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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
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mrl1stmomentLG.wav - Hold still a minute. Hey! There! I've wanted to do that since the first moment I saw you. What for?- Day/Grant

mrl4f.wav - 4-F. You look 1-A to me. You don't look so bad yourself.- Grant/Day

mrlahyeah.wav - Ah, yeah.- Grant

mrlapologize.wav - Oh that's alright. Don't apologize.- Grant

mrlargh.wav - yell- Stephenson

mrlbang.wav - Bang, Bang, Fella- Grant

mrlblow.wav - Go on, blow.- Grant

mrlbothdoit.wav - What!? You know it's no good if we both don't do it.- Carney

mrlboyyes.wav - That's the boy. Yes!- Bates

mrlbreakrules.wav - Oh, I wouldn't want you to break any rules.- Grant

mrlbribeargue.wav - Well, I'm not going to bribe you and I'm not going to argue with you. I'm giving an order.- Stephenson

mrlcheatfriend.wav - Never give a sucker an even break. But don't cheat a friend.- Grant

mrlcomecomecome.wav - Come, come, come, come, come.- Bates

mrlcontroloverU.wav - How long has it been since anyone had any control over you? Nobody ever has, and nobody ever will. And I'm tying my own knots.- Day/Grant

mrlczech.wav - But there's certain members who think that Greece, China, Czechoslovakia could use some. What?- Grant/ Kingsford

mrldeal.wav - Okay, you got a deal.- Grant

mrldoit.wav - Well, not everyone can do it.- Grant

mrldontdo.wav - Boss! Don't Do That!- Carney/Grant

mrldoublecross.wav - You don't mind if I double=cross myself do you?- Grant

mrldroppedpurl.wav - Hey ah, could ya help me? I dropped me purl.- Grant

mrlelephantfeet.wav - Didn't you see an elephant walk across the table with muddy feet?- Grant

mrlevenbreak.wav - Never give a sucker an even break and always keep an eye on a pal. Tsch, tsch.Remember that.- Grant

mrlexplainanything.wav - That doesn't explain anything.- Day

mrlfairwarning.wav - Fair warning.- Stephenson

mrlfewmen.wav - However I think I should warn you, we've had a few men before.- Day

mrlfirstmomentsaw.wav - There! I wanted to do that since the first moment I saw you.- Day

mrlfixedin.wav - (laugh) Everything's fixed, I'm in.- Grant

mrlgetaskingfor.wav - I think you ought to get what you're asking for.- Grant

mrlgethisdough.wav - Yeah? Where'd he get his dough?- Grant

mrlgoodsport.wav - You look like a pretty good sport.- Grant

mrlgypya.wav - I got it from a gambler. I wouldn't want to gyp ya.- Grant

mrlheartplate.wav - You still don't trust me? No, and ever since you first came in here I've been trying to figure out why. Look, what's a guy supposed to do? Put his heart on a plate before you'll trust him?- Grant/Day

mrlhorn.wav - car horn

mrlImher.wav - I'm her.- Grant

mrlinfluence.wav - How do you do it? Influence.- Cooper/Grant

mrljingleLG.wav - Piper highsic the I suppose on that guy's storm and strife in the tommy horner. Oh, wait a minute, I'm lost. Pipe...Piper eyes it. That's just pipe. Take a look. Yeah, at the I suppose. Oh, the nose. Yeah, On that guy's storm and strife in the tommy horner. On his wife, in the corner. Well, what happened? The guy came over and busted the Crunk in the snoot. Why? He was from Australia.- Grant/Day

mrljinx.wav - What's the matter with you? You crazy? You tryin' to jinx it or somethin'?- Carney

mrllaugh2.wav - (laugh)-Grant

mrlleg.wav - They don't even give you time to cut off a leg.- Stewart

mrllegal.wav - Can't ya wait and make the thing legal?- Grant

mrllikedit.wav - Yeah! I liked it!- Grant

mrllooksbad.wav - Well, ya see how it looks. And it looks bad.- Grant

mrlmud.wav - Ya just got some mud on your dress that's all. Give it time, let it dry. It'll brush off.- Grant

mrlnewhere.wav - You're new here aren't you?- Bickford

mrlnubnothing.wav - Kind of big isn't it? Well it's better than that stingy little nub of a nothing you wear.- Grant/Day

mrloklady.wav - Okay Lady.- Grant

mrlotherguyguessing.wav - (laugh) Well, the percentage was in our favor. The other guy was doing the guessing.- Grant

mrlpeaceloving.wav - Go on. I'm a peaceloving citizen.- Grant

mrlpeoplepoorLG1.wav - Well, it worked! Why wouldn't it work? You had a swell club to smack him with, Me! Joe! You think the worse thing that could happen to you is to marry me? To people like you folks like me are animals. We're so bad! And you're so very good. What do you expect, credit for it? How could you be anything else with what you had to start out with. You ought to be horsewhipped if you didn't turn out right. What are you so high and mighty about? What did you ever do? He's the guy who made all your dough for ya and he was born in a log cabin. You know where I grew up? In a one room shack with a dirt floor. You talk about this side of your family and that side of your family. As far as I know we only had one side and it was awful poor. - Day/Grant

mrlpeoplepoorLG2.wav - Lots of times there wasn't what for to eat. That's why I ran away when I was nine. I got tired of being hungry and seeing my old lady go hungry until she died! Please Joe. Oh I'm not complaining. It's okay with me. But I've just got a lesson in what gives with your kind of people. My kind? I just know that your kind can look through me like I was a pane of dirty glass. Well, it's not me Joe. It's people like Grandfather. I thought you knew how I felt. Sure I know. Anything for the cause. I'm not kidding myself sister. I know how I stand with you after you cash in on me.- Grant/Day

mrlpromoted.wav - I promoted it off a guy.- Grant

mrlpublicknitting.wav - We want a group of obviously masculine men to take up knitting, do it perfectly casually in public places.- Day

mrlrapinlife.wav - Go on, I never took a rap in my life.- Grant

mrlrelax.wav - Well, relax. Don't get excited.- Grant

mrlrib.wav - What is this, a rib?- Grant

mrlsirmadame.wav - Yes, sir or madame.- Grant

mrlstammer.wav - Well I'd, I, I.......- Cooper

mrlsttlesit.wav - That settles it!- Grant

mrlswtreason.wav - In the name of sweet reason what?- Stephenson

mrltakeeasy.wav - Take it easy. Just a minute.- Grant

mrltakenby.wav - I have been taken by War Relief Incorporated.- blanket seller

mrltakenin.wav - Well, we can make a dignified statement. We were taken in.- Cooper

mrltalkaboutit.wav - Well, I just don't like to talk about it, that's all.- Grant

mrlthankU.wav - Alright, thank you!- Grant

mrlthewhat.wav - The what?- Day

mrlthrowyourway.wav - I may throw something your way.- Grant

mrltie.wav - Do you mind if I show you how to tie it properly?- Day

mrltough.wav - Brother, ya got to understand he wasn't just ordinary tough, he was double tough.- Bickford

mrltrustme.wav - Oh, I get it. You still don't trust me? No.- Grant/Day

mrlUdbetheone.wav - Yeah. You'd be the one alright.- Bickford

mrluglystory.wav - Nothin' except there's an ugly story spreading around town.- Grant

mrlurightIwrong.wav - Remember this. I didn't lie to ya. But you were right and I was wrong.- Grant

mrlwarnact.wav - Now remember, I warned you. Now I'm going to act.- Stephenson

mrlwellhello.wav - Well, hello!- Grant

mrlWfriends.wav - Take off your mask, you're with friends.- Grant

mrlwhat.wav - What?- Grant

mrlwhat2.wav - What?- Carney

mrlwhat3.wav - What?- Grant

mrlwhat4.wav - What?- Grant

mrlwhereUbeen.wav - Hey Swede, where ya been?- Grant

mrlwhyshouldI.wav - Why should I?- Grant

mrlwindcough.wav - Did you raise the wind? Raise the wind, I couldn't even raise a good cough!- Carney/Grant

mrlwonderfulman.wav - You wonderful man! You couldn't have come at a more timely moment.- Cooper

mrlwouldntdo.wav - I wouldn't do that if I were you.- Bickford

mrlxmas.wav - Oh, what lovely money. Just like Christmas.- Cooper

mrlyouregreat.wav - Yeah, you're great.- Grant

Cary Grant ( Joe Adams), Laraine Day ( Dorothy Bryant), Charles Bickford ( Hard Swede), Gladys Cooper ( Captain Steadman), Alan Carney ( Crunk), Henry Stephenson ( Mr. Bryant), Paul Stewart ( Zepp), Kay Johnson ( Mrs. Ostrander), Erford Gage ( Gaffer), Walter Kingsford ( Commissioner Hargraves), Florence Bates ( Mrs. Van Every), Joseph Crehan ( Detective), Mary Forbes ( Dowager)

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