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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

Walk2DaysEarly.wav - Oh, so sorry, you two days early! Olympics, you know.- hotel clerk

WalkAlarmClocks.wav - (Chris' and Bill's alarms)

WalkAMan.wav - But you're a man. Yes, I suppose so.- Eggar/Grant

WalkAttention.wav - Pay attention!- Grant

WalkBathroomAllDay.wav - After 7:35 you can have the bathroom all day if you like. I wouldn't know what to do in a bathroom all day. (There goes his cigar)- Eggar/Grant

WalkBathroomTime.wav - I think it's only fair that any further instructions or explanations be given on your bathroom time, not mine.- Grant

WalkBckGrdMilk.wav - (Down the stairs, out the door, up the side, in the window, little ones in tow)

WalkBegPardon.wav - I beg your pardon?- Grant

WalkBeReady.wav - Well, I don't think I'll be ready.- Grant

WalkBurglar.wav - You know a burglar could get in like that?- Grant

WalkConsolateNoRooms.wav - If you'll just go to the consulate there is a gentleman there...Who will tell me they have no rooms. Probably. Couldn't you tell me and save me the trip?- Standing/Grant

WalkDevilIs.wav - Oh! What the devil is that?- Grant

WalkDidWell.wav - Would you believe it? Yes I would. You did that very well.- Standing/Grant

WalkDisrupt.wav - Well, you know, I don't want to disrupt anything.- Grant

WalkDoBusiness.wav - I'm sharing an apartment with a young lady. Sorry I was out of town. You could have come to the house. An attractive young lady. Just initial it. A very attractive young lady! Relative? I don't know why I do business with you.- Grant/businessman

WalkDoThat.wav - How did you do that?!- Grant

WalkDullPrivacy.wav - But I think we should respect each other's privacy. Well, if that's what you want. But it'll make things pretty dull around here.- Eggar/Grant

WalkEngaged.wav - I think we're engaged!- Grant

WalkEnterprising.wav - Oh, I like that! Very enterprising.- Grant

WalkEveryYen.wav - Oh and it's worth it too. Every Yen!- Hutton

WalkExpertOpinion.wav - Oh, I don't like to challenge your expert opinion and all those years of research.- Grant

WalkGlassesTurn.wav - I know it's my turn. If I had my glasses I could prove it.- Grant

WalkGoneTooFar.wav - You've gone too far.- Eggar

WalkHaveInMind.wav - Uh, why? What did you have in mind?- Grant

WalkHaversack.wav - Oh, I don't believe that! You don't believe I'm engaged? I don't believe there's anybody named Julius D Haversack.- Hutton/Eggar

WalkHowAttractive.wav - Alright! Alright! How attractive is she? None of your business!- businessman/Grant

WalkIdentifying.wav - What are you so upset about? Because I find myself identifying with someone I can't identify with.- Hutton/Grant

WalkIKnow.wav - I know! I know!- Grant

WalkImpossible.wav - Oh, this is Impossible!- Eggar

WalkIntlComplications.wav - If you can explain I suggest you do it before we have international complications.- Grant

WalkKindAGirl.wav - Yes, but if you're so much of an authority how is it you're having coffee with me instead of Chris? I told you, she's not the kind of a girl that... you know. Well, neither am I!- Grant/Hutton

WalkLooseCorner.wav - You've got a loose corner!- Grant

WalkMagilla.wav - Don't make a big Magilla out of it.- Taka

WalkMarvelous.wav - Marvelous!- Grant

WalkMeetInPerson.wav - May I say what a pleasure it is to meet you in person? Only if you must.- Standing/Grant

WalkMindThat.wav - I wouldn't mind that.- Grant

WalkNecConverse.wav - Is this conversation really necessary?- Eggar

WalkNeverKnow.wav - Well now we'll never know.- Grant

WalkNiceGirls.wav - Ahh. There are girls who are nice. And there are girls who are nice. Isn't that considered an asset? Well, yes and no, depending on "Why?"- Hutton/Grant

WalkNoCredit.wav - No credit. Now let's keep this business-like.- Grant

WalkNoSoBusy.wav - Uh,uh, perhaps we could talk it over when you're not so busy.- Grant

WalkNosy.wav - Well, you're a pretty nosy fella aren't ya?- Hutton

WalkNosyMinute.wav - Can't you stop being nosy for just one minute? No, I don't think so.- Hutton/Grant

WalkNotice.wav - You say all you have to do is put a notice on the bulletin board?- Taka

WalkOctopus.wav - Oh, you'll enjoy that! Raw octopus....Good!- Grant

WalkPants.wav - Well, what are you doing with my pants?- Hutton

WalkPoint.wav - He's got a point there.- Grant

WalkPracticalGirl.wav - How is it a practical, well organized girl like yourself isn't married?- Grant

WalkPreposition.wav - You don't have half to sublet half of! Our roommate ended the sentence with a preposition. She's excited.- Eggar/Hutton/Grant

WalkProper.wav - What's not proper? Well a man and a woman in the same apartment? Now what's wrong with that? You know.... Well! If you're thinking anything....Of course I'm not. Well, in that case I'll stay.- Grant/Hutton

WalkQuestions.wav - What's wrong with asking questions?- Grant

WalkRaided.wav - Well, I left you alone again. And you got raided?- Grant

WalkReconsider.wav - Miss Easton, I wish you'd reconsider! Shut up and button your shirt. Miss Easton, I wish you'd reconsider.- Hutton/Grant

WalkRoomOutside.wav - I don't know why you need a room. You spend all of your time outside. People keep locking doors around here.- Eggar/Grant

WalkSacrifices.wav - That's very nice of 'em. During emergency situations people should be willing to make sacrifices.- Hutton

WalkSaidQuestions.wav - Said you wouldn't ask any more questions. No I didn't.- Hutton/Grant

WalkSaltMines.wav - Well, off to the salt mines.- Taka

WalkScandal.wav - Well, the scandal could be quickly avoided if you'll just cooperate.- Grant

WalkShareWoman.wav - I prefer sharing an apartment with a woman. Well, so do I.- Grant

WalkShorter.wav - You know you remind me of myself a few years from now. Only I'll be much shorter.- Hutton

WalkSingTrio.wav - (enough said)- Hutton/Eggar/Grant

WalkSpoiledDay.wav - You may have spoiled my entire day!- Grant

WalkStay.wav- ALRIGHT! STAY!- Eggar

WalkStupidBasic.wav - You're mature and practical. No, I'm not! Steve, you're intelligent and sophisticated! No, I'm stupid and basic.- Eggar/Hutton

WalkTalkTo.wav - Is there anyone here I can talk to?- Grant

WalkTaller.wav - You remind me of myself a few years ago. Well, quite a few years ago. Except,uh, I was much taller.- Grant

WalkThanksAlot.wav - Thanks a lot!- Hutton

WalkThankYou.wav - Thank you! How kind of you to think of it.- Grant

WalkTimbuktu.wav - At least I can be assured that I shall have my own washing machine and that Mr. Haversack will not run off to Timbuktu. Well, maybe he's wanted in Timbuktu under his real name.- Eggar/Hutton

WalkTimetable.wav - Good morning Miss Easton. Oh, it's 7:15. Good morning Mr. Rutland. Well, I thought I'd get in before your turn. Oh, let's keep to the timetable, shall we?- Grant/Eggar

WalkTimetable2.wav - Will you please, both of you, keep to the timetable!?- Eggar

WalkTrickyPeople1.wav - I, I don't like tricky people!- Eggar

WalkTrickyPeople2.wav - I don't know that I like tricky people. Oh, neither do I!- Grant/Hutton

WalkURMarried.wav - Someone might think that uh. Might think what? Well. Oh, you know. Oh well, than I insist that we leave separately. Why I didn't mean to excite you. My wife is broad minded but you're quite right, other people might not understand. You're married!? Yes, I'm old enough.- Eggar/Grant

WalkVeryGood.wav - Well, that's good! Very good!- Grant

WalkWaitYou.wav - Hey now. Wait just a minute you.- Hutton

WalkWell.wav - Well!!- Grant

WalkWhat.wav - What?- Hutton

WalkWhat2.wav - What?- Hutton

WalkYacht.wav - I'm an industrialist. And you've got a big factory. Yes, the largest in England as a matter of fact. Well, I started with a canoe but now I've got a yacht. The largest in the harbor as a matter of fact.- Grant/Hutton

Cary Grant (Sir William Rutland), Samantha Eggar (Christine Easton), Jim Hutton (Steve Davis), John Standing (Julius P. Haversack)

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