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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

NNWAllFor.wav - I'm all for that.- Grant

NNWAshamedSelf.wav - You ought to be ashamed of yourself.- Cop

NNWBigGirl.wav - I'm a big girl. Yeah. And in all the right places too.- Saint/Grant

NNWCallPolice.wav - Somebody call the police.- Grant

NNWChasAddams.wav - Now that's a picture only Charles Addams could draw.- Grant

NNWChoice.wav - Here they come. We have no choice.- Grant

NNWcoin.wav - (coin tossed at window)

NNWCollapse.wav - How we doing? Oh, I may collapse at any moment.- Saint/Grant

NNWComeOut.wav - Come out, come out, wherever you are.- Saint

NNWComforting.wav - It's comforting to know that.- Saint

NNWDangerous.wav - I'm a dangerous assassin. I'm a mad killer on the loose. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.- Grant/Cop

NNWDecieving.wav - So you see there is very little sense in maintaining this fiction that you're deceiving us any more than we're deceiving you.- Mason

NNWDeduce.wav - I don't deduce. I observe.- Grant

NNWDirections.wav - All those involved and explicit directions.- Grant

NNWDisgraceful.wav - You are disgraceful.- Landis

NNWDontBelieve.wav - I don't believe it either.- Grant

NNWFair.wav - It doesn't seem quite fair does it?- Grant

NNWFairIsFair.wav - Fair is fair.- Grant

NNWGassed.wav - Stick out your tongue and say Ahh. Better move back. Ahhhhh. Have you been drinking? Doctor, I am gassed.- Doctor/Grant

NNWGoodToMe.wav - Tell me. Why are you so good to me? Shall I climb up and tell you why?- Grant/Saint

NNWHandleWCare.wav -Handle with care fellas. In there. I'm valuable property.- Grant/Cop

NNWHappyThgts.wav - Happy thoughts..etc...etc.- Grant

NNWHateFun.wav - I may go back to hating you. It was more fun.- Grant

NNWHowDisgusting.wav - How disgusting.- Grant

NNWJoke.wav - Oh come off it. What is this, a joke or something.- Grant

NNWJumpPlane.wav - You want me to jump off a moving plane?- Grant

NNWKnife.wav - He's got a knife, look out.- lady at UN

NNWLater.wav - We'll get to that later.- Grant

NNWMessage.wav - I get the message.- Grant

NNWModest.wav - Don't be so modest.- Saint

NNWModestOoops.wav - Don't be so modest. OOOoops.- Saint/Grant

NNWMoreAbout.wav - Do you mean you're not going to do any more about this?- Grant

NNWOldMan.wav - Sorry old man. Too bad. Keep trying.- Grant

NNWPerformance.wav - What a performance!- Grant

NNWProbPlans.wav - Now wouldn't it be nice if my problems and your plans were somehow connected.- Grant

NNWQuestions.wav - Right away? Yes. No questions asked? Yes. No, I can't do that.- Grant/Saint

NNWRealBullets.wav - That wasn't very sporting. Using real bullets.- Mason

NNWRidiculous.wav - This is ridiculous. You know that don't you? Yes. I mean, we've hardly met. That's right.- Saint/Grant

NNWRunningAllDay.wav - Anyone mind if I sit down? I've been running all day.- Grant

NNWSchemes.wav - You and your dopey schemes.- Grant

NNWSeriousMistake.wav - You're making a serious mistake. This is not going to lead to a very happy conclusion.- Grant/Mason

NNWSoRough.wav - Not so rough!- Grant

NNWStay.wav - Stay where you are.- Hutchinson

NNWSurpriseMe.wav - Don't tell me where we're going. Surprise me.- Grant

NNWThankslift.wav - Thanks for the lift fellas.- Grant

NNWUAlright.wav - You alright?- Grant

NNWUnderpaid.wav - I'm beginning to think I'm underpaid.- Grant

NNWUnreasonable.wav - And I get, well, kind of unreasonable about things like that.- Grant

NNWWhat.wav - What?- Cop

NNWWhatDevil.wav - What the devil is that supposed to mean?- Grant

NNWWhoops.wav - Whoooops.- Grant

NNWWhoseSide.wav - Whose side are you on?- Saint

NNWWicked.wav - Not lucky. Naughty, wicked, up to no good.- Grant

NNWWorkPlay.wav - All work and no play.- Grant

Cary Grant (Roger O. Thornhill), Eva Marie Saint (Eve Kendall), James Mason (Phillip Van Damm), Jessie Royce Landis ( Clara Thornhill), Leo G. Carroll =The Professor), Josephine Hutchinson ( Handsome Woman), Philip Ober ( Lester Townsend), Martin Landau ( Leonard), Adam Williams ( Valerian), Edward Platt ( Victor Larrabee), Robert Ellenstein ( Licht), Patrick McVey ( Chicago Policeman)

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