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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
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Penny1stSong.wav - complete with the skip

Penny2ndSong.wav -

Penny3rdSong.wav -

Penny4thSong.wav -

Penny5thSong.wav -

Penny6thSong.wav -

Penny7thSong.wav -

PennyBabylaugh.wav - adorable- Baby Biffle

PennyBabySuffering.wav - Well, do something! Can't you see the baby's suffering?- Grant

PennyBeatIt.wav - Go on, beat it.- Grant

PennyBelieveMe.wav - There now, you see. You didn't believe me about it, did you?- Grant

PennyCourtPlea.wav - Look Your Honor, she's not like an automobile, or an icebox or a piece of furniture or something you buy on time and then when you can't keep up the payments they take it away from you. (baby cry) Now sit still and be a good girl. Anyone could give up those kind of things. But I ask you Judge, how can you give up your own child? And she is our child just as much as if she'd been born to us. (baby crying) No, no, Daddy's not going to go away dear.- Grant/Baby Biffle

PennyCourtPlea2.wav - We'd have had one of our own only ...well, you don't know how badly my wife wanted a child. It wasn't so important to me, I..I don't know, I suppose most men are like this. But children never meant a great deal to me. Oh, I liked them alright I suppose but...well what I'm trying to say is Your Honor the first time I saw her. She looked so little and helpless. I didn't know babies were so, so little. And then when she took ahold of my finger and held onto it, she, she, just sort of walked into my heart Judge, and she was there to stay. I didn't know I could feel like that. I'd always been kinda careless and irresponsible. I wanted to be a big shot. - Grant

PennyCourtPlea3.wav - I couldn't work for anybody. I had to be my own boss. That sort of thing. Now here I am standing in front of a Judge pleading for just a little longer so that I can prove to you I can support a little child that doesn't way quite 20 pounds. It's not only for my wife and me I'm asking you to let us keep her Judge, it's for her sake too. She doesn't know any parents but us. She wouldn't know what had happened to her. You see there are so many little things about her that nobody would understand her the way Julie and I do. We love her Judge. Please don't take her away from us. - Grant

PennyCourtPlea4.wav -Look, I'm not a big shot now, I'll do anything. I'll work for anybody. I'll beg, I'll borrow, I'll.....Please Judge..I'll sell anything I've got until I get going again. Only she'll never go hungry and she'll never be without clothes. Not as long as I've got two good hands to help me. - Grant

PennyCULater.wav - Not goodbye Darling. Just see you later.- Grant

PennyDinnerInCreek.wav - Dinner's ready. Come and get it or I'll throw it in the creek.- Buchanan

PennyDirectionsSaySo.wav - She eats again in a half hour. The Directions say so.- Dunne

PennyDivideThem.wav - You decided which ones you're gonna keep and which ones you're gonna leave for him? Funny AppleJack, I can't seem to divide them.- Buchanan/Dunne

PennyDoGiveBack.wav - Oh Roger, I'll never be able to do that. We'll have to give her back.- Dunne

PennyDontDoAgain.wav - Don't ever do that to me again!- Grant

PennyDrinkBoat.wav - Is there a drink in the house? Right off the boat, that's what the bootlegger said. Did he say what boat? Well, what boat would you like?- Buchanan/Dunne

PennyFaceTogether.wav - Why don't you say it Honey, it's all true. I haven't done any one of the big things I planned to do for you. We're right where we started. Still struggling. I've let you down all around Honey. Well, all I needed to make it 100% was for you to leave me. And I can't think of a reason in the world for you not to. I'm licked Julie. You're not licked Roger. It's just us. We're licked as far as our being together is concerned. When something really came along that hit us hard enough we couldn't face it together.- Grant/Dunne

PennyFellaWarning.wav - Excuse me lady, you should give a fella warning.- Buchanan

PennyFixEverything.wav - If it hadn't been for AppleJack letting it slip out I don't suppose I ever would have known. Guess I'd better go fix that press. Yeah, you fix everything else, don't you? Didn't do so bad with the bathtub.- Dunne/Buchanan/Grant

PennyFunnyRedHead.wav - Well, do you think I'm gonna let a funny little red head like you run around loose here?- Grant

PennyGladToSeeU.wav - Am I glad to see you! - Dunne

Pennygoogly.wav - googly, googly, googly- Grant

PennyGripGirl.wav - What a grip! For a girl I mean.- Grant

PennyHomewtie.wav - I've been doing the shopping in this family for some time now. I just don't bring home anything. Well, you came home with this tie didn't you?- Dunne/Grant

PennyHousebroken.wav - Anyway, when they're two years old they're more or less housebroken then aren't they?- Grant

PennyInCode.wav - What are you printing it in, code? Code? No. The lineOtype machine is stuck. Why do you think I sent for you?- Buchanan/Grant

PennyIsntABoy.wav - Like no other child. But she isn't a boy!- Dunne/Grant

PennyKidsPests.wav - Go on, beat it! You don't like kids very much do you? Oh, I like them alright, except when they're pests.- Grant/Dunne

Pennylaugh1.wav - laugh- Grant

PennyLittleBabies.wav - But we don't know anything about such little babies. Well, no one does, until they have them.- Grant/ Bandi

PennyMatterWIt.wav - Well, what's the matter with it. I don't know. Do you think she's alright? Huh?- Grant/Dunne

PennyNewspaperman.wav - I hate to see a nice girl like you get mixed up with a newspaperman.- Buchanan

PennyOtherCouple.wav - Please don't show her to that other couple until we've seen her, will you? I won't my dear.- Dunne/Bandi

PennyParty.wav - You know, this party might turn out alright at that.- Buchanan

PennyPracticalRomantic.wav - Oohh. Now don't be so practical when I'm being highly romantic.- Grant

PennyShouldLeaveMe.wav - I don't blame you Julie. I don't blame you at all, you should leave me.- Grant

PennySquawking.wav - Well then, what are you squawking about?- Grant

PennyTakeChance.wav - If she'll take a chance on us we'll take a chance on her.- Grant

PennyTalkToLg.wav - Why didn't you tell me? Huh? Tell you what? What you and Applejack have been talking about. Miss Julie, I told you in confidence. What were we talking about? What did you say to her? You know about the uh...He told me. Told you what? Well, you know what we were talking about. The uh...What were we talking about? Roger, if you wanted to adopt a baby why didn't you talk to me. Yes, you should have told her by rights in the first place Roger not me. I'm not going to be the mother.-Dunne/Grant/Buchanan

PennyThatsRight.wav - That's right.- Grant

PennyThoughtUdLike.wav - I thought you'd like it.- Grant

PennyTrainOff.wav - Something about a train. I don't know whether it's the way it looks or the way it smells or what it is. Always makes me feel I want to be off somewhere.- Dunne

PennyVictrolaInsideLg.wav - Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? Guess not. Uhm. Have you got a victrola inside. Why yes, of course. Would you let me hear this one. Otherwise I'll have to take it home and imagine how it sounds. Don't you have a machine at home? No! Well why on earth did you buy 27...- Grant/Dunne

PennyWantMeToHelp.wav - Sure you don't want me to help?- Grant

PennyWayHonest.wav - I'm going this way, honest.- Grant

PennyWMeSafe.wav - Oh, well when you're with me you're safe.- Grant

Cary Grant (Roger Adams), Irene Dunne ( Julie Gardiner Adams) Beulah Bondi (Miss Oliver), Edgar Buchanan (Applejack)

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