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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

talktaahhh.wav - ahhh!- Grant

talktallkilled.wav - Oh, stop it! We'll all be killed!- Arthur

talktamercitizen.wav - Mamma, I am an American citizen. In America everybody is responsible for everything.- Kinskey

talktbabesinwoods.wav - Well Mr Lightcap I've lived a cloistered life like you, in fact with you. On a subject of that sort why we're babes in the woods, both of us.- Ingram

talktbacktoBoston.wav - Maybe we better go back to Boston sir.- Ingram

talktbeard.wav - You were right to grow a beard. You're an old man, all your life. Put on the proper costume just as soon as you were able. Don't ever shave it off Mr. Twilight. Somebody might think you were alive. That would be misrepresentation.- Arthur

talktblessU.wav - Bless You!- Dunn

talktborscht.wav - Ever have Borscht Professor? What's that? Beet soup with sour cream, its a polish dish. With an egg beaten in it. Don't let anybody give it to you without an egg in it.- Grant/Arthur/Colman

talktborschtwegg.wav - I'd say that two men liking Borscht with an egg in it is amazing.- Arthur

talktbothnuts.wav - They're both nuts!- Arthur

talktbringupchildren.wav - It certainly pays to bring up children.- Dunn

talktburnfactory.wav - Do you believe I could burn down a factory?- Grant

talktcantstay.wav - What are you going to do? You can't stay here!- Arthur

talktchesswork.wav - Yes, you play very well. Where did you learn? My father. He was the kind of man who resented work. It interfered with chess and argument.- Colman/Grant

talktcoldsweat.wav - I like to break out in a cold sweat every time the doorbell rings.- Arthur

talktcountrymyneck.wav - An intelligent man, but cold. No blood in his thinking. So we must start to thaw him out. Oh, we thaw him. Can't let a man like that take a seat on the highest court in our land. Bad for the country. Oh, I see, all of a sudden what he's concerned about is our country. Our country first yes, then my neck, next.- Grant/Arthur

talktcuckoo.wav - Somebody must be cuckoo.- Arthur

talktcustard.wav - The professor's custard.- Grant

talktdiseaseofage.wav - There's a certain nervous impulsive quality about you Miss Shelley, that I find in many of my students. A disease of the age.- Colman

talktdoasItellU.wav - Now stop it and do as I tell you.- Grant

talktdope.wav - Oh, what a dope!- Arthur

talkteatingagain.wav - You eating again?- Arthur

talktecstasy.wav - Think of his face, the ecstasy.- Colman

talktfactpretzels.wav - People wind facts around each other like pretzels.- Grant

talktgetbackupmatter.wav - Get back up there. What's the matter with you?- Arthur

talktgirlgetaround.wav - I'm in mourning. It's a great hardship because I'm the type of girl who loves to get around.- Farrell

talktgirlqueerfeeling.wav - Gives a girl a queer feeling.- Farrell

talkthappentome.wav - Oh, why does everything happen to me?- Arthur

talkthello.wav - Hello!- Arthur

talkthidingparade.wav - I'm hiding in the middle of a parade.- Grant

talkthonestmanhanghim.wav - He's the only honest man I've come across in this town in twenty years. Naturally they want to hang him.- Buchanan

talktimpossible.wav - Impossible.- Grant

talktinsane1.wav - Are you insane?- Arthur

talktinterestme.wav - And you interest me enormously Professor.- Grant

talktinterestmeshort.wav -And you interest me enormously.- Grant

talktjusticesay.wav - There's a certain justice in what you say. However the violence with which you say it. Well, I'm sorry but I....I accept your apology. Please accept mine.- Colman/Arthur

talktleopold.wav - Oh Leopold! Oh, stop saying Leopold like that, tenderly. It sounds funny, you can't do it with a name like Leopold.- Arthur/Grant

talktlighthere.wav - Now it's you. Before it was him. Will somebody please light around here?- Arthur

talktlivelyintelligence.wav - It isn't that I have no respect for your intelligence, which I may say I find extremely lively.- Colman

talktlookout.wav - LOOK OUT!- Arthur

talktmannonesense.wav - When I hear a man talk nonesense I always get an impulse. You get upstairs.- Grant/Arthur

talktmanofparts.wav - You're a man of many parts....I look forward to a very pleasant summer.- Colman

talktmarriage.wav - Nothing deranges a woman's mind more than marriage.- Colman

talktmomfrightening.wav - Your mother doesn't seem very frightening this morning.- Colman

talktmonumentalineff..wav - I've never seen such monumental inefficiency.- Colman

talktnotbad.wav - (laugh) Not bad eh?- Grant

talktnotbadidea.wav - Not a bad idea. Never do that.- Grant/Arthur

talktNOTeggmorning.wav - (hysterical screaming and stomping) No, no, no.....This is not your egg morning!- Arthur

talktoutofmind24hrs.wav - I've been out of my mind for 24 hours.- Arthur

talktpeoplethinkmoreslowly.wav - Well, some people think more slowly than others.- Arthur

talktpersonalfavor.wav - If you could arrange to get out of my pajamas, I'd take it as a great personal favor.- Colman

talktphilosopher.wav - You know, there's a touch of the philosopher about you that I like.- Colman

talktprettywoman.wav - The prettiest woman in Lochester.- Grant

talktqueer.wav - Did I? Isn't that queer?- Arthur

talktquietwUinit.wav - Judging by the last twelve hours how quiet do you think it could be in this house, with you in it?- Colman

talktreaddead.wav - This stuff he reads is remarkably dead.- Grant

talktreadydinner.wav - And the question is...are we ready for dinner?- Grant

talktsarcastic.wav - You're a very sarcastic man aren't you?- Arthur

talktshutup.wav - Oh, shut up.- Arthur

talktsnoring.wav - (all that snoring)- supposedly Grant

talktstayhere.wav - I would like to stay here.- Grant

talktstrangeatmosphere.wav - There seems to be a strange atmosphere hanging over this house. Ah, as soon as I get the curtains up it'll be alright.- Colman/Arthur

talktstreetcorners.wav - Well, its a form of self expression. Some people write books. Some people write music. I make speeches on street corners.- Grant

talktsuggest.wav - I would appreciate any suggestions.- Grant

talkttakeuproominit.wav - The way I see it you don't live in this country, you just take up room in it.- Grant

talkttelephoneknockdown.wav - I have a very warm feeling for you Joseph, but I must use this telephone. And if you do Professor, and I'm as fond of you as a brother, I'll be compelled to knock you down.- Colman/Grant

talktthatactagain.wav - Now stop it! This is no time to be doing that act again.- Arthur

talktthawsetsin.wav - Well, when a thaw sets in anything can happen.- Grant

talktthinkeverything.wav - You certainly think of everything Miss Shelley.- Colman

talktthinkofthat.wav - Why didn't you think of that in the first place.- Arthur

talkttreattome.wav - I'm very grateful for your prescence in the house. And you're a big treat to me...- Grant

talkttroublemother.wav - I'm in trouble. In trouble? Yes, it's Mother.- Arthur/Colman

talktumbrella.wav - You shouldn't have broken his umbrella.- Grant

talktwhatswrong.wav - Well, what's wrong?- Grant

talktwhoa.wav - WHOA!- Dunn

talktworryme.wav - Thank you sir. But you worry me.- Ingram

Cary Grant (Leopold Dilg), Jean Arthur (Nora Shelley), Ronald Colman (Michael Lightcap), Edgar Buchanan (Sam Yates)

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