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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
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PrideAfraid.wav - Are you afraid?- Grant

PrideAfraidLg.wav - Are you afraid? No. I am.- Grant/Larranaga

PrideAskTooMuch.wav - You ask too much.- de Pomes

PrideBegPardon.wav - I beg your pardon?- Grant

PrideBeMad.wav - You must be mad!- Grant

PrideBrilliant.wav - We cannot go up. We must go down. Brilliant!- Sinatra/Grant

PrideCannotRefuse.wav - You cannot refuse them.- Grant

PrideCannotRefuseLG.wav - You cannot refuse them. Cannot? It's useless wrapping yourself in authority and quoting rules to these people. It's not enough to say that a gun doesn't belong inside of their cathedral. This isn't merely a gun. It's the only symbol of resistance left in Spain. Do you know how many of them have given their lives just to push and pull and drag it this far? You should have looked back and seen the ground of a mountain pass covered with their dead as I did. For what? If you don't know the reason...you're Spanish, you're a man of the church, you can feel it. You mustn't refuse them.- Grant

PrideCantChg.wav - You can't change that.- Grant

PrideCantDoThis.wav - You can't do this. I won't let you.- Grant

PrideChances.wav - I'll take my chances.- Grant

PrideCharm.wav - His astonishing charm has won the day again!- Grant

PrideCheap.wav - That's the part of you that's cheap.- Grant

PrideCostGetThere.wav - We will get there no matter what it cost.- Sinatra

PrideCptsHorse.wav - the burro

PrideDieBleedSweat.wav - I do not ask you to die. Or even to bleed. Just to sweat a little.- Sinatra

PrideDiedBefore.wav - These people have died before.- Sinatra

PrideEnglish.wav - English? English.- Nieto/Grant

PrideEntertainment.wav - Of course not. It was simply an entertainment.- Grant

PrideEqualMan.wav - And when I cannot say the words I want to say, you have said them for me. And I have felt equal to any man. But inside...inside myself I know I am less.- Sinatra

PrideEvaluate.wav - The orders are recover it, not evaluate it.- Field officer (Jay Novello)*

PrideFaceGrant.wav - Your face is dirty.- Grant

PrideFaceSinatra.wav - Your face is dirty.- Sinatra

PrideFleas.wav - Spanish fleas Captain. They wouldn't dare bite an Englishman.- clothes lender

PrideGetRidOfIt.wav - Get rid of it.- Army commander

PrideGrateful.wav - Well then, I'd say you'd been grateful long enough.- Grant

PrideGuerillas.wav - Who are you? We are the Spanish who do not retreat...guerillos.- Grant/Sinatra

PrideHeartsNothing.wav - Do you feel nothing in your hearts?- Sinatra

PrideHeavier.wav - It, it was heavier coming down.- Sinatra

PrideHelpNotKill.wav - We said we would help you, not kill ourselves.- Villager

PrideImpossibleLG.wav - You have accomplished the impossible. How can a 7 ton, 42 foot cannon slip through your fingers and not leave a smear of rust?- Field officer (Jay Novello)

PrideImpossiblesh.wav -You have accomplished the impossible.- Field officer (Jay Novello)

PrideIneptitude.wav - The attempt of this staff to locate a handful of rabble will go down in military history as a monument to ineptitude. Bikel

PrideKeepPromise.wav - How do I know you'll keep your promise. You do not.- Grant/Sinatra

PrideKeepPromise2.wav - I cannot keep my promise.- Loren

PrideKillAlittle.wav - I will only let him kill him a little.- Sinatra

PrideKneesToThem.wav - You want me to get on my knees to them? If it would do any good, YES!- Sinatra/Grant

PrideLate.wav - It is late.- Sinatra

PrideManMutton.wav - I have an idea you'd like to act more like a man, than a cold piece of English mutton.- Loren

PrideMule.wav - You think that being a mule is all that's expected of you?- Sinatra

PrideNeverSeen.wav - I wish I'd never seen the thing.- Grant

PrideNoMiracles.wav - Do you want a miracle? Well, no miracles.- Sinatra

PrideNoPartOf.wav - I want no part of it.- Grant

PrideOnlyWay.wav - It won't. But in any event it's the only way.- Grant

PrideOpinion.wav - It is my opinion you don't know peas from powder. - Field officer (Jay Novello)

PridePeasants.wav - I know peasants. I live with peasants. I do not need anybody to tell me about peasants.- Sinatra

PridePrivilege.wav - That is still my privilege.- Loren

PrideReasonFor.wav - Was that your reason for coming?- Grant

PrideReasonLG.wav - Don't imagine this has anything to do with those wagons. He's jealous and he has reason to be. I told you I would go to Avila to fire the gun. And no matter what he does, I'm going. But not for him, and not for orders. He knows the reason and so do you.- Grant

PrideRiskIt.wav - You can't risk it.- Grant

PrideSadThing.wav - It's a sad thing that I could never put into words what you mean to me.- Sinatra

PrideSaidNothing.wav - But you said... I said nothing.- Grant/Sinatra

PrideSpit.wav - I spit in your faces.- Sinatra

PrideStupidArguement.wav - And both of you know the reason for this stupid arguement.- Loren

PrideStupidFindIt.wav - I am not stupid Surman, I know we have to find it.- Bikel

PrideSuceedAnyhow.wav - I do not like this. You don't have to like it. It will succeed anyhow.- Sinatra/Grant

PrideSuicide.wav - You're taking no part in this are you? Let's say I have no desire to commit suicide.- Loren/Grant

PrideTakePick.wav - Take your pick.- Sinatra

PrideTellCantHelpSelf.wav - Tell me you know I cannot help myself.- Loren

PrideTheirGround.wav - How these Spaniard's love their moment of truth. This compulsion to die. To drench the ground with their blood. Why? Probably because it is their ground general.- Bikel/Surman

PrideThinkWoman.wav - You think too much for a woman.- Sinatra

PrideUnderstatement.wav - Now that's an understatement if I've ever heard one.- Grant

PrideUpDown.wav - We came up, we can go down. It'll pick up too much momentum! There's a ratio between velocity and mass. If it weighs five tons coming up slowly, going down fast it can weigh ten to fifteen. We wouldn't be able to hold it. Up or down, it weighs what it weighs.- Sinatra/Grant

PrideURSatisfied.wav - I hope you're satisfied.- Grant

PrideWhatFor.wav - What for?- Sinatra

Cary Grant (Capt. Anthony Trumbull), Frank Sinatra (Miguel), Sophia Loren (Juana)

*Regarding your file of quotes from "The Pride and the Passion"

If you wish to include the name of the actor who you have identified as "FIELD OFFICER" (the French guy in the tent who is trimming his moustache), it is Jay Novello  (remember him as the goofy little hysterical Italian guy from "I Love Lucy?"). The soldier he is giving orders to is Philip Van Zandt. --  Information submitted by Larry Rapchak 

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