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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
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None3sCrowd.wav - Now don't you think I know three's a crowd.- Duprez

NoneAggrinoying.wav - Very agrinoying thing love.- Fitzgerald

NoneAppealToMe.wav - That's the way. Appeal to me. I might be persuaded. I'm a reasonable man.- Grant

NoneBaconEgg.wav - As the bacon said to the egg, 'so pleased to meet ya.'- Fitzgerald

NoneBeingRude.wav - Don't you think you're being rude?- Coulouris

NoneBestBy.wav - Mean to do my best by you Ma Love.- Grant

NoneBirdsFor.wav - Don't be all year about it. Have to fight the birds for it.- Barrymore

NoneBlackAce.wav - Black as the Ace I am.- Grant

NoneBlindsScience.wav - Fair blinds you with science don't she?- Grant

NoneBlinkinIdiots.wav - Blinkin' idiots, pair of 'em.- Grant

NoneBottomSmacked.wav - Anyone so thoughtless ought to have their bottom smacked Ma.- Grant

NoneBoxClever.wav - Have to box clever there.- Grant

NoneBrainLookAbout.wav - Give me time to use my brain and look about! What's the use of that?- Grant/Duprez

NoneBrotherAnimal.wav - As I was out walkin' I saw in the distance what seemed an animal. Come up closer and see it was a man. Come still closer and see it was my brother.- Grant

NoneChgMind.wav - I live so close I can fairly hear you change your mind.- neighbor

NoneCleanHumanLifeLg.wav - Where's that clean human life the books tell us about? When's the world coming out of it's midnight? When does the human soul get off it's knees? I'm too old Verdun to tell you that. Something shuddering in the air these days.- Grant/Fitzgerald

NoneConfidence.wav - No future in me for anyone like you. No confidence.- Grant

NoneCouple.wav - Happy couple aren't we?- Grant

NoneCry.wav - Want to see me cry.- Duprez

NoneCryingGive.wav - I'll only start crying so give over now.- Duprez

NoneDallyFriend.wav - Can't dally with friendship when makin' your living's in the air ya know.- Fitzgerald

NoneDimple.wav - Who give ya that? What? The dimple in your chin. Present from me Pa.- Wyatt/Grant

NoneDogBall.wav - I see'd in the paper that a man apparently has a dog that brings home a tennis ball each day. I wonder where he gets it.- Fitzgerald

NoneDogs.wav - What's the dog doing here? I don't go out with dogs you know.- Duprez

NoneDoSomething4.wav - Expect you to do something for me tonight.- Grant

NoneEFlat.wav - E Flat.- Grant

NoneFlea.wav - Excuse me if I put a flea in your ear.- Shayne

NoneFool.wav - You're the biggest fool I ever met Aggie.- Grant

NoneFootFlat.wav - Can't get anymore out of it. Me foot's flat on the floor now!- Jones Brother

NoneFrettin.wav - Stay put so I don't hada keep frettin' my fat about ya.- Fitzgerald

NoneFryOwnFat.wav - You're frying yourself in your own fat.- Shayne

NoneGoAlong.wav - Don't figure you want me to go along do ya?- Grant

NoneGoodForDog.wav - Nothin' too good for that dog Ma. Part of myself he is.- Grant

NoneGuts.wav - Got more respect for me guts I have.- Grant

NoneHareHound.wav - Well, that's what it's all about. Be a victim or be a thug. But suppose you don't want to be neither, like me. Not the hare and not the hound. Then what?- Grant

NoneHatpin.wav - Now you're standing there lookin' as if I jabbed you with your own hatpin or something.- Grant

NoneHeartToSell.wav - Where could I find the heart to sell such an object?- Shayne

NoneHerNervous.wav - Now why would you want to make her nervous?- Grant

NoneHitSon.wav - Looks like you made a hit there son.- Fitzgerald

NoneHitTrain.wav - Hit by a train. Head on collision. Half the wheels still spinnin' in me head.- Grant

NoneHonest.wav - I know you like it honest.- Grant

NoneHowWas.wav - Asked how I was did ya? Well, can't bumble been better, been worse.- Fitzgerald

NoneIceMagic.wav - Makes it's own ice, why that's magic.- neighbor

NoneInsideSheeps.wav - Oh my, sheep's heart again? Are we that poor to be eatin' the insides of sheeps and cows day in and day out?- Grant

NoneInvention.wav - I happen to be workin' on my greatest invention at the present time. A human animal which don't look for a master. Ain't easy.- Grant

NoneInvolvedHere.wav - I can see you don't realize what's involved here.- Snowden

NoneIrregardless.wav - The pleasure to serve you, irregardless.- Shayne

NoneJustAsWorse.wav - They're just as worse. My eyes tell me.- Fitzgerald

NoneKiss.wav - Everything with a kiss.- Shayne

NoneKissDeeper.wav - Everytime you kiss me it gets deeper.- Grant

NoneKnees.wav - Makes me give at the knees this surprise of yours.- Grant

Nonelaughcgeb.wav - laugh- Grant/Barrymore

NoneLeaveMe.wav - Leave me? You'll never leave me you lopsided old muggins.- Grant

NoneLessSaid.wav - Less said the better.- Grant

NoneLifeShort.wav - Life's too short.- thug

NoneLuckyMe.wav - Lucky me.- Grant

NoneMakeMove.wav - I better make a move.- Grant

NoneMatchFire.wav - Make a lovely match they will. Yes, to start a fire.- Barrymore/Grant

NoneMaWhats.wav - Your Ma knows what's what.- Coulouris

NoneMaybeWill.wav - Maybe I will.- Grant

NoneMaybeWont.wav - Or maybe I won't.- Grant

NoneMice.wav - Quiet as mice ain't we?- Grant

NoneMindElse.wav - I see your mind is somewhere else today.- Shayne

NoneMineTeeth.wav - Yes, I got mine. Looks as if it's all in your teeth.- Duryea/Grant

NoneMissMe.wav - Miss me?- Barrymore

NoneMoney.wav - Money? Where does money come from Ma? Ya earn it, ya steal it. Ya find it. Someone leaves it to ya.- Grant

NoneMoneyGoodbye.wav - Money talks they say. But all it ever said to me was 'Goodbye'.- Grant

NoneMysteriousRm.wav - Very mysterious the room of the girl ya love.- Grant

NoneNobodyhome.wav - Sunday or ain't it? Nobody home. Nobody home.- shopkeeper

NoneNothingSay.wav - But I've got nothing more to say.- Snowden

NoneOnlyFriend.wav - Someday you'll know I'm your only friend.- Barrymore

NoneOwnNatureLG.wav - Don't worry for me. I'm here if you need me. I can't help my own nature. If I love you it's something I can't help, and something that I need. People are what they are and love what they love, and I don't see any sense in trying to be something else. I wouldn't trade it for a box at the opera, the thing I feel for you. And you can't change it or take it away from me. And there you are mister jack in the box.- Wyatt

NonePainter.wav - Wish'd I was a painter. And you'd do what? Well, what does a painter do?- Grant/Duprez

NonePastry.wav - Who's the piece of pastry in the jersey?- Grant

NonePcMeat.wav - Life is a piece of meat when you know how.- Grant

NonePeaceLg.wav - Peace! That's what I'm looking for, I want peace. With happy hearts, and straight bones without dirt and distress. Surprises ya don't it? Peace! That's what us minions want, without having to snatch it from the smaller dogs. Peace to be not a hound and not a hare. But peace with pride, to have a decent human life. With all the trimmings. Won't find nothin' like that in this world.- Grant/Barrymore

NonePickelJar.wav - Wow! Rolled a nice cold pickle jar down my back you did.- Grant

NoneProgram.wav - Interesting program. But what's it get me?- Duprez

NoneProperLovely.wav - Proper lovely to be alive and have friends like you Dad.- Grant

NoneProud.wav - Makes me proud, you think I can do that Ma Love.- Grant

NoneQuid.wav - Now why would I take your quid?- Grant

NoneRabbit.wav - Stand back. Let the man see the rabbit.- Grant

NoneRespect.wav - A bit of proper respect is what's needed.- Barrymore

NoneRichBlood.wav - Too rich for my blood.- Barrymore

NoneScientificLife.wav - How has he crept into your young scientific life?- Grant

NoneSeeThrough.wav - Seen right through me you did!- Grant

NoneSensibleBoys.wav - Count you as one of the most sensible boys that ever put foot inside a shoe. Be careful. - Fitzgerald

NoneSimpleDifficult.wav - Why were you ever making simple things difficult?- Grant

NoneSlippedMind.wav - Almost slipped my mind.- Grant

NoneSmoke.wav - All alike you women. I don't go on no timetables like a train. I'm Ernie Mott, citizen of the great smoke and I don't stay put.- Grant

NoneSomething.wav - What are you gonna do about it? Something.- Wyatt/Grant

NoneSong.wav - He's the boy for me. I'm the girl for him. He's my lump of toffee, cake and pudding.- Grant

NoneSonOf.wav - Son of my bosom, that's what you are. Son of your nothing.- Fitzgerald/Grant

NoneSpiritMorn.wav - Spirit of the morning Ma. Here's you and here's me all in one piece, in working order. Terrah Chin.- Grant

NoneStork.wav - Reckon the stork brought you the wrong sort of son.- Grant

NoneStuffCalled.wav - What's this stuff called?- Grant

NoneTakeAllDay.wav - Don't take all day.- Coulouris

NoneTempted.wav - Never been so tempted in all me born days.- Grant

NoneTerrahChin.wav - Terrah Chin!- Grant

NoneThatsThat2.wav - And that's that. That's that.- Grant/Barrymore

NoneThatsThatcg.wav - And that's that.- Grant

NoneThink.wav - Just give me time to think.- Grant

NoneThinkAfraidLg.wav - Just give me time to think. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.- Grant

NoneTieLambsTail.wav - What makes that tie the lamb's tail?- Grant

NoneTimeTomorrow.wav - Time is not of the essence with me. No place to go and going there tomorrow.- Grant

NoneTireOut.wav - Tire me out ya do.- Barrymore

NoneTramp.wav - You know me ducky, tramp of the universe.- Grant

NoneTravelHounds.wav - Travel with the hounds.- Grant

NoneTroubleSon.wav - You're in trouble son.- Fitzgerald

NoneUDo.wav - You do?- Grant

NoneUglyLife.wav - And what an ugly insanitary life it is.- Grant

NoneUniform.wav - Ya know I can't understand why a man of your talents wears them rags. Clothes are a lot of blinking excitement about nothin' most of the time. As to what you call my rags. They are the uniform of my independence.- Coulouris/Grant

NoneUnusualPerson.wav - Very unusual person, didn't you know?- Grant

NoneWaitMinute.wav - Now, wait a minute!- Grant

NoneWallop.wav - What a wallop you give me Ada.- Grant

NoneWay.wav - There's a way.- Grant

NoneWetWater.wav - Wet is water. (snap)- Grant

NoneWhat.wav - What?- Duprez

NoneWhatHappened2.wav - What happened? What happened?- Grant

NoneWhatMatter.wav - Now then, what's the matter?- Coulouris

NoneWhatsThis.wav - What's this?- Grant

NoneWhatsUp.wav - What's up?- Grant

NoneWhosTalkin.wav - Who's talkin' to you?- Grant

NoneWhy.wav - Why?- Grant

NoneWild.wav - You talk so wild!- Grant

NoneWind.wav - Quick! Let a wind come and blow it all to pieces.- Grant

NoneWomen.wav - All alike you women!- Grant

Cary Grant (Ernie Mott), Ethel Barrymore (Ma Mott), Barry Fitzgerald (Twite), June Duprez (Ada), Jane Wyatt (Aggie Hunter)

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