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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

InNameAlarmClock.wav - Pardon me Madame, do you snore? No. Oh, well then I guess I'll have to buy an alarm clock won't I?- Grant/Lombard

InNameAllSettled.wav - Well, that's all settled isn't it?huh.- Grant

InNameAlotKnow.wav - There's a lot you have to know. I might as well start now.- Grant

InNameAnsMe.wav - You haven't answered me.- Grant

InNameArrested.wav - Could get us arrested.- Grant

InNameBabbling.wav - Who's babbling?- Lombard

InNameBearPunish.wav - Certainly a bear for punishment.- Grant

InNameBeatenU.wav - Even when we're alone you can do it. Do what Dear? Make it look as if I'd beaten you. And make me feel I want to.- Grant/Frances

InNameBigAppetites.wav - I like people with big appetites.- Grant

InNameBilious.wav - Hmmm well, sounds very practical. Bilious, but practical.- Grant

InNameBlowLike.wav - (loud blowing nose) There, now when you can blow like that young lady you'll be somebody.- Grant

InNameBlushing.wav - Why Darling you're blushing! I am not!- Lombard/Grant

InNameCantDoAnything.wav - I'm afraid I can't do anything about it.- Grant

InNameCantSee.wav - Can't you see it's no good? Can't you see it's no use? Go away and let me have some peace. Forget it all and let me forget it. I can't live like this.-Lombard

InNameCareManStyle.wav - Can you take care of a man in the style he's not been accustomed to?- Grant

InNameCatMouse.wav - You know. When the cat's away the mouse will play.- Grant

InNameCigarette.wav - Want a cigarette? No thanks. Neither do I.- Grant/Lombard

InNameConversation.wav - Conversation is just a nervous habit with a lot of people.- Lombard

InNameCute.wav - I'm not cute.- Grant

InNameDearX2.wav - Dear, dear!- Grant

InNameDefeatsAgain.wav - She defeats me again.- Grant

InNameDiffSituation.wav - It's rather a difficult situation.- Coburn

InNameDirect.wav - You're so direct! You're not exactly oblique yourself.- Vinson/Grant

InNameDrankOrWorse.wav - Alright. I picked him up. Or he picked me up. I'm not sure which. Anyway it was all pretty raw. I shouldn't be surprised if he drank or even worse.- Lombard

InNameDreaming.wav - I must have been dreaming.- Grant

InNameEasterBunny.wav - Merely because I happen to think you're attractive you want me to throw my whole life away. What kind of person do you think I am anyway? An Easter Bunny.- Vinson/Grant

InNameEverythingDiff.wav - Everything's different now!- Grant

InNameExerciseTest.wav - I'm just doing this for the exercise. A test for keeping my temper.- Lombard

InNameFirstPlaceLg.wav - Well, why didn't you tell me that in the first place? I didn't want to stop you. I like watching you.- Lombard/Grant

InNameFoolMe.wav - You wouldn't fool me would you?- Grant

InNameFoolTried.wav - You didn't think you could make a fool out of me did you? I tried.- Vinson/Grant

InNameGdMorning.wav - Well, Good Morning.- Grant

InNameGenerationRomance.wav - That's the trouble with your generation, you're so skeptical. Where's your sense of romance?- Grant

InNameHateToTell.wav - I hate to tell you this, but..- Grant

InNameHelloThere.wav - Hello there!- Grant

InNameHowCouldU.wav - How could you do it?- Grant

InNameInCountry.wav - Hmmmm. You never can tell what people may have in the country.- Grant

InNameIngenuity.wav - I admire you're ingenuity. But it won't work.- Frances

InNameIntentioncg.wav - That was the intention.- Grant

InNameIntentionEl.wav - That was the intention.- Garner

InNameIsThatWhat.wav - Is that what you wanted?- Lombard

InNameKissU.wav - May I kiss you?- Grant

InNameKnowIt.wav - I know it.- Grant

InNameKnowThat.wav - How did you know that?- Lombard

InNameLeftOnBoat.wav - Don't forget to get left on the boat.- Grant

InNameLetInForIt.wav - You're an awful fool to let yourself in for it.- Grant

InNameLikeEm.wav - I like'd 'em!- Grant

InNameLittlePictures.wav - Ahahah. Little pictures, big ears.- Grant

InNameLooseHusband.wav - Go away and leave such a fasinating husband around loose.- Vinson

InNameLyFor.wav - You needn't lie for him any more my dear.- Coburn

InNameMatterW.wav - Like it? Yes. What's the matter with it?- Grant/Lombard

InNameMenWallpaper.wav - Well, I see it all now. The world would be a better place to live in if men didn't buy wallpaper, huh?- Grant

InNameMess.wav - Oh, what a mess! What an awful mess I got you into.- Grant

InNameMindMuch.wav - So, would you mind very much?- Vinson

InNameMiserable.wav - I hope you'll be miserable.- Frances

InNameMixUp.wav - Well, it must have been quite a mix up last night. I wish I hadn't slept through it all. It wasn't that dull was it?- Grant/Lombard

InNameMyJob.wav - No, that's my job.- Grant

InNameNotion.wav - I haven't the remotest notion.- Grant

InNameNotMerry.wav - Did I not wish you a Merry Christmas? No, you didn't. Well, I don't wish you a Merry Christmas. I don't wish the same to you either.- Baxter/Grant

InNameOutOfMind.wav - You must be out of your mind.- Grant

InNamePersonality.wav - Beautiful personality that.- Grant

InNamePesterHim.wav - Don't be silly, he's fooling you because you pester him so much.- Lombard

InNamePracticallyWierd.wav - It's practically wierd!- Grant

InNameReady.wav - Ready?- Grant

InNameReallyDo.wav - How I envy someone who can really do something.- Frances

InNameSeeAgain.wav - You don't want to see me again, is that it? Well, of course not! We'll probably run into each other. People usually do in the country.- Grant/Lombard

InNameSenseHere.wav - What's the sense of your coming here at all?- Lombard

InNameSimpleAsThat.wav - What makes you think it's as simple as that?- Frances

InNameSomethingMen.wav - You know there's something about men! I don't know.- Lombard

InNameSorryThisWay.wav - I'm sorry it has to be this way.- Coburn

InNameSound1.wav - giggle- Grant

InNameSound2.wav - uhhum- Grant

InNameSound3.wav - hmmmMM- Grant

InNameSound4.wav - ohhumm- Grant

InNameSporting.wav - It's all so sporting.- Frances

InNameStand.wav - Well, at least we know where we stand. Both of us.- Grant

InNameTakeWhatGet.wav - Maida, you might as well take what you can get from Alec because you won't get anything from me.- Coburn

InNameTalkToU.wav - And that's something I want to talk to you about. It has nothing to do with me.- Grant/Lombard

InNameTeleDrGirlLg.wav - I haven't the remotest notion. She calls me up every now and then and we talk. I call her my telephone dream girl. It's practically wierd.- Grant

InNameTellHimBetter.wav - I think you know what to tell him better than I do.- Moscovitch

InNameThisWay.wav - This is the way.- Grant

InNameTiredNervous.wav - Now, nothing's the matter. I'm just a little tired and nervous.- Frances

InNameURFacinating.wav - I think you're fascinating.- Grant

InNameWantTalk.wav - I want to talk to you.- Grant

InNameWhat.wav - What?- Frances

InNameWhat2.wav - What?- Lombard

InNameWhat3.wav - What?- Lombard

InNameWhat4.wav - What?- Grant

InNameWhy.wav - Why?- Grant

InNameWontCatch.wav - You won't catch anything that way.- Grant

Cary Grant (Alec Walker), Carole Lombard (Julie Eden), Kay Francis (Maida Walker), Charles Coburn (Mr. Richard Walker)

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