG.wav - Awww, come on, stop it. I don't know how you can act like this when that poor kid...he's Yeah, I know, he's dead.Yes, he's dead. That's right.And he's been dead about twenty minutes and all the weeping and wailing in the world won't make him any deader twenty years from now. If you feel like bawling, how do you think we feel? I'm sorry. Come on, go on outside and walk around and stay there until you put all that together.- Grant/Arthur

OnlyADoingHere.wav - Well, what are you doing here?- Grant

OnlyADoneThat.wav - I'm not so sure we should have done that.- Hayworth

OnlyADontFlatter.wav - Aww, don't flatter me.- Barthelmess

OnlyADontKnowFindOut.wav - I don't know. I'll see that you find out.- Grant/Mitchell

OnlyADoWhatTell.wav - Just do what I tell you to do.- Grant

OnlyADrinksOnHouse.wav - (great stammering) The drinks on the house.- Ruman

OnlyAEasy2Do.wav - Do you think that'll be easy to do?- Hayworth

OnlyAEasyFella.wav - Take it easy fella. We'll get along.- Grant

OnlyAEasyOnEyes.wav - Well, what are you lookin' at? What's the matter with me? Nothin' You're sure easy on the eyes. Go on you mug, you heard me use that two weeks ago.- Beery/Joslyn

OnlyAElsePop.wav - Anything else Pop?- Mitchell

OnlyAEnufThis.wav - I think I've had enough of this.- Joslyn

OnlyAFastHere.wav - Say, things happen awful fast around here.- Arthur

OnlyAFindOut.wav - Yeah, how'd you find that out? He told me.- Grant/Ruman

OnlyAFlyHumanB.wav - The most wonderful thing I've ever seen. Yes, it reminded you of a great big beautiful bird, didn't it? No, it didn't at'all. That's why its so wonderful. It's really a flying human being. Well, you're right about one thing. A bird would have too much sense to fly in that muck.- Arthur/Grant

OnlyAFool.wav - I know I'm a fool. But I can't do anything about it.- Arthur

OnlyAFormalInvite.wav - Aww, we'll send you a formal invitation.- Beery

OnlyAFuneralsLg.wav - Can you kick real hard. Maybe you won't need it. I think I'd feel better. You know all my life I've hated funerals. The fuss and bother never brings anybody back. And just spoils remembering them as they really are. And when I see people actually facing it that way I have to act like a sap.- Arthur

OnlyAGalStayWay.wav - The only thing I can tell you about him is he's a good guy for gals to stay away from.- Mitchell

OnlyAGeeWhit.wav - Gee Whitiker! Why didn't you say so?- Arthur

OnlyAGimme.wav - Gimme, gimme, gimme.- Mitchell

OnlyAGoOnGoMeet.wav - Now, go on,go on....go and meet the flyer.- Grant

OnlyAGottaMatch.wav - Gotta match?- Grant

OnlyAGoWay.wav - (laughing and wrestling) Wait! Go 'way, go 'way.- Grant

OnlyAGraveyardLG.wav - Hey, what'sa matter? It's like walking in a graveyard.- Mitchell

OnlyAGreatHelp.wav - Gee whiz, you're....you're a great help.- Arthur

OnlyAHabitRight.wav - Habit of yours, being right, isn't it?- Barthelmess

OnlyAHateNoise.wav - I hate that noise! (blublublblu..)- Ruman

OnlyAHaveStuffed.wav - Look, what do you want me to do, have it stuffed?- Grant

OnlyAHelloJudy.wav - Hello Judy.- Grant

OnlyAHelloJudy2.wav - Hello Judy- Grant

OnlyAHowDo.wav - How can you do that?- Arthur

OnlyAHowGoes.wav - Well, that's how it goes.- Grant

OnlyAHowKnow.wav - Now, how do you know?- Arthur

OnlyAHuhWhat.wav - Huh? What?- Grant

OnlyAIGoNuts.wav - What do you do when he doesn't come back when you expect him to? I go nuts.- Arthur/Mitchell

OnlyAKnownBetter.wav - Darling, I didn't mean to. I know you didn't. It's my own fault, I should have known better.- Arthur/Grant

OnlyALgTimeNoC.wav - Long time no see.- Mitchell

OnlyALiquorSaidLG.wav - No, this is good enough for me. Not so particular huh? I don't think even you could spoil good liquor. Thanks, I'm not used to these small favors. I'm sorry I said it. I'm not used to being around people like you.- Barthelmess/Grant

OnlyAListenEveryWord.wav -You don't know what I'm talking about do you? Well, you've got some listening to do. And I'm going to make sure you hear every word of it.- Grant

OnlyALoveU.wav - Geoff. You don't have to be afraid of me anymore. I'm not trying to tie you down. I don't want to plan. I don't want to look ahead. I don't want you to change anything. I love you, Geoff. There's nothing I can do about it. I just love you, that's all. I feel the same way about you as Kidd does. Anything you do is alright with me.The Kidd? Yes, he doesn't ask you for anything, or get in your way, or bother you does he? He drives me nuts.- Arthur/Grant

OnlyAMakeSense.wav - You're not making sense.- Grant

OnlyAManOver.wav - Now look, I hardly know the man. Sure. But you'll get over it.- Arthur/Mitchell

OnlyAMasterHimself.wav - That him? The old master himself.- Arthur/Mitchell

OnlyAMatterW.wav - Why? What's the matter with it.- Grant

OnlyAMmmhmm.wav - (Mmmhmmm)- Grant

OnlyANeverMind.wav - Never mind.- Arthur

OnlyANextWk2O.wav - Next week, 2 o'clock.- Grant

OnlyANoAnimal.wav - There's no such animal.- Grant

OnlyANoBananas.wav - Why not? They have no bananas. They have no bananas? Yes, they have no bananas. Oh...Oh shut up.- Grant/Mitchell

OnlyANoBusiness.wav - You're right. It's none of your business.- Grant

OnlyANoFuture.wav - Not much future in that either.- Kilian

OnlyANotBadIdea.wav - Not a bad idea.- Grant

OnlyAOhAlright.wav - Oh Alright.- Grant

OnlyAOKPapa.wav - Okay Papa.- Beery

OnlyAOnURMind.wav - Why. What's on your mind?- Grant

OnlyAOooNoNoNo.wav - No, no, no, no, no. Cheer up.- Grant

OnlyAOrderRunning.wav - Is that an order? Yay. Uh, No. No. I ddd. Who is running things here anyway? That's what I mean.- Grant/Ruman

OnlyAPatBack.wav - What do you want me to do, pat you on the back?-Grant

OnlyAPatBack2.wav - Maybe I ought to pat you on the back.- Barthelmess

OnlyAPianoTrans.wav - Worse than getting a piano over a transom.- Grant

OnlyAProfSpec.wav - Hello Professional! Part of the specialty I was telling you about. Yes!- Grant/Arthur

OnlyAQueerDuck.wav - Hey, you're a queer duck. So are you! I can't make you out. Same here.- Grant/Arthur

OnlyAQuickTrip.wav - I still say it was a pretty quick trip. Oh, shut up. Well, it wasn't slow.- Mitchell/Grant

OnlyARunRemem.wav - Wait a minute...Who's running this airline Dutch. You are. That's what I mean. But you don't seem to remember that.- Grant/Ruman

OnlyASayGoodbye.wav - Hey, I like that saying goodbye. Let's try it again huh?- Grant

OnlyASideshow.wav - Gee, that sure looks bad! Aww come on, what is this a sideshow? Clear out of here, go on. Now, now. Don't get excited Pop.- Waiter/Mitchell/Grant

OnlyASoBetter.wav - So much the better.- Grant

OnlyASoLongLG.wav - So long Bonnie. Keep that coffee warm, back in time for breakfast. I won't be here. I'm going on a boat. Yeah? Nobody asked me to stay! They haven't? No, and you wouldn't ask anybody to do anything, would you? That's right. Here, we'll flip a coin for it. Tails you go, heads you stay. Heads, what about it? I won't stay that way. You won't? I'm hard to get Geoff. All you have to do is ask me.Here's a souvenir for you Bonnie. I like that saying goodbye. So long Bonnie.-Grant/Arthur

OnlyASorry.wav - Sorry.- Mitchell

OnlyAStopThinking.wav - Yes, I thought it was...Well, stop thinking and get her out of there.- Ruman/Grant

OnlyAStraightAns.wav - Some day I'll get a straight answer from you and I won't know what to do with it. Oh, sure.- Mitchell/Grant

OnlyAStrainSelf.wav - Now, don't strain yourself Dutch, here.- Grant

OnlyASupplyMMMW.wav - Say, don't you ever have any? No, don't believe in laying into supply of anything. Thanks. Matches, marbles, money or women huh? That's right.- Arthur/Grant

OnlyAThirdDrop.wav - Isn't that girl the one he used to be in love with? Bonnie, when it rains every third drop falls on one of them.- Arthur/Mitchell

OnlyATorchMatch.wav - Still carrying a torch for her, aren't you? Got a match?- Arthur/Grant

OnlyAURFuneral.wav - Well, it's your funeral.- Grant

OnlyAUseThat.wav - Just a minute Kidd, I can use that.- Grant

OnlyAWannaLook.wav - Wanna go and look?- Grant

OnlyAWarned.wav - Well, you warned me.- Arthur

OnlyAWellGetIt.wav - Yes, I know. Will you go away please. We'll get it, we'll get it.- Grant

OnlyAWerentKidding.wav - You weren't kidding me the other day, were you?- Barthelmess

OnlyAWhat.wav - What?-Arthur

OnlyAWhat2.wav - What?- Grant

OnlyAWhat3.wav - What?- Arthur

OnlyAWhat5.wav - What?- Arthur

OnlyAWhat6.wav - What?- Barthelmess

OnlyAWhat7.wav - What?- Barthelmess

OnlyAWhat8.wav - What?- Grant

OnlyAWhat9.wav - What?- Carroll

OnlyAWhatBusLine.wav - What was that? Fifth Avenue bus line.- Arthur/Joslyn

OnlyAWhatHuh.wav - What? Huh?-Grant

OnlyAWhatStarted.wav - Oh that's fine. What started this?- Grant

OnlyAWhatStrange.wav - What's so strange about that?- Arthur

OnlyAWhatsUse.wav - Oh, what's the use?- Ruman

OnlyAWhatUWant.wav - Hello, what do you want?- Grant

OnlyAWhatWasThat.wav - What was that?- Arthur

OnlyAWhenSleep.wav - When are you gonna get some sleep?- Arthur

OnlyAWhyAskMe.wav - Why ask me?- Grant

OnlyAWordTrust.wav - Did you ever hear the word 'Trust'?- Grant

OnlyAWouldntAsk.wav - I told you. I wouldn't ask any woman.- Grant

OnlyAYourFault.wav - Sure it was your fault. You were gonna have dinner with him. The Dutchman hired him. I sent him up on schedule. The fog came in.A tree got in the way. All your fault.- Grant

Cary Grant (Geoff Carter), Jean Arthur (Bonnie Lee), Richard Barthelmess (Bat McPherson), Rita Hayworth (Judith McPherson)

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