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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

NotorActions.wav - When I don't love you Ill let you know. You haven't said anything. Actions speak louder than words.- Grant/Bergman

NotorAdvise.wav - There is nothing to be lost if we proceed as you advise.- Brazilian Ambass.

NotorAllAbout.wav - What's this all about huh?- Bergman

NotorAlright.wav - You're doing alright.- Grant

NotorBeEasy.wav - This isn't going to be easy.- Grant

NotorBelowBelt.wav - Right below the belt every time.- Bergman

NotorBoresMe.wav - Go away, the whole thing bores me.- Bergman

NotorCareful.wav - I'll just have to be careful, that is all.- (one of the German baddies)

NotorCleanHouse.wav - Cleaning house huh?- Grant

NotorClink.wav - (clinking glass in the winecellar)

NotorDaydream.wav - Nice daydream, then what?- Grant

NotorDispute.wav - I'd like to dispute that with you.- Grant

NotorFeelBetter.wav - Feel better?- Grant

NotorFinishIt.wav - Finish it.- Grant

NotorGetOverIt.wav - I get over it.- Grant

NotorGoAhead.wav - All right, go ahead if you wanta.- Calhern

NotorGoingOnLG.wav - Whats the matter. Don't look so tense. Troubles? Well Handsome I think you better tell Momma what's going on.- Bergman

NotorGrinLG.wav - What does the speedometer say. 65. I want to make it 80 and wipe that grin off your face. I don't like gentlemen who grin at me.- Bergman/Grant

NotorHandleIt.wav - You can handle it.- Grant

NotorHappenB4.wav - Hasn't something like this happened before?- Bergman

NotorHaveHead.wav - At that you have a head on you Madame.- Grant

NotorHeadAche.wav - That's your headache.- Grant

NotorHideousParty.wav - I'm very sorry. You all have to go. It has been a perfectly hideous party.- Bergman

NotorImportWork.wav - I don't see why we're arguing about petty things like this. We've got important work to do.- Calhern

NotorJanitorLG.wav - This is a bit weird. I'm terrified. Just pretend you're a janitor. Janitors are never terrified. I have a feeling they're very slow. We're on schedule, take it easy.- Grant/Bergman

NotorLine.wav - Bet you've heard that line often enough.- Grant

NotorLogical.wav - That sounds very logical.- Bergman

NotorLookAwful.wav - You look like something awful.- Costa

NotorLookHot.wav - You don't look so hot.- Grant

NotorMakeFunMe.wav - You enjoy making fun of me, don't you?- Grant

NotorNotBad.wav - How am I doing? Not bad.- Bergman/Grant

NotorNotFunny.wav - That's not funny.- Grant

NotorNoTrouble.wav - Sure you can handle it? No trouble.- Cop/Grant

NotorOooh.wav - ooooh.- Bergman

NotorPartyCrash.wav - Well, it doesn't matter. I like party crashers.- Bergman

NotorPutOff.wav - Oh, I'm not that easily put off.- Bergman

NotorRaggedEnd.wav - Look like the ragged end of nowhere.- Grant

NotorRumpus.wav - I'll raise quite a rumpus if you try.- Grant

NotorScared.wav - Oh, you're not scared of anything eh? Not too much!- Grant

NotorSkipIt.wav - Skip it.- Grant

NotorSnapOut.wav - Snap out of it.- Grant

NotorStupidity.wav - We are protected by the enormity of your stupidity.- Kanstantin

NotorTellMama.wav - Well handsome I think you better tell Momma what's going on.- Bergman

NotorTense.wav - Don't look so tense. Troubles?- Bergman

NotorThatsAlright.wav - That's alright.- Grant

NotorThatsRight.wav - That's right.- Grant

NotorThinkOver.wav - Yes. But I've had time to think it over.- Grant

NotorTimeSelf.wav - Havin' a time for yourself, aren't ya?- Cop

NotorTooLate.wav - It's too late for that now, isn't it?- Grant

NotorToughJob.wav - Keep on your toes. It's a tough job we're on.- Grant

NotorUsefulIdea.wav - Well, I think its a useful idea.- Grant

NotorWeird.wav -This is a bit weird.- Grant

NotorWhatHappened.wav - Come on. What happened? What happened?- Grant

NotorWhatMatter.wav - What's the matter?- Bergman

Cary Grant (Devlin), Ingrid Bergman (Alicia Huberman), Claude Rains (Alexander Sebastian), Louis Calhern (Paul Prescott) Mme. Konstantin (Mme. Sebastian)

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