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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

Toast2Alone.wav - Just we two alone.- Grant

ToastAllToIt.wav - That's all there is to it.- Grant

ToastAmmunition.wav - Here she comes. Don't worry, I got ammunition.- Farmer/Arnold

ToastBarkBite.wav - And don't be afraid of him. His bark is worse than his bite. Arnold

ToastBig.wav - Think big, talk big and you'll be big.- Arnold

ToastBigAsLife.wav - Big as life and twice as natural!- Arnold

ToastBridleImagination.wav - Put a bridle on that wide imagination.- Grant

ToastBullyParty.wav - Now there must be some way we can give these bullys a party without getting our uniforms all torn up.- Arnold

ToastCantHaveEveryth.wav - You can't have everything you want.- Grant

ToastCelebrate.wav - What'll we do and celebrate Jim? We're gonna have some fun, follow me. oh Ho.- Grant/Arnold

ToastChaseCannon.wav - You couldn't chase him away with a cannon.- Grant

ToastClawsOut.wav - Know, it kinda worries me the way you two have always got your claws out.- Arnold

ToastCrazyEnuf.wav - I'm just crazy enough to go with ya.- Grant

ToastDontLikeU.wav - I said I don't like you. That makes me feel very badly. I don't like you either.- Farmer/Grant

ToastDontUSee.wav - Don't you see?- Farmer

ToastDrunkWPower.wav - You're getting drunk. Drunk with power.- Grant

ToastDumb.wav - Well, gee wilikers, ain't I dumb?- Oakie

ToastEarTrumpets.wav - Now, get out your ear trumpets.- Arnold

ToastEhWhat.wav - Aye, what?- Grant

ToastFake.wav - Say, looky here mister. I think y'alls a fake.- Oakie

ToastFallOut.wav - I got 'em stopped Colonel but they just don't look quite right. Well, just tell 'em to fall out, they'll know what to do.- Oakie/Arnold

ToastFleshPots.wav - You're dwellin' in the flesh pots of Egypt tonight Jimmy.- Meek

ToastFoolIAm.wav - I don't need any suggestions from you to make me a bigger fool than I am.- Kolb

ToastFunfLg.wav - One, Two, Three, Four, Funf...What's that funf thing you've got in there? Funf, that comes between Vier and Sex. Funf...but....eight, five..Now he picks how to time to ask me what is a funf.- Gilbert/Grant

ToastGall.wav - You've got a sight of gall. And I'm darin' you to show some.- Farmer/Arnold

ToastGeehos.wav - Geehosaphat!- Grant

ToastGoing.wav - Hey, where are you going?- Arnold

ToastGoingForMe.wav - Are you going for me now or must I spoil a good idea by going myself?- Arnold

ToastGoldenGates.wav - I wonder if those gates are really made of gold?- Arnold

ToastGoThroughW.wav - If you don't go through with it everything I ever said about you is true.- Grant

ToastGotOne.wav - I got one!- Grant

ToastHeavenPreserv.wav - Heavens preserve us!- Meek

ToastHereIAm.wav - Well, here I am.- Grant

ToastHonestMemory.wav - Oh, I trust your honesty, but not your memory.- Meek

ToastHongSwaggled.wav - It's the first time I've ever been honswaggled in my whole life!- Meek

ToastHope.wav - Well, I can't hold out much hope.- Arnold

ToastIdea.wav - No, but it's a good idea. It's a fine idea.- Arnold/Grant

ToastItsMe.wav - Yes, it's me.- Grant

ToastJokeUs.wav - Well, that would certainly be a good joke on us.- Grant

ToastlaughArnold.wav - laugh- Arnold

ToastLaughHeadOff.wav - Sure, I laughed my head off.- Grant

ToastLied.wav - That was my fault wasn't it. I shouldn't have lied to you.- Arnold

ToastLieFast.wav - Oh! You can lie faster than a horse can trot!- Meek

ToastLikeIt.wav - Don't you like it?- Arnold

ToastLosingNerve.wav - What's the matter boys, losing your nerve?- Arnold

ToastMadIfSay.wav - You won't get mad if I say it will ya?- inventor

ToastMatterU.wav - What's the matter with you?- Arnold

ToastMeanBusiness.wav - We're in for trouble because these fellas mean business.- Grant

ToastMindBusinessLg.wav - Will you do me a favor? Go over there and sit down. Please? Und just mind your business. Thank you.- Gilbert

ToastMindBusinessSh.wav - Just mind your business.- Gilbert

ToastMoaning.wav - Ohhh. Oh stop moaning will you?- Arnold

ToastMoon.wav - So, what are you after? Reaching for the moon?- Arnold

ToastMoral.wav - Ain't you gettin' kinda moral all of a sudden?- Arnold

ToastNervous.wav - You sure is makin' me mighty nervous. You sure is.- Oakie

ToastNinny.wav - Ohhooh, get that ninny out of here!- Meek

ToastNO.wav - No.- Grant

ToastNobodyDo.wav - Wait a minute. Nobody can do that.- Grant

ToastNotHere.wav - They were expecting you, so they're not here.- Grant

ToastNYPocket.wav - Have you got a big pocket? I want to put New York in it.- Arnold

ToastOoLaLa.wav - OoooLaLa- Grant

ToastOoLaLaArnold.wav - OOOOoooLaLa- Arnold

ToastOpticalIllusionLG.wav - She's upside down. Oh, no. That's the lense you see, that's an optical illusion. She stands right side down und the lense, I mean...She stands upside right, with the the lense is down side oh, the, Who sent for you? Oh, I just thought she was standing on her head, that's all.- Grant/Gilbert

ToastOverRuled.wav - The only time you're overruled is when you're outsmarted.- Arnold

ToastPatience.wav - Oh, I don't mind waitin'. Patience is it's own reward.- Meek

ToastPowersFollies.wav - Just when we need all the powers of glory a'pullin' for us. His mind wanders to frivals and follies.- Meek

ToastPrettyHungry.wav - I've always been hungry for pretty things.- Farmer

ToastPutUpWHim.wav - Do we have to put up with him?- Meek

ToastQuestion.wav - Uh, I, I would like to ask a question.- Grant

ToastQuiteSure.wav - Are you quite sure of that?- Farmer

ToastRat.wav - I smell a rat!- Kolb

ToastRightThought.wav - That's a righteous thought!- Meek

ToastScoundrels.wav - You scoundrels! I'll run you down if I have to crawl in every rat hole in Jersey!- Kolb

ToastSealMemory.wav - You're only sealing a memory Commodore.- Grant

ToastSeeThroughThing.wav - Ah. Maybe you can see something through that thing that I can't see.- Grant

ToastSitDown.wav - Sit down son, don't get upset.- Oakie

ToastSoDoI.wav - Yeah. Well, so do I.- Grant

ToastSplitPartners.wav - We can't split partners now. We're not gonna split partners Jim.- Arnold/Grant

ToastSpoiled.wav - You spoiled the whole thing! Now I gotta do it all over again.- Gilbert

ToastStabCore.wav - Why, that there just stabbed me to the core.- Meek

ToastSteal.wav - Only little people steal. Big people call it borrowing.- Arnold

ToastSteam.wav - They're gainin' on us Jim, put on some steam.- Oakie

ToastTakeOne.wav - I'll take one mister. Alright, there you are. No, not that one mister. Gimme the one in the other hand.- Grant/Arnold

ToastTalkingAbout.wav - What are you talking about?- Grant

ToastTellYa.wav - Alright then, I'll tell ya.- Grant

ToastThinking.wav - I'm thinking.- Oakie

ToastToughBunch.wav - And besides, they're a nice tough bunch of boys to have around in case of trouble.- Arnold

ToastTryUnderstand.wav - Try to understand.- Farmer

ToastUAll.wav - Goodbye, You all!- Oakie

ToastUgly.wav - You're ugly.- Grant

ToastUKnowSay.wav - You know what to say.- Grant

ToastUnlax.wav - Just unlax a little bit.- Gilbert

ToastUWon.wav - Heads or tails, it looks like you won.- Grant

ToastWait.wav - Oh, wait a minute.- Arnold

ToastWaitAMinute.wav - Wait a minute! Wait a minute!- Arnold

ToastWaitMin.wav - Wait a minute! Wait...- Meek

ToastWatchOutFor.wav - I told you to watch out for that.- Arnold

ToastWhat.wav - What?- Leeds

ToastWhat2.wav - What?- Grant

ToastWhatReason.wav - What is the reason?- Grant

ToastWhatSay.wav - What'ya say?- Grant

ToastWhatsUp.wav - OhAheesa. Well stop moaning and tell me what's up.- Meek/Arnold

ToastWhatWantBoys.wav - What'ya want boys?- Grant

ToastWhoSentForU.wav - Who sent for you?- Gilbert

ToastWifeCrazy.wav - What does your wife think? Oh, she thinks I'm crazy. I think your wife is right.- Oakie/Inventor

ToastYes.wav - Are you an inventor, or are you hungry? Yes.- Oakie/Inventor

Edward Arnold (Jim Fisk), Cary Grant (Nick Boyd), Frances Farmer (Josie Mansfield), Jack Oakie (Luke)

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