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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

SuzyBetSport.wav - If you'll do that for me I'll never bet on another race. That'll put an end to the sport of kings.- Clyde/Harlow

SuzyBrokeBlonde.wav - Blondes never go broke. Being a brunette you wouldn't understand that. But you very seldom catch a blonde in financial trouble. Besides, I got a rich uncle.- Harlow

SuzyCloserHate.wav - Closer darling, remember, you hate me.- Grant

SuzyConvinceYou.wav - I assure you I heard every word. Let me convince you.- Grant

SuzyCrazy.wav - You're crazy!- Tone

SuzyCuckoo.wav - You're slightly cuckoo.- Harlow

SuzyDieForU.wav - I said I'll die for you. Oh no, no. Let me die for you. Well, we'll die for each other. That is after a while. We don't have to die before morning do we?- Grant/Harlow

SuzyFlattered.wav - Well, I suppose I should be flattered by all this attention.- Grant

SuzyGoldBlondes.wav - She was a blonde? Yes, yes. For blondes I always use gold.- Grant/officer

SuzyHaveEverything.wav - Well, you can't have everything. Apparently I would if I get you.- Tone/Harlow

SuzyHeadsLow.wav - Let us face the enemy with flags flying, with our hearts high! And our heads low.- Grant

SuzyHey.wav - Hey!- Grant

SuzyImpulse.wav - Yes, impulse is probably your strongest characteristic.- Stone

SuzyLikeInWorld.wav - And she doesn't ask questions? Terry, treat her gently. Cherish her tenderly. Because there isn't her like in the whole wide world.-Grant

SuzyMouse.wav - I saw a mouse! Did he see you stealing that peice of cheese? Yeah, and he gave me a dirty look.- Harlow/Tone

SuzyNerve.wav - Ya haven't the nerve!- Tone

SuzyNoise.wav - That soldier had brought a cannon with him he could have made some real noise.- Harlow

SuzyOneLife.wav - We have only one life to give for our country. So let us take very good care of it.- Grant

SuzyPrettyMyPJs.wav - I've got to go. Well why? Did anybody ever tell ya how pretty ya are? Uh ah. Well, they never saw ya in my pajamas then.- Tone/Harlow

SuzyPromise.wav - I might tell you if you promise not to laugh at me. Go ahead. I promise. Alright. I've been reading a book. (thump into chair) Give me back that promise. Oh shut up.- Harlow/Courtney

SuzyShotDownDucking.wav - I thought you shot down fourteen planes? I did. That's why I'm ducking.- Harlow/Grant

SuzySongMock.wav - Did I remember to tell you you're delightful......(his whole bad version of the song)- Grant

SuzySpeakFrench.wav - I don't speak french. I might say " Wie Miseur" to the wrong question.- Harlow

SuzyStandUp.wav - Well, anybody feel like singing? Topping idea. Make us all feel merry and bright. Let's sing the Marseia, or God Save the King. Ah now please gentlemen, no, no. We'd have to stand up.- Grant/ pub men

SuzyTalkSense.wav - If I asked you pretty, if I said please, would you talk a little sense?- Harlow

SuzyWhyMarry.wav - Why did you marry this girl? Well uh. Well, she's young, pretty, blonde, romantic, trusting, has lovely ankles, uhhum, affectionate as a kitten, has a beautiful hot temper, would make a charming widow and uh, and uh, ahhh, you see there's another reason why I married her. That's funny it slipped my mind. I know, I love her.- Stone/Grant

SuzyWifeQuestions.wav - What do you do when your wife asks foolish questions? Mine doesn't. A women who doesn't ask questions! Ahh an angel.- Grant/Tone

SuzyWorkToDo.wav - Quick, we've work to do.- Tone

Jean Harlow (Suzy Trent), Franchot Tone (Terry Moore), Cary Grant (Andre Charville), Benita Hume (Mme. Diane Eyrelle)

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