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pwt12years.wav - How old were you when you learned to walk? I did pretty well by the time I was four. When did you leave the farm? When I was 16. It couldn't have taken you 12 years to make up your mind.- Grant/Blackmer

pwt9yold.wav - Is this what you're crying about? Then what? It's just that I love you so much. And I went and put all those candles on that cake when you're really only nine years old.- Grant/Crain

pwtafraid2.wav - How afraid is 'that' afraid?- Grant

pwtalmost.wav - You've got to do better than very and almost.- House

pwtalone.wav - I imagine Shunderson, that when people need help the most it must sometimes seem as if they are all alone in the world.- Grant

pwtanswer.wav - Then why ask idiotic questions to which you already know the answers?- Grant

pwtassurance.wav - I can't speak with as much assurance as I usually do because you just called me a pompous know it all.- Grant

pwtbathroom.wav - I would willingly entrust the life of my sister to your skills as a gynecologist. But I would not let you conduct my three year old nephew to the bathroom.- Slezak

pwtbeeplong.wav - Professor Lionel Barker. What happened? What happened. Did your train leave on Beep, Beep or Beep, Beep, Beep? Beep, Beep, Beep. Your signal was Beep, Beep. Arthur's signal was Beep, Beep. Mine was Beep, Beep, Beep. We'll soon find out about that. It was Beep, Beep, Beep...and... What a bloody mess. And who's fault is it, my fine atomic friend? You can't go around smashing everything you see you know. Everything isn't atoms. Yes it is. Not for smashing it isn't. Not in my house and not in my train. Debra, get out of the way before Professor Barker smashes you. He's on a smashing bend. Darling... Beep, Beep, Beep...those were your orders. Beep, Beep, Beep. What's your signal to dispatch your train? Beep, Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep. I told you so. Mine was Beep, Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep. Arthur, your's was Beep, Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep, Beep. Beep, Beep. Now look, they're my trains, and I'm the Chief Dispatcher. I know how I set them up. Beep for me, Beep, Beep, for you and Beep, Beep, Beep from Arthur. What difference does it make? What difference does it make? Look at this disaster. In case of disaster the responsibility remains with the Chief Dispatcher.- Grant/Slezak/Blackmer

pwtbethat.wav - Are you feeling sorry for yourself? I'm feeling sorry for you. Don't be. I love you. Be that. Forgive me. Shut up. Love me.- Grant/Crain

pwtbingo.wav - A malignant dysgerminoma. Professor Elwell, you're the only man I know who can say malignant the way other people say 'Bingo'.- Cronyn/Grant

pwtbitfinger.wav - Trouble with you is Elwell you never had a cadaver of your own. Much less one that bit your finger.- Slezak

pwtbook.wav - Most of what goes on in the world ain't in a book.- Hamilton

pwtbub.wav - I call him Beelzebub because he's an evil dog.- Blackmer

pwtbutchers.wav - Do you prefer the impressions given to their patients by so many of our colleagues that they are doctors and not butchers? Bravo, Bravo- Grant/Slezak

pwtcompany.wav - I can't say I approve of the company you keep.- Grant

pwtconduct.wav - And besides, Noah would conduct on his way to be hanged.- Crain

pwtcrow.wav - Comes the dawn I'll stand on that window sill and crow.- Grant

pwtdaydie.wav - The day will die on a happy note at any rate.- Grant

pwtdays.wav - Did it ever strike you that days die pretty much the way people do, fighting for ever last minute of light before they give up to the dark.- Grant

pwtdiet.wav - It's my unbalanced diet.- Grant

pwtdisaster.wav - The results are often disasterous.- Grant

pwtdiscredit.wav - How much discredit is enough.- Grant

pwtdispatcher.wav - In case of disaster the responsibility remains with the Chief Dispatcher. As in a catastrophe like this he either resigns or blows his brains out. I refuse to be held accountable for the inability of two idiotic assistants to remember two simple signals. Noah, Darling. I consider you high handed refusal to accept the testimony of two responsible men is worse than idiotic. Under the circumstances I consider it criminal. Your signal was Beep, Beep, Beep and you know it was Beep, Beep, Beep.- Slezak/Grant/Blackmer

pwtdoc.wav - He was a doc. A doc? He healed people. How? If I knew how I'd be a doc myself.- Hamilton/Cronyn

pwtdoc2.wav - When you say doctor, do you mean school doctor, out of books? That is precisely what I mean. Can't say. For my part I wouldn't get caught dead in a room with one of 'em. Miss Pickett, I am a school doctor, out of books. That's one reason why the door is open.- Hamilton/Cronyn

pwtdochealer.wav - Doc, healer, miracle worker, possible hypnotist. Check on narcotics administered.- Cronyn

pwtdoor.wav - I was listening through the door.- Currie

pwtdoorlong.wav - If I come in does the door get closed? Naturally. Then I don't come in. Why not? You know why not, you're grown up. My dear Mrs. Pickett. Miss Pickett and don't butter me up. I have conducted my affairs behind closed doors for 20 years. Not with me.- Hamilton/Cronyn

pwtdrhappy.wav - I'll bet I know what you're thinking. Here comes Dr. Happiness, the good humor man. If he trys to cheer me up, so help me I'll hit him with an ice bag.- Grant

pwtdrs.wav - Tell me, of all the doctors you could have gone to, why did you pick me?- Grant

pwtdullwited.wav - And I think it is understandable that from time to time he may seem a little confused, and perhaps even a little dullwitted.- Grant

pwtdying.wav - You certainly make dying a pleasure Dr. Praetorius. Well, we'll keep that our little secret shall we? I wouldn't want that to get around.- Dean/Grant

pwtestimate.wav - You overestimate both of us.- Cronyn

pwtexercise.wav - Pardon me for getting up, it's the only exercise I take.- Grant

pwtfalling.wav - If you really suddenly fell in love with me...No if. Why? I couldn't say, why? Haven't you ever wondered? Falling as fast as I am I don't have time. A man as exact as you, with a reason for everything. Then I'll find it. Any time in the next thirty or forty years I'll start wondering.- Crain/Grant

pwtflattering.wav - That's very flattering, thank you.- Grant

pwtfrightening.wav - The frightening things we do sometimes when we're afraid to be afraid.- Grant

pwtfun.wav - It's been fun.- Grant

pwtfunway.wav - It's more fun this way.- Grant

pwthaveyou.wav - We'd love to have you. We'll be happy to stay.- Crain/Grant

pwtheartless.wav - She's old enough to know what she's doing. And to take what's coming to her. I never want to hear you say anything as idiotic and heartless again. But Doctor. For one thing you're a nurse and for another you're a woman. I'm ashamed of both of you. (Gunshot).- Gilbert/Grant

pwtidiot.wav - Therefore I have the right to point out to you that there are occasions when you behave like a cephalic idiot.- Slezak

pwtinteresting.wav - Interesting.- Cronyn

pwtinterupts.wav - I am by nature a man who interrupts. However, I shall try.- Slezak

pwtintimate.wav - My husband is intimate only with me.- Crain

pwtknow.wav - I didn't know very much. Nobody did.- Hamilton

pwtliar.wav - She's a liar.- Hamilton

pwtlittle.wav - Professor Elwell, you're a little man. It's not that you're short. You're little, in the mind and in the heart. Tonight you tried to make a man little who's boots you couldn't touch if you stood on tiptoe on top of the highest mountain in the world. And as it turned out, you're even littler than you were before.- Currie

pwtmaster.wav - Am I not the master in my own house? To provide for your wife some contact with the world of sensitivity of which you have no knowledge. Here, here.- Grant/Slezak/Blackmer

pwtmatter.wav - What's the matter with you?- Cronyn

pwtmean.wav - What do you mean?- Grant

pwtmeasles.wav - I can't give you symptoms. It's love, not measles.- Crain

pwtmess.wav - What a mess!- Crain

pwtmiracle.wav - Like workin' a miracle.- Hamilton

pwtnature.wav - Well, things do have a way of happening don't they? Old Mother Nature. Old Mother Nature knows best.- Crain/Grant

pwtnerve.wav - The nerve of some doctor's giving people up for lost as if they'd found them in the first place.- Grant

pwtneutrons.wav - Tell me Professor. Do the neutrons bombard the electrons or do the electrons do it to the neutrons?- Grant

pwtnightmare.wav - It's all such a crazy, mixed up nightmare!- Crain

pwtoh.wav - Oh!..OOh!- female student

pwtok.wav - Okay?- Currie

pwtpatients.wav - Patients are sick people, not inmates.- Grant

pwtphrase.wav - He regrets exceedingly that he is unavoidably detained. A meaningless phrase which could signify anything from oversleeping to being arrested for malpractice.- Klein/Grant

pwtpipsqeak.wav - You can use more words more unpleasantly than any irritating little pipsqueak I've ever known.- Slezak

pwtpompknow.wav - I've got something to tell you, and as a pompous know it all...I didn't mean that, even when I said it. As a pompous know it all it isn't going to be easy.- Grant/Crain

pwtpompus.wav - What are you afraid of now? I'm not. Then stop behaving as if fear was something to be ashamed of. Stop being such a pompous know it all, you don't even know what I'm crying about. Do you? Yes!- Grant/Crain

pwtquickly.wav - Now a days we find out about everything a lot more quickly than we used to.- Grant

pwtrecog.wav - Eh, eh, eh! Be recognized!- Slezak

pwtrefering.wav - Are you refering to me?- Slezak

pwtscouts.wav - A group of Cub Scouts would know better than to crowd like this.- Grant

pwtsick.wav - One of the few places that being sick is the right to feel good and miserable and don't let any doctor tell you differently.- Grant

pwtsound.wav - (Hhhmm)- Grant

pwtsounds.wav - (Ahah....Umhummm)- Cronyn/Grant

pwtspare.wav - Spare me your philosophy.- Cronyn

pwtspeech.wav - You have always evidenced a remarkable tolerance for this strange and mysterious man. His qualifications have been questioned. His blundering and slow wittedness have caused complaint. And yet you have protected him at all times to the fullest extent of your authority. His qualifications concern no one but me since his responsibility is to no one but me. As to his so called blundering and so called slow wittedness, perhaps I overlook them because I know the reason for them.- Cronyn/Grant

pwtsuggestion.wav - This is only a suggestion, but..- Grant

pwttherapy.wav - Bad therapy is never good economy.- Grant

pwtthoughfulness.wav - I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I consider this trial to be a trial.- Grant

pwttry.wav - You couldn't understand. I could try.- Crain/Grant

pwtunusual.wav - It's most unusual. It's an unusual world Uriah.- Klein/Grant

pwtusedall.wav - Well, some healers use one thing, some use another. But Doc Praetorius used 'em all.- Hamilton

pwtwasthat.wav - What was that?- Grant

pwtweakness.wav - An unmistakable symptom of human weakness.- Grant

pwtwell.wav -Well!- Grant

pwtwhy.wav - Why? I had to that's all. Why? Because. Why? I had reasons. What? They were private and personal. I don't have to tell you everything. Why?- Grant/Crain

pwtwife.wav - A woman has yet to be born that doesn't in her heart believe that she'll make her husband a much better wife than he has any possible right to expect.- Grant

pwtword.wav - Ahh, the good word gets around, doesn't it?- Grant

pwtwrong2.wav - You couldn't be more wrong.- Grant

Cary Grant (Dr. Noah Praetorius), Jeanne Crain (Annabel Higgins), Finlay Currie (Shunderson), Hume Cronyn (Prof. Elwell) Walter Slezak (Prof. Barker)

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