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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

CatchTAdvert.wav - Do you think it pays to advertise?- Williams

CatchTalkAbout.wav - I don't know what you're talking about.- Grant

CatchTAlright.wav - Well, that would have made it alright.- Grant

CatchTBelieve.wav - Do you honestly believe that?- Grant

CatchTBell.wav - (church bell toll)

CatchTBlockFun.wav - Well, after this let me run my own interference. Looks like the blockers are having all the fun.- Landis

CatchTBrakes.wav - (Francie's driving)

CatchTBusiness.wav - You should find a more happy business.- Kelly

CatchTCar.wav - (more of Francie's driving)

CatchTCensor.wav - My only comment would be highly censorable.- Grant

CatchTChoice.wav - You make the choice.- Grant

CatchTCleverW.wav - Nevertheless, tell me how clever you were.- Grant

CatchTCorny.wav - You make it sound corny.- Kelly

CatchTDidntU.wav - Oh, didn't you know?- Grant

CatchTDisappoint.wav - Merely disappointment in your limited imagination.- Kelly

CatchTDishon.wav - Oh, you mean you were frankly dishonest?- Williams

CatchTDispatch.wav - Yes, I will say, you do things with dispatch.- Grant

CatchTDontGo.wav - 'Scuse me, business calls. Don't go.- Vanel

CatchTellU.wav - You know what I'd like to tell you.- Grant

CatchTEnjoydHQ.wav - Well, the boys must have enjoyed that down at headquarters.- Grant

CatchTerms.wav - I must say your terms are generous.- Grant

CatchTFavor.wav - I only do one favor a day.- Auber

CatchTGracefully.wav - Well, I guess I can't seem to get out of this gracefully, so let's go.- Grant

CatchTGroan.wav - (groan)-Grant

CatchTHello.wav - Hello- Grant

CatchTHelp.wav - I need your help.- Grant

CatchTHey.wav - Hey, hey.- Grant

CatchThinkYes.wav - I think so, yes.- Auber

CatchThrill.wav - What do you get a thrill out of most?- Grant

CatchTIdea.wav - It was just an idea.- Grant

CatchTimber.wav - I must remember to yell 'Timber' occasionally.- Grant

CatchTImpressed.wav - Oh, I'm impressed.- Grant

CatchTInvest.wav - Boy, now I am going to have you investigated.- Landis

CatchTKnow.wav - You may never know.- Grant

CatchTLooking.wav - I'm still looking for that one.- Kelly

CatchTLost.wav - Well, you're bound to get lost.- Kelly

CatchTNaturally.wav - Naturally.- Grant

CatchTNice.wav - Say something nice..-Grant

CatchTOh.wav - Oh.- Grant

CatchTOnMind.wav - What's on your mind?- Grant

CatchTourists.wav - Not for tourists.- Grant

CatchTPretty.wav - Hey, hey, not that pretty, we want to get rid of him.- Grant

CatchTProp.wav - The proposition sounds intriguing, albeit, a little unorthodox.- Williams

CatchTPsych.wav - Tell me. Have you ever been on a psychiatrist's coach?- Grant

CatchTRemotelyCl.wav - Well, you haven't said anything that sounds even remotely clever.- Grant

CatchTRidiculous.wav - Well, that's a ridiculous thing to say.- Grant

CatchTSeenSoon.wav - There's only one answer and I should've seen it sooner.- Grant

CatchTSerious.wav - You can't be serious.- Kelly

CatchTSomething.wav - That's something, isn't it?- Grant

CatchTSpecific.wav - Could you be a little more specific?- Grant

CatchTSurpriseLg.wav - Well, what a wonderful surprise! Somehow I can't get worked up over it.- Landis/Grant

CatchTUGot.wav - I don't know what you wanted, I know what you got.- Auber

CatchTUnderst.wav - Let's come to an understanding.- Grant

CatchTWhoa.wav - Wait a minute! Whoa!- Grant

Cary Grant (John Robie), Grace Kelly (Frances Stevens), Jessie Royce Landis (Mrs. Jessie Stevens), Georgette Anys (Germaine)

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