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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

PhilaStAskingMe.wav PhilaStAskingMe.wav - If you're asking me....I'm not.- Weidler/Hepburn

PhilaStHappensHere.wav - Oh I wish something would happen. Nothing ever possibly in the least ever happens here.- Weidler

PhilStAaah.wav - Aaah.- Grant

PhilStAintAwful.wav - Ain't it awful.- Grant

PhilStAwful.wav - Isn't that awful.- Hepburn

PhilStBuzz.wav -(buzzer)

PhilStDeadIrish.wav - First sane remark I've heard today. Come along Dexter, I know a formula that is said to pop the pennies off the eyelids of dead Irishmen.- Young

PhilStDegradingLG.wav - Now we're not gonna do it Liz. Doggone it! It's degrading, its undignified. So is an empty stomach. -Stewart/Hussey

PhilStDepth.wav - You have unsuspected depth. Oh,thanks old chap.- Stewart/Grant

PhilStDoggoneIt.wav - Doggone it.- Stewart

PhilStDontInterupt.wav - (doorbell rings) Don't interrupt me! (rings again)- Stewart

PhilStDope.wav - You haven't switched from liquor to dope by any chance.- Hepburn

PhilStDrewBlank.wav - I know, you drew a blank. You wanted to.- Grant

PhilStEyesImagination.wav - I got eyes, I got imagination haven't I? I don't know, have you?- Howard/Grant

PhilStFool.wav - And you don't know women. That's possible. And you're a fool. That's quite possible.- Howard/Grant

PhilStForgot.wav - That's right, I forgot.- Grant

PhilStGentleman.wav - Always the gentleman huh? Except on occasion.- Stewart/Grant

PhilStGetAroundMore.wav - You ought to get around more.- Hepburn

PhilStGhost.wav - There must be a ghost loose in the house.- Weidler

PhilStGoCrazy.wav - I'm going crazy. I'm standing here, solidly, on my own two hands, and going crazy.- Hepburn

PhilStGoHome.wav - Do you want to take over? I want to go home.- Hussey/Stewart

PhilStGolly.wav - Golly.- Hepburn

PhilStHaveEverything.wav - Well, we can't have everything Mac.- Grant

PhilStHeadFell.wav - Ohooo. What's the matter? Oh nothing...nothing much. My head just fell off, that's all.- Weidler/Young

PhilStHick.wav - (Stewart hiccups) Excuse me. Hmmm?- Grant/Stewart

PhilStHiHo.wav - HiHo Silver.- Young

PhilStHolyMack.wav - Holy Mackeral! What goes on here?- Stewart

PhilStHopefull.wav - I don't know anything anymore. That sounds very hopeful Red. That sounds just fine.- Hepburn/Grant

PhilStHoy.wav - Hoy.- Grant

PhilStHoyLG.wav - Hoy. Hoy fella. How do you feel?- Grant

PhilStIdeaHead.wav - Now don't put the idea in her head.- Nash

PhilStInBed.wav -This is one of those days that the pages of history teach us are best spent lying in bed.- Young

PhilStInsultingLG.wav - What do you mean by that? My mistake. Decidedly! You're insulting! I'm sorry. Oh, don't apologize! Well who's apologizing?- Hepburn/Stewart

PhilStIntuition.wav - You are a mass of intuition.- Grant

PhilStJip.wav - It's a dirty jip.- Wiedler

PhilStJustThat.wav - I'm gonna tell him just that. Just that.- Stewart/Hussey

PhilStLaugh.wav - (laugh)- Grant

PhilStMightyFall.wav - How are the mighty fallen.- Grant

PhilStMorning.wav - Good morning. That remains to be seen.- Hepburn/Young

PhilStNoNoNoNo.wav - No, no, no, no.- Grant

PhilStObjectionable.wav - That would be most objectionable.- Grant

PhilStOH.wav -Oh!- Hussey

PhilStPhotog.wav - No, I can't afford to hate anybody. I'm only a photographer.- Hussey

PhilStPogoStks.wav - Must we ride in that thing? Wouldn't we be more comfortable on pogo sticks?- Young

PhilStPretendNot2.wav -Yes, I pretend not to.- Grant

PhilStPumpkin.wav - Now you hurry back to the ball before you turn into a pumpkin and six white mice. Goodbye.- Stewart

PhilStQueer.wav - I think that's very queer indeed. I think it's queerer than that. I think it's paranoiac.- Nash/Hepburn

PhilStRecollectLG.wav -(laugh) I told you I never had the slightest recollection of doing any such thing. I know. You drew a blank. You wanted to.- Hepburn/Grant

PhilStSaintAunt.wav - Oh my Sainted Aunt!- Hepburn

PhilStSayStupid.wav - Say something stupid.- Hussey

PhilStScrewy.wav - Now listen, there's something screwy here.- Stewart

PhilStSeemHere.wav -Ahhh. They seem to be here.- Grant

PhilStSellTickets.wav - Was he here too. Sure. Good Golly, why didn't you sell tickets?- Hepburn/Grant

PhilStShutUp.wav - Oh, shut up.- Hepburn

PhilStSick.wav - I'm gonna be sick.- Hepburn

PhilStSockU.wav - Either I'm gonna sock you or you're gonna sock me. Shall we toss a coin?- Stewart/Grant

PhilStStinks.wav - This stinks. Don't say stinks darling. If absolutely necessary smells.- Weidler/Nash

PhilStTakenAway.wav - I can tell there's something in the air because I'm being taken away.- Weidler

PhilStTerriblyNice.wav - Well, it's terribly nice of you, but uh..- Stewart

PhilStThinkOfIt.wav - How in the world could he even think of it?- Grant

PhilStTossCoin.wav - Shall we toss a coin?- Grant

PhilStTough.wav - Well, it's tough. But that's the way it seems to be.- Grant

PhilStUKnowIt.wav - Wouldn't you know it?- Hepburn

PhilStVoiceDoom.wav - This is the voice of doom calling.- Stewart

PhilStWaitFor.wav - Just wait a minute. What for?- Stewart/Hussey

PhilStWhat.wav - What?- Stewart

PhilStYourBookLG.wav - Is it my book? Yes. C.K. Dexter Haven You have unsuspected depth. Oh, thanks old chap. But have you read it? Well, I was trying to stop drinking I read anything. And did you stop drinking. Yes. Your book didn't do it though.- Stewart/Grant

Cary Grant (C.K. Dexter Haven), Katharine Hepburn (Tracy Lord), James Stewart (Macauley Connor), Ruth Hussey (Elizabeth Imbrie), John Howard (George Kittredge), Roland Young (Uncle Willie), John Halliday (Seth Lord), Mary Nash (Margaret Lord)

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