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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
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SuspAlley.wav - She's not up your alley. To tell you the truth I'm a little bored with people in my alley.- Jeans/Grant

SuspAngryWJohnny.wav - You mustn't be angry with Johnny. It's a waste of time. Now if you want to get sore with me that's a different thing all together. I annoy everybody, always did. But not Johnny. No, no, no.- Bruce

SuspAnnoyedW.wav - You're still annoyed with me aren't you?- Grant

SuspArsenic.wav -Ahhh, Arsenic.- Sedbusk

SuspBeakyLg.wav - I was terribly fond of Beaky. Were you? Yes dear. I loved that silly generous, good-hearted fool. Did you? Of course I did. Next to you I loved him more than anybody in the world. Next to me?- Grant/Fontaine

SuspBitTooFar.wav - Oh I say old boy, isn't that going a bit too far?- Grant

SuspBore.wav - Oh, what a bore.- Grant

SuspBotherAgain.wav - And don't worry. I won't bother you again.- Grant

SuspBroadMinded.wav - Well, I'm broad-minded. Let's have some tea and then talk it over, huh?- Grant

SuspBrokeLife.wav - I been broke all my life.- Grant

SuspCantDo.wav - But we can't do this.- Fontaine

SuspCareerOver.wav - If you leave me alone much longer with this husband of yours my career will soon be over.- Lee

SuspChange.wav - I hate to presume on our short acquaintance but have you any change?- Grant

SuspChgSubj.wav - No, no, please, don't change the subject.- Grant

SuspCigar.wav - Awful man in the next compartment smoking a vile cigar.- Grant

SuspComeGetIt.wav - Well, come along, get it.- Grant

SuspCountSheep.wav - Have there been many? I'm afraid so, quite a few. One night when I couldn't fall asleep I started to count them. You know the way you count sheep jumping over a fence? I think I passed out on number 73.- Fontaine/Grant

SuspCourseNotDarling.wav - Well, of course not Darling.- Grant

SuspDarlingHead.wav - Now don't worry your darling little head about it today of all days.- Grant

SuspDeal.wav - I'm going through with this deal. I don't want any interference from you or anyone else. Is that clear?

SuspDoneBefore.wav - That's been done before?- Fontaine

SuspDontDoThat.wav - Acht! Don't do that.- Grant

SuspDontSay.wav - Don't say.- Grant

SuspEligMale.wav - Oh I'm told the sight of a really eligible male is a rare treat in this part of the country.- Grant

SuspEnufHands.wav - You've enough on your hands for one day.- Jeans

SuspExpressions.wav - Hello, hello, hello. Don't move.Just stay like that. I must watch the expressions on your faces.- Grant

SuspFeelBetter.wav - Feeling better?- Grant

SuspFreely.wav - Think of it. This very minute there are hundreds of people wo have committed murder and they're walking about freely.- Sedbusk

SuspGayAshamed.wav - How can you be so gay about something that you should...yes you should be ashamed of?- Fontaine

SuspGetMurderer.wav - Yes but uh, did you get the murderer?- Grant

SuspGetOut.wav - Get out.- Grant

SuspGetResults.wav - I think it's the best way to get results.- Grant

SuspGetUndressed.wav - Well, get undressed old girl, what are you waiting for?- Grant

SuspGoChurch.wav - Not really going to church are you?- Grant

SuspGoneGone.wav - If they're gone they're gone. Oh, they're gone alright.- Fontaine/Bruce

SuspGoodWhatFor.wav - Good...I mean, what for?- Bruce

SuspHeard.wav - Then you've heard?- Grant

SuspHello.wav - Hello?- Grant

SuspHorseBitSh.wav - What do you think of me, by contrast to your horse? I think if I ever got the bit between your teeth I'd have no trouble in handling you at'll.- Grant/Fontaine

SuspHorseKissedU.wav -What do you think of me, by contrast to your horse? I think if I ever got the bit between your teeth I'd have no trouble in handling you at'll. Suppose just as you thought you had me under control I turned around, neighed and kissed you?- Grant/Fontaine

SuspHowlingLie.wav - He doesn't need more than one second to invent the most howling lie you've ever heard.- Bruce

SuspHowStupid.wav - Oh, how stupid of me.- Grant

SuspHurry.wav - Hadn't you better hurry?- Grant

SuspHurtU.wav - Oh, so sorry. I hope I didn't hurt you. - Grant

SuspIDontSuppose.wav - No, I don't suppose they would.- Grant

SuspImAlright.wav - Well then, I'm alright.- Grant

SuspIntoBedWarm.wav - Oh well. We have to tuck you into bed, get you nice and warm.- Grant

SuspIntoHead.wav - Can't quite get this into my head.- Fontaine

SuspJokeSerious.wav - I'm not joking, I'm serious.- Grant

SuspJoking.wav - You mustn't joke with me. I'm no good at joking.- Fontaine

SuspJumpIDid.wav - D'ya see him jump? I did.- Grant/Fontaine

SuspKillSimply.wav -Well, I don't care much for that. You're slipping old girl. What's wrong with it my dear chap. It's too complicated. If you're going to kill somebody do it simply.- Grant/Sedbusk

SuspKissedCar.wav - Have you ever been kissed in a car?- Grant

SuspKissedCarLG.wav - Oh, I'm not joking, I'm serious. Have you ever been kissed in a car? Never. Hmmmm. Would you like to be?- Grant/Fontaine

SuspKissU.wav - Oh, I'm just beginning to understand. You thought I was going to kiss you didn't you?- Grant

SuspKnowWhatWant.wav - I think it's because for the first time in my life I know what I want.- Fontaine

SuspLaughcg.wav - laugh- Grant

SuspLegTunnel.wav - Oh, I beg your pardon. Was that your leg? I had no idea we were going into a tunnel. I thought the compartment was empty.- Grant

SuspLiarLg.wav - I can't come out this afternoon. Yes you can. No, really, I, I have to make calls with my mother. Liar. Really!- Fontaine/Grant

SuspLookLikeMurderercg.wav - After all, do I look like a murderer?- Grant

SuspLookLikeMurdererLg.wav - After all, do I look like a murderer? That's an interesting question. What do you think Izzie? Izzie can always tell by looking at a person's face whether he or she's capable of murder. Can't you Izzie? Well I don't want to sound conceited but I usually can. What about me dear, could I murder anyone? Oh, you couldn't hurt a fly Bertram, unless it was already dead. What about Mrs. Asgarth? She has a strange glint in her eye? I'm afraid not. Lina hasn't the nerve anymore than I have. And as for you you silly thing. Oh ho, look at the expression on his face, trying to look mysterious are you? Ah, you can't fool me. You couldn't commit a murder if you tried for a hundred years.- Grant/Sedbusk/Lee/Bertram

SuspMad.wav - I think you must be mad.- Fontaine

SuspManBear.wav - I've had enough. How much do you think a man could bear!?- Grant

SuspMathematics.wav - Oh Beaky, that's amazing! What of it? Well the way you worked that out so quickly. Worked what out? The little sum, mathematics. Sum? Oh, you're pulling my leg old bean.- Grant/Bruce

SuspMillionYrs.wav - Not in a million years.- Bertram Sedbusk

SuspMonkeyFace.wav - What does your family call you, Monkey Face?- Grant

SuspMood.wav - I'm not in the mood.- Fontaine

SuspMornSmile.wav - I wonder if I could have just a little bit more of your smile? Oh, now, not at this hour of the morning.- photographer/Grant

SuspMurder.wav - Well, from a moral standpoint there's no question at all, it is murder.- Lee

SuspMuseum.wav - But really! Shouldn't you have sent them to a museum?- Grant

SuspMyAffairs.wav - Look here. What right have you to interfere in my affairs?- Grant

SuspMyOhMy.wav - My, oh, my.- Grant

SuspNaughty.wav - Oh, come on darling, smile. I know I've been naughty.- Grant

SuspNervesWorry.wav - Your nerves seemed to be all upset. We were quite worried about you.- Grant

SuspNoNoIsntThat.wav - No,no, it isn't that.- Grant

SuspOfCourseMind.wav - Of course I'd mind!- Grant

SuspOh.wav - Oh.- Grant

SuspOhDear.wav - Oh dear.- Grant

SuspOldBean.wav - Well, come on old bean.- Bruce

SuspOwnHouse.wav - Oh, now I remember. It's in your own house.- Lee

SuspPassionHairDresser.wav - It had such wonderful possibilities that I, well, I got excited. For the moment I became a passionate hairdresser.- Grant

SuspPeopleChg.wav - People don't change overnight Lina.- Grant

SuspPesterTell.wav - Oh, he's always pestering me, you know. And I always swear I won't tell him, but I always do.- Lee

SuspPoison.wav - It was about that poison wasn't it? Oh, don't remind me of it. I'm ashamed and mortified and disgraced. I'm just a fool that's all. If he writes a story on that one before I do I suppose I'll deserve it. Imagine, a substance in daily use everywhere. Anyone can lay his hands on it. Only a minute after taking it the victim is beautifully out of the way. And mind you, it's undetectable after death.- Lee

SuspPoorMonkeyFace.wav - Oh, poor Monkey Face.- Grant

SuspPutFootInIt.wav - Put my foot in it again have I?- Bruce

SuspPutUpW.wav - Well, you don't have to put up with me anymore.- Grant

SuspReallyLike.wav - Did you really like it?- Lee

SuspRightMan.wav - Oh well, in that case you're talking to the right man- Grant

SuspSaidYesMeantYes.wav - Well, well. You're the first woman I've ever met who said yes when she meant yes.- Grant

SuspSelfDef.wav - Nothing less than murder could justify such violent self defense. Look at you.- Grant

SuspSerious.wav - Are you serious?- Fontaine

SuspSeriousOfCourse.wav - Of course I'm serious.- Grant

SuspShivering.wav - Darling! You're not shivering are you. I have a bit of a chill. What? Cold in all this sunshine? Well, let me warm you up.- Grant/Fontaine

SuspShiveringCold.wav - Darling you're shivering again. Do you suppose you're catching cold?- Grant

SuspSimple.wav - Look Darling, let me show you how simple it is.- Grant

SuspSleepBadly.wav - You used to sleep badly when I wasn't here. And now you....alright if that's the way you feel about it.- Grant

SuspSmile.wav - Ah Darling, Come on, give us a smile.- Grant

SuspSoberingConvers.wav - Yes, uh, Johnny and I were just having a sobering, comprehensive discussion of that very subject.- Fontaine

SuspSorryLate.wav - I'm sorry I'm late.- Grant

SuspSound1.wav - Oh- Grant

SuspStandAside.wav - Well now, stand aside, stand aside.- Grant

SuspStopIt.wav - Stop it! Stop it! Stop it, you little fool! Stop it!- Grant

SuspStroke.wav - If my father saw me come in both late and beautiful he might have a stroke.- Fontaine

SuspSubjUp.wav - Well, I'm glad you asked me that. It would have been extremely discourteous for me to bring the subject up.- Grant

SuspSuccess.wav - I've always had the notion that the secret of success is to start at the top.- Grant

SuspSureDontKnow.wav - I'm sure I don't know.- Grant

SuspSwoonAway.wav - Well, how can you be so calm? Look at me, shaky. The least you could do is swoon away.- Grant

SuspTalkHat.wav - You think I'm talking through my hat, don't you?- Grant

SuspThankHeavens.wav - Oh, thank heavens for that.- Grant

SuspThatsGood.wav - MMm that's good, uhuh.- Grant

SuspTheLimit.wav - Johnny really, you are the limit.- Fontaine

SuspThingToDoW.wav - Yeah, well, that's the thing to do with them alright.- Grant

SuspThinkSelf.wav - Here I am thinking only of myself and forgetting all about you.- Grant

SuspThrilled.wav - Why naturally we're thrilled. Who wouldn't be?- Grant

SuspThrowOut.wav - I'm spending the weekend unless you throw me out.- Bruce

SuspTooLazy.wav - MMM, perhaps it's a stiff job and I'm too lazy.- Grant

SuspTossFor.wav - Tell you what we'll do. I'll toss you for it. Heads you do, tails you don't.- Grant

SuspTouchIt.wav - That. You don't need to touch it.- Grant/Fontaine

SuspTrueIsntSaying.wav - Hear him? Very distinctly. He's not exaggerating a thing dear. It's all true. Every word he isn't saying.- Grant/Fontaine

SuspTryKillIU.wav - What did you think I was trying to do, kill you?- Grant

SuspUcipMapilary.wav - Don't do that. Why not? Because your ucipital mapilary is quite beautiful.- Grant/Fontaine

SuspUnderstand.wav - Yes, I understand.- Fontaine

SuspUsually.wav - Usually.- Grant

SuspVillianHero.wav - My villian? My hero you mean. I always think of my murderers as my heros.- Lee

SuspWhatUHere.wav - Oh well, what are you doing here?- Grant

SuspWhistling.wav - Grant whistling waltz

SuspWild.wav - Pity he's turned out so wild.- Hardwicke

SuspWontHelp.wav - It won't help. I've seen this happen before. There's nothing much you can do about it.- Grant

SuspWork.wav - Work? Yes, work. Well, you mean put on old clothes, go out with a shovel?- Grant/Fontaine

SuspWormSecretsLg.wav -If you leave me alone much longer with this husband of yours my career will soon be over. Flirted with you I suppose. Oh flirted? Worse than that. He's worming all my secrets out of me. I suspect him of writing a detective story on the side.- Lee/Fontaine

SuspWorseComesWorse.wav - Well, I suppose if the worst comes to the worst and there's no other way out.- Grant

SuspWriteMom.wav - Write to your mother.- Grant

SuspYouWin.wav - You win old boy.- Grant

Cary Grant (Johnnie Aysgarth), Joan Fontaine (Lina McLaidlaw), Cedric Hardwicke (Gen. McLaidlaw), Nigel Bruce (Beaky Thwaite)

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