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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

monkacetates.wav - Well, Miss Laurel was just showing me her acetates.- Grant

monkamazed.wav - You'd be amazed doctor. Oh no, I wouldn't be amazed. I've done a lot of experimenting with this kind of thing.- Monroe/Grant

monkappall.wav - I think it's appalling.- Grant

monkbitter.wav - Oh, it even makes the water taste bitter.- Grant

monkbosh.wav - Oh Bosh!- Rogers

monkbosh2.wav - Oh Bosh!- Keating

monkbygeo.wav - By George! By George!- Coburn

monkbythen.wav - Oh, we can do lots of things by then. Can't we?- Grant

monkcary.wav - Not yet Cary.- Narrator

monkchemist.wav - Well that's the trouble about being a chemist. You know, you can't actually think.- Grant

monkcivilized.wav - Well, let's be civilized about this. Alright.- mother in law/Grant

monkconclusion.wav - Now, I've thought this over very carefully and I've almost come to a conclusion.- Grant

monkcrying.wav - I'm so happy...(long crying)- Rogers

monkdelighted.wav - Delighted.- Grant

monkdeptwpower.wav - Hello? Department of water and power. Which one would you care to have cut off?- Grant

monkdidthingslg.wav - What I have to tell you is unbelievable. Yes, it is unbelievable on roller skates, hmm what balance. Well, I wasn't on roller skates all afternoon. Obviously. No, you'd never believe what I did. I broke records. huh? Oh, you'd have been amazed. I wish you could have been there. Well, I wish I had been too. I did things I never dreamed I'd do.- Grant/Rogers

monkdoagain.wav - Well, I hope I don't do it again.- Grant

monkdofor.wav - What did you do that for?!- Grant

monkelaborate.wav - Care to elaborate on that?- Grant

monkexcitement.wav - Well, you have a slight flush. Oh, that's probably due to my natural excitement.- assistant/Grant

monkfallsounds.wav - (Grant falling down laundry chute)

monkfamiliarity.wav - What? No, no, please. No familiarity just, just go to sleep.- infant/Grant

monkfeelings.wav - Don't worry, he has no feelings.- Marlowe

monkfeelwell.wav - Outside of being somewhat embarrassed I feel exceedingly well.- Rogers

monkfightdowe.wav - When we get mad we don't fight do we? Yes, we do!- Coburn/Grant

monkfishtrousers.wav - Did ya see him jump? I put a fish in his trousers. I know...- Rogers/Grant

monkform.wav - It will probably take an entirely different form.- Grant

monkgpig.wav - Now I know how a poor little guinea pig must feel.- Rogers

monkgrowl.wav - (growl)- Grant

monkgrowl2.wav - ('nother growl)- Grant

monkHI.wav - Hi!- Grant

monkhistdiscovery.wav - The history of discovery is the history of people who didn't follow rules.- Grant

monkhmm1.wav -(hmmm)- Grant

monkhuhooh.wav - huh? ooooh- Rogers

monkhuhuh.wav - (one of those nonphonetic sounds)- Grant

monkhurry.wav - Oh, well, hop in the bus, I'll get you there in a hurry.- Grant

monkimpossible.wav - Oh, that's impossible.- Grant

monkincred.wav - This is incredible.- Grant

monkinfantlg.wav - Oh, you mean that little pin-up girl? Very cute. Sort of, but half infant. Not the half that's visible. Huuuh, well, she's not my type.- Rogers/Grant

monkJoke.wav - Alright. Now say Terrify. Terrify. Now say Tissue. Tissue. Now say them both fast together. Terrify tissue? (laughing) - Grant/Monroe

monklanguage.wav - Well, the language is confusing but the actions are unmistakable.- Marlowe

monklaugh.wav - (laugh)- Grant

monklaugh4.wav -(laugh)- Grant

monklikekids.wav - Don't ya like children?- Winslow

monklikethat.wav - Oh, I like that.- Grant

monkluck.wav - Do not trifle with your luck.- Grant

monklurid.wav - Well, it's lurid and inaccurate.- Grant

monkmean.wav - I see what ya mean. Hmmm- Rogers/Grant

monkmotor.wav - Is your motor running? Is yours?- Monroe/Grant

monknofair.wav - No fair! No fair! No fair!- Rogers

monknohand.wav - (giggling)With no hands. Eh, Yeah, yeah. Honeymoon with no hands, yeah sure. Aren't you excited? Ah, Yes of course dear, but there's no hurry about it.- Rogers/Grant

monknotdisturb.wav - Would you please leave word that we're not to be disturbed.- Grant

monkoddrx.wav - You feel anything strange? Not a thing. How 'bout you Mr. Oxley. Oh, But I haven't taken anything. Oh yes you have Mr. Oxley. Hear that Barnaby, a rather odd reaction. Undoubtedly we can expect something soon. We certainly can.- Rogers/Coburn/Grant

monkohmy.wav - Oh my!- Grant

monkohno.wav - Oh no.- Grant

monkoutofman.wav - Now lets have no more of these false alarms. They certainly take it out of a man.- Coburn

monkplaywme.wav - Did you come to play with me?- Grant

monkpotatohead.wav - Well, I love you, you potatohead!- Rogers

monkreactions.wav - Well, we have to watch your reactions darling.- Grant

monkreactions2.wav - Well Edwina, I have to test your reactions. Oh Barney! Oh.- Grant/Rogers

monkridicday.wav - What a ridiculous way to start a day.- Grant

monkrollerskts.wav -What I have to tell you is unbelievable. Yes, it is unbelievable on roller skates. Hmmm, what balance.- Grant/Rogers

monkscalphim.wav - Let's tie him to a stake and scalp him. That's it. You mean for real? Sure.- Grant/kid

monksense.wav - Well now neither one of you is making sense.- Marlowe

monkshuddup.wav - That's better, now just mind your business and Shut Up.- Grant

monksmoke.wav - Holy Smokes!- Grant

monksnake.wav - Hello, Griffith Park Zoo, Snake Department. SSSSSSSSS. Hello, hello.- Grant

monksound.wav - (huhmmm)- Grant

monksqueal.wav - squeal- Rogers

monksqueal2.wav - another squeal- Rogers

monkstayhomeagain.wav - Tell me, anybody giving a party we can stay home from again tonight.- Grant

monksuperduper.wav - Hey, that's super duper. Oh, you like it? Oh boy, yeah.- Rogers/Grant

monktype.wav - Anybody can type.- Coburn

monkwarmup.wav - Takes a while to warm up. Does me too. huha- Grant/Monroe

monkwelli.wav - Well I! What do you think?- Grant/Rogers

monkwhat.wav - What?- Coburn

monkwhat2.wav -What?- Coburn

monkwhatIsaid.wav - That's what I said.- Rogers

monkwork.wav - Is it supposed to work right away?- Rogers

monkwornout.wav - Well, no wonder you're worn out.- Rogers

monkwrong.wav - Somethings wrong.- Grant

monkyell.wav - Why did you yell?- Grant

monkyesdear.wav - Yes dear.- Grant

monkyesdear2.wav - Yes dear.- Grant

monkyesknow.wav - Yes, I know.- Grant

monkzillion.wav - Oh, well you promised me a zillion dollars....and a nickel.- Grant

Cary Grant (Prof. Barnaby Fulton), Ginger Rogers (Edwina Fulton), Charles Coburn (Mr. Oliver Oxley), Marilyn Monroe (Lois Laurel)

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