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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
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Sly3BadEggs.wav - Three bad eggs! And we were all broke this afternoon....into a bowl.- Hepburn

SlyAbsurd.wav - Don't be absurd!- Aherne

SlyAnythingElse.wav - Anything else you can think of?- Grant

SlyAssistU.wav - Can I assist you in any way?- Gwenn

SlyBacksWall.wav - With our back's right up against the wall. If only I could think of something.- Grant

SlyBaritone.wav - Introductory song for the caravan act. (Grant/Gwenn/Hepburn/Moore)

SlyBarSong.wav - (Grant/Gwenn)

SlyBeerClover.wav - Here, if only we had a couple more bottles of beer we'd be in clover.- Grant

SlyBigMouth.wav - Ahhh, shut yer....big silly mouth.- Grant

SlyBothBalmy.wav - Are you both balmy?- Grant

SlyBoyGirl.wav - I won't be a girl! What? I won't be weak and I won't be silly. Huh? I'll be a boy and rough and hard. I won't care what I do.- Hepburn/Gwenn

SlyBustOutLaughing.wav - So! Ya must bust out laughin' again, right at the wrong minute mustn't ya. Keep it up! Keep it up!- Grant

SlyButButBut.wav - But, but, but, but. But what?- Grant

SlyByeByeBaby.wav - I gotta go. Bye, bye, baby.- Moore

SlyCatchMe.wav - Oh! Catch me!- Grant

SlyChap.wav - Oh, that's too bad Old Chap.- Grant

SlyCouldntHelp.wav - Well, I couldn't help it my dear, really.- Gwenn

SlyCurledUp.wav - Oh, there's plenty of room for both of us here. Come on, get your pajamas. Let's get curled up.- Grant

SlyDogSwine.wav - Dirty dog to give you away like that. The swine.- Hepburn

SlyDoing.wav - Here, here, here. Whatya think you're doing?- Grant

SlyDoNow.wav - Whatta ya gonna do now?- Grant

SlyDontKnow.wav - You don't know.- Gwenn

SlyDoShutUp.wav - Ahh, shut up.- Grant

SlyErrandBoy.wav - Who's errand boy do you think I am?- Grant

SlyFastSkirt.wav - Well, well, well. That's a pretty fast piece of skirt that.- Grant

SlyFishy.wav - Somethin' fishy about this.- Grant

SlyFools.wav - Well, we're all fools sometimes. Only you chose such awkward times.- Hepburn

SlyGentlemen.wav - Ahh. Can't we settle this little affair like gentlemen?- Grant

SlyGirlMixedUp.wav - If I was a girl I'd see myself dead before I got mixed up with you.- Hepburn

SlyGirlSense.wav - You got no more sense than a girl. Less I should say.- Grant

SlyGrandPiano.wav - She's gonna show you what she can do on the grand piano. And you'll thank me, I'm sure.- Grant

SlyHereIAm.wav - Here I am. Now what?- Grant

SlyHitSomething.wav - Perhaps I will! Perhaps you've hit upon something!- Grant

SlyHolySnakes.wav - Holy snakes!- Moore

SlyHotWaterBottle.wav - You know, it's a bit nippy tonight. Hey, you'll make a proper little hot water bottle.- Grant

SlyIdeasBad.wav - Oh, what's happened to me ideas? They're all bad!- Grant/Hepburn

SlyIdiotsThat.wav - What idiot's that?- Aherne

SlyINeedDo.wav - I know what I need to do.- Grant

SlyISay.wav - I say!- Hepburn

SlyLastLaugh.wav - Grant/Paley on train at end. Her fighting and him laughing.

SlyLedgerAbove.wav - I've not always been all I should be. Well, who has? And I welcome this chance to put a little item on the right side of the ledger, up above.- Grant/Gwenn

SlyLiberalHumor.wav - Ladies and Gentlemen. Having had a liberal sample of our friend's humor here. We'll return to the genuine business of giving you entertainment one and all.- Grant

SlyLittleDevil.wav - Why you little devil!- Grant

SlyLoudmouthed.wav - I'm cheap, I'm loudmouthed. I can't control myself, I never could.- Hepburn

SlyLovelyIdea.wav - Oh, what a lovely idea!- Moore

SlyLowestLow.wav - Spy, a Judas! The lowest of the low!- Gwenn

SlyMarvelous.wav - Oh, I say, that's marvelous!- Hepburn

SlyMercy.wav - Oh, they'll have no mercy.- Gwenn

SlyMonkeyAboutW.wav - Oh, what a fool I was to monkey about with them!- Moore

SlyNervous.wav - Don't be nervous! Don't be worried.- Hepburn

SlyNeverMindAbout.wav - Ahh, never mind about that!- Grant

SlyNo1sNME.wav - That's me. Little friend of all the world. Nobody's enemy but me own.- Grant

SlyOrgGang.wav - Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear. This sounds like an infamous racket. Probably the work of an organized gang.- Grant

SlyOughtntDo.wav - OOOohhh hoh! You oughtn't to do that really!- Moore

SlyOutClass.wav - Take it from me. It don't do to step out of your class.- Grant

SlyOutta.wav - Here. Outta my way.- Grant

SlyPig.wav - You've got the mind of a pig. It's a pig's world.- Hepburn/Grant

SlyQueerFeeling.wav - I know what it is that gives me a queer feeling when I look at you.- Aherne

SlyQuestion.wav - One simple question.- Grant

SlyReally.wav - Ooooo, really?- Moore

SlyRiddles.wav - Hello, hello. Talking in riddles again? I smell trouble.- Aherne

SlyRidiculous.wav - Don't be ridiculous!- Aherne

SlyRightSort.wav - You wantta know why? Yeah. 'Cause you're one of the right sort. Twinked it as soon as I kept my eyes on ya. Keen, got plenty of ginger. Ain't afraid to do nothin' daring. That's you. Am I right?- Grant/Hepburn

SlyRocker.wav - That kid's gone off his rocker.- Grant

SlySacred.wav - Don't take that tone old man. You're talkin' about somethin' sacred. (followed by Grant's hissing laughter.)- Gwenn

SlySameThought.wav - Well, I had the same thought just before you came in. But I don't know.- Aherne

SlySayingHerself.wav - Poor child. So I hurt her feelings did I? I said the sort of things she was saying herself and she didn't like it.- Aherne

SlySeeLater.wav - Well, toodle loo. See ya later.- Grant

SlyShowSense.wav - Oh, show some sense! This is important!- Hepburn

SlyShutUp.wav - Can't ya shut 'im up while I explain here?- Grant

SlySkirt.wav - Here. Give it a one on the skirt.- Grant

SlySlippy.wav - I says so. We all says so. Now look slippy.- Grant

SlySmashGrab.wav - Now there's a poly trick. No, no. That needs capital. Smash and grab, smash...no, that's no good without a car.- Grant

SlySnoreClump.wav - Oh, well I'll cure ya of that. I'll give you a clump on the head every time I hear ya.- Grant

SlySoClever.wav - Here, now, now, now. Don't be so clever.- Grant

SlySongBesideSea.wav - I do like to be beside the seaside.....(Grant/Hepburn/Moore/Gwenn)

SlySpareURLife.wav - Oh, I shall die! Well, I'll go and spare your life.- Aherne/Hepburn

SlySparrows.wav - One of the 'awks. Awks? Oh, hawks, hawks. Yeah, 'awks. The word 'awks. 'awks. Sparrows and 'awks that's humanity. The 'awks boss it over the sparrows. That's nature. Now, you wanna be a sparra?- Grant/Hepburn

SlySugarDrop.wav - Sugar drop loves her baby man. Oh. And iggle wiggle Sylvester wants to knock your fancy wancy heads together.- Moore/Hepburn

SlySurpriseLives.wav - Come on. We'll give them the surprise of their lives.- Aherne

SlySwine.wav - The narrow minded sneaking swine.- Gwenn

SlyTemperFane.wav - Temper, temper.- Aherne

SlyThankUForWhat.wav - No, thank you! For what?- Grant/Hepburn

SlyTheatricalHat.wav - Aw, don't worry about him. He's broad minded, being in the theatrical line, as you can see by his hat.- Grant

SlyThinkQuick.wav - We gotta think of something quick!- Grant

SlyThreeMinutes.wav - Sha'n't be three minutes. You can time me. - Aherne

SlyThreesome.wav - Well here. Why don't you two come and roll along with me? Proper threesome. Aye? One for all and all for one. Like the three Musketeers. - Grant/Hepburn

SlyTicklish.wav - Ooh. You're a bit ticklish aren't ya?- Grant

SlyTookABath.wav - I took a bath last Saturday night!- Grant

SlyTradeTricks.wav - You've got to learn the tricks of the trade.- Aherne

SlyUnderstood.wav - You don't understand. If you understood you wouldn't think it was so bad of me.- Hepburn

SlyUpWLadHere.wav - Ah yes. There seems to be something very much up with this young lad here. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to get us some of the details?- Grant

SlyUStayHere.wav - Ah, na, na. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I'll go. You stay here.- Grant

SlyVerySilly.wav - You're a very silly girl!- Hepburn

SlyWell5.wav - Well, well, well, well, well.- Grant

SlyWhat.wav - What?- Aherne

SlyWhatsaMatter.wav - Whatsa matter?- Grant

SlyWhatUBe.wav - What are you supposed to be?!- Grant

SlyWickedLie.wav - What a wicked lie!- Moore

Katharine Hepburn (Sylvia Scarlett), Cary Grant (Jimmy Monkley), Brian Aherne (Michael Fane), Edmund Gwenn (Henry Scarlett)

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