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mink4horsemen.wav - Even Darwin never figured on her. The four horsemen now have a riding companion. There's War, Famine, Death, Pestilence and Miss Timberlake.

minkaahhh.wav - (exasperated Ahhh)- Day

minkbookans.wav - I coulda made book on that answer.- Meadows

minkboysbackhome.wav - That doesn't speak very well for the boys back home.- Grant

minkbreedpoodleslg.wav - My lover's waiting in there for me. Yeah, well, after we're married I'll invite him over for weekends. We can't get married, I have problems, I'm inhibited. We'll work on them together, shoulder to shoulder. I'm unstable. What kind of mother would I make to our children. Well, we'll try three or four. If it doesn't work we'll breed poodles.- Day/Grant

minkchging.wav - Well, she's in there, changing. Into what?- Sterling Holloway/Grant

minkconscience.wav - Haven't you any conscience?- Young

minkconsiderate.wav - Men are so inconsiderate.- Meadows

minkdisaster.wav - Things went pretty badly didn't they? Pretty badly. It was a disaster, wasn't it? That's what I like about you Roger. No matter what calamity befalls your fellow man, you're still able to laugh about it. It's a victory for the little people. How often does the sparrow down the hawk. The ace. The Baron Von Riechtofen of the boudoir shot down over Bermuda. Oh, well, it had to happen sooner or later.- Young/Grant

minkdoasItellU.wav - Well, go on, do as I tell you.- Grant

minkdrinkin.wav - You been drinkin'? Not yet.- Day/Grant

minkfacilities.wav - We must be realistic. When a man donates $200,000 he's entitled to use the facilities.- Mrs. Farnum

minkfight.wav - This is no time to argue. Get married first, then fight.- Meadows

minkfine.wav - Fine!- Grant

minkfiredU.wav - Would it help if I fired you?- Grant

minkfororagainst.wav - Are we for it or against it?- Meadows

minkFreud.wav - Doctor Freud had a theory about that. If Dr. Freud had ever been exposed to this girl he'd have burned his couch and opened a delicatessen. Freud's Famous Frankfurters.- Young/Grant

minkgames.wav - What do people do here at night? I mean, for entertainment? I mean um, to pass the time. They make up games Cathy, simple, fun games.- Day/Grant

minkgirlsupperSand.wav - I can see you don't know the girls in Upper Sandusky.- Day

minkgoonwithout.wav - I'm sorry. You couldn't help it. But I don't want to ruin your evening. If there's anything you want to do, why don't you go on without me. It wouldn't be the same.- Day/Grant

minkgratful.wav - There's so much to be grateful for and so little time to be grateful.- Grant

minkHI.wav - HHhhhhIIIi.- Day

minkhilarity.wav - What touched off all that hilarity?- Grant

minkintegrity.wav - He put his finger right on my problem. My lack of integrity.- Young

minkisntit.wav - Isn't it?- Grant

minkkindofgirl.wav - She's going to spend the rest of her life saying 'I'm not that kind of a girl.' I'm only afraid that before she can finish saying it, she will be.- Meadows

minkkissfeet.wav - Don't press your luck. Kiss his feet.- Meadows

minkmagnificent.wav - Isn't he magnificent?- lady in audience

minkmeanabandon.wav - I didn't mean it that way? I uh... I know you didn't. But lets not abandon the idea.- Day/Grant

minkmenace.wav - She has character! She's a menace!- Young/Grant

minkminutemen.wav - To take a girl like that to Bermuda is a desecration of everything the minutemen fought for.- Grant

minkmisplacedkids.wav - A simple dull, unimaginative man who will smile tolerantly when he comes home from work and learns she's misplaced the children.- Grant

minkmoral.wav - Some men have no sense of moral obligation.- Young

minkmovies.wav - Strange. It always seems to work in the movies.- Young

minknathostility.wav - Why are you trying to destroy me? It's just my natural hostility I guess.- Young/Grant

minknaturally.wav - Naturally.- Grant

minknaturally2.wav - Naturally.- Day

minkneurotics.wav - Neurotics of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your psychiatrists.- Grant

minknoenvy.wav - If all people everywhere could be content, and their living standards even and compatible with ours there would be no envy in the world.- Grant

minknuts.wav - Oh, the nuts you pick up on the road.- Astin

minkofcourse.wav - Of course, I should've thought of that.- Meadows

minkoh.wav - Oh, you didn't.- Day

minkonesentence.wav - You've just condensed a forty minute speech into one sentence.- Grant

minkoooooh.wav -oooooh- Day

minkowemoney.wav - Dr. Gruber said this would be the worse possible time for me to lose my job. Why? I owe him quite a bit of money. He's brilliant!- Young/Grant

minkpetrified.wav - Are you nervous? Petrified.- Day/Grant

minkpincher.wav - But a pincher is a pincher.- Meadows

minkpolitics.wav - I respect you for telling me. But what we have transends all politics.- Grant

minkproblemsLG.wav - When she sent this back she became a symbol of hope to all of us who sold out for that touch of mink. Roger. You give us good salaries, paid vacations, medical insurance, old age pensions. You take away all our problems and you act like you've done us a favor. Well, you haven't. We enjoyed our problems. And some day there's going to be an uprising and the masses will regain the misery they're entitled to. Neurotics of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your psychiatrists.- Young/Grant

minkright.wav - You're right!- Young

minksacrifgowns.wav - I may have delivered the victim but I will not dress her for the sacrifice. Try Birdoff-Goodman. I hear they're showing a new line of sacrificial evening gowns.- Young/Grant

minksadistic.wav - If you're not out of here in five minutes I'll raise your salary. You're just sadistic enough to do that.- Grant/Young

minkseeit.wav - Oh Gosh! You should see it!- Day

minksetbackyrsLG.wav - Terrible thing to do to me. To you? Built this image of a man; cold, ruthless, predatory. And then you go and do a decent thing like this. Destroy that image. You set me back years in my analysis.- Young/Grant

minksex.wav - This is no time to think of sex.- Young

minksitthere.wav - Well, I'm not payin' for you just to sit there. Do somethin'.- Day

minkstudents.wav - Yes, students sat at my feet, absorbing my wisdom.- Young

minksuffer.wav - You need strength to suffer.- neighbor lady.

minkthinkabout.wav - Well, that is something to think about.- Grant

minkthoughtway.wav - I never thought of it that way.- lady from the home for young ladies.

minktrill.wav - He practically runs me down and then....(trill) drives right away.- Day

minkump.wav - Hey ump, shake your head, your eyeballs are stuck.- Day

minkundress.wav - I have heard of sneaky ways to undress a girl, but..- Meadows

minkupset.wav - I've been wrestling with my conscience all morning and I lost. That's an upset.- Grant/Young

minkUreally.wav - Would you, really?- Young

minkvirtues.wav - Something about her...purity, innocence, honor. All the virtues that drive a man to drink.- Young/Grant

minkwaitwhoa.wav - Now wait a minute. Whoa.- Grant

minkwaytogo.wav - OOooh. What a delightful way to go.- lady in audience.

minkwhat.wav - What?- Grant

minkwhat2.wav - What?- Day

minkwhatjones.wav - What?- Miss Jones

minkwhatsthis.wav - What's this?- Meadows

Cary Grant (Philip Shayne), Doris Day (Cathy Timberlake), Gig Young (Roger), Audrey Meadows (Connie), Sterling Holloway (uncredited)

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