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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
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NaD2SylableWords.wav -Doesn't anybody know any 2 sylable words? Sure, I used to know a couple.- Simms/Grant

NaD4DLove.wav -Love can be a delight a dilemma a disease or a disaster.- Woolley

NaDAmSmiling.wav - It's hard to tell with this beard, but I am smiling.- Woolley

NaDBeAlone.wav - You ever wanted to be alone? Yes, but with somebody. Very funny.- Woolley/Wyman

NaDCameInMiddle.wav - Would you mind repeating that? I came in in the middle.- Grant

NaDCardGame.wav - And maybe you don't know it but marriage is more than a card game.- Smith

NaDCountry.wav - Charming! That's what I love about the country. Peace and solitude.- Woolley

NaDCritSense.wav - Say, you've not only got rosebuds, you've got a critical sense.- Grant

NaDCryIntoBeer.wav - Well, now that we're in a completely happy state of mind shall we go to Delmonicos? At least there'll be champagne to cry into. I always thought it was customary to cry into stale beer.- Grant/Smith

NaDDanielBoone.wav - Daniel Boone here just showed me Indiana the hard way. I packed in a hurry and unfortunately only brought one pair of feet.- Woolley

NaDDeal.wav - Then its a deal? Its a deal.- Grant/Smith

NaDEverything.wav - I've never stopped thinking about you. Everything I've written. Everyplace I've been. Everything I've done. You've never been out of my mind.- Grant

NaDExploring.wav - Well, there are possibilities that might be worth exploring.- Woolley

NaDFauxPaux.wav - Oh. I'm afraid I made a faux pas.- Club Owner

NaDFlop.wav - Well, it was like when I got married. That was a flop. But it didn't stop me. I went out and got married again. That was a flop too. Did that stop you? No. But it slowed me down a little.- Tommy/Grant

NaDFollowMeMen.wav - All you have to say is 'Follow me men' and don't be surprised when they do.- Woolley

NaDForgiveAbrupt.wav - I know this is rather abrupt, do forgive me.- Grant

NaDGoSomewhere.wav - Why don't we go somewhere, get away?- Grant

NaDGrewBeard.wav - What did you do before you got into showbusiness? I grew a beard.- actress/Woolley

NaDHaveFun.wav - Come on, we're supposed to have fun.- Grant

NaDHearThat.wav - You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that.- Smith

NaDHelloBroadwayDrunk.wav - Hello Broadway! Well, hello Hollywood! Oh no, it's goodbye Hollywood. Why, how did you leave the place? Drunk.- Woolley/Grant

NaDHelloHollywood.wav - Goodbye Broadway. Hello Hollywood.- Woolley/Grant

NaDHelpYou.wav - May I help you?- Grant

NaDImpressive.wav - Well, that's very impressive.- Grant

NaDInterrupting.wav - I trust I'm interrupting something.- Woolley

NaDKeepBusy.wav - You must keep busy.- Grant

NaDLateEarly.wav - And furthermore, you've been coming in very late for your classes every morning. Ah yes, but I've been making up for it by going home very early every afternoon.- Proff./ Woolley

NaDLosingMind.wav - I think I'm losing my mind, no?- Arden

NaDLovelyAs.wav - I've often wondered if you were as lovely as I thought you were.- Grant

NaDLoveManyTimes.wav - I understand everything. I was in love myself once, many times.- Arden

NaDLunchLg.wav - What's the matter with you today Carol? I'll be frank Mr Porter, it's your attitude, I don't like it. Why not? I've worked with lots of piano players. They've made propositions, they've made insulting remarks, they were always trying. You, you haven't made a single pass. You're polite all the time. You treat me as if I were a lady. I'll be frank Mr. Porter, I resent it. Oh, I never realized. Here, have a sandwich. I know I've got natural attributes. I'll be frank Mr. Porter, you've got natural attributes too. It seems a shame we can't attribute them to each other. Well, you're extremely attractive Carol, but uh, you're not eating your sandwich. Oh. I know I shouldn't be saying these things to you. You should be saying them to me. But gather ye rosebuds while ye may. And I'll be frank Mr. Porter, my rosebuds are at the height of the season. Milk.- Grant/Simms

NaDManInvolved.wav - But let me warn you darling. If there is a man involved he will fall in love with me. I don't know how it happens, but it happens.- Arden

NaDMentalCalesthenics.wav - No, that requires no great mental calisthenics my dear.- Woolley

NaDmessedup.wav - Don't you think you've messed things up pretty badly?- Woolley

NaDModMed.wav - Do they teach anything at that medical school of your's that might possibly explain Porter's behavior? Modern medicine can only go so far.- Woolley/Woods

NaDNervous.wav - Don't be nervous. Who's nervous? I am!- Wyman/Martin

NaDNoDoubt.wav - No doubt!- Grant

NaDNosesUpRent.wav - I warn you. When I move into a neighborhood noses go up and rents come down.- Woolley

NaDObscurity.wav - Where are we going? Out of obscurity.- Grant/Woolley

NaDOutOfMindLg.wav - He must be losing his mind.- Grant

NaDPayRent.wav - Excuse me Gracie while I pay the rent.- Grant

NaDPleasure.wav - This is a pleasure. I assure you the pleasure is all your's. Well, thank you.- Grant/Smith

NaDPreoccupied.wav - I hardly ever see you and when I do you're so vague and preoccupied.- Smith

NaDRegrettable.wav - Very regrettable.- Club owner.

NaDRosebudsLg.wav - Doesn't anybody know any two sylable words. Sure, I used to know a couple. Hey, you can write better music than that. Hey, you've not only got rosebuds, you've got a critical sense.- Simms/Grant

NaDSensationElse.wav - I myself have a sensation elsewhere.- Woolley

NaDSongLikeThis.wav - Have you no feeling for a song like this?- Lady in the audience.

NaDSound1.wav - Oh- Grant

NaDsound2.wav - Giggle- Grant

NaDSuccess.wav - Well, nothing is ever as successful as success.- Woolley

NaDSuffered.wav - You're wonderful, you're different. What happened? I suffered.- Grant/Wyman

NaDSureSureSure.wav - Alright, sure, sure, sure, I'll tell him.- theatre man

NaDTalkToU.wav - I've got to talk to you.- Grant

NaDThingDidHadnt.wav - That was a wonderful thing you did. But I wish you hadn't. - Grant

NaDTried.wav - I've tried. I've really tried. But it isn't any use.- Grant

NaDWhat.wav - What?- Grant

NaDWhatsaMatter.wav - Whatsa matter?- Grant

NaDWomanWSoul.wav - How about a glass of sherry to thaw you out. I see before me a woman with a soul.- Royle/Woolley

NaDWonderfulMan.wav - Where is he? Where's that wonderful man?- Simms

NaDWrongGetOver.wav - Something's wrong with it it just didn't get over.- Grant

NaDYes.wav - Yes.- Grant

NaDYesYesYes.wav - Hum? Yes, yes, yes.- Grant

NaDYoureTheTopALL.wav - The entire song with Cary Grant and Ginny Simms. Long, but worth it. Someday I'll size it down with MP3.

Cary Grant (Cole Porter), Alexis Smith (Linda Lee Porter), Monty Woolley (Himself), Ginny Simms (Carole Hill), Jane Wyman (Gracie Harris), Eve Arden (Gabrielle)

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