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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
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KissTFM3840.wav - 38. 40. You win the turkey lady.- lady at party/Mansfield/Walston

KissTFM3Men.wav -I have a problem. I have to choose between three men, and you ain't one of 'em.- Mansfield

KissTFMAgain.wav - There he goes again.- Grant

KissTFMAllGone.wav - What's she want that's all gone? We ain't got nothin' that's all gone.- Walston

KissTFMAnVegMin.wav - Anything we need, animal, vegetable or mineral can find it's way to us.- Grant

KissTFMAskMore.wav - Who could ask for anything more?- Grant

KissTFMBadTaste.wav - I think it's very very bad taste.- Mansfield

KissTFMBeBold.wav - If I may be so bold.- Mansfield

KissTFMBeHad.wav - Can it be that I am being had?- reporter

KissTFMBeHadWarn.wav -Can it be that I am being had? I tried to warn you.- reporter/Parker

KissTFMBodyHeat2.wav - Remember saying to me, in similar circumstances, would you deny me a little body heat?- Parker

KissTFMBodyHeatLG.wav - Well I'll tell you what. Could you just get under the blanket with me? What? Well, would you deny me a little body heat? I thought you were sick. Well, it would mean so much to me and so little to you. I haven't much body heat to spare, I'm anemic. Aw come on, you'd love it. It's just like snuggling up to a washing machine.- Grant/Parker

KissTFMBodyHeatsh.wav - Well, would you deny me a little body heat?- Grant

KissTFMBologna.wav - This is bologna the lowest boy scout level.- Walston

KissTFMBrilliant.wav - Brilliant- Hodgkins paper dude.

KissTFMBust.wav - You know this whole thing is a bust. Everybody pushin' everybody around and promotin' and conivin'.-Blyden

KissTFMByJiminy.wav - Well, by jiminy!- Grant

KissTFMCarrierLife.wav - We saw that shot of you being picked up by the sub. How was it out there on the raft? Lonely! Any sharks? Just one big friendly one, probably a female from the way she nuzzled me. Let's get going. Now look Crewson you can't get off this quickly. The folks back home eat up everything they read about carriers and pilots. Oh, life on a carrier eh? Gentlemen, I'll sum it up briefly, no wine, no women, no song. Shove off! - Reporter/Grant/Reporter/Klemperer

KissTFMCigarette.wav - Would you like a cigarette? In lieu of what?- Parker/Grant

KissTFMClericalImposs.wav -Why this is a clerical impossibility. Oh, my, that is unfortunate.-Frey/Grant

KissTFMCommunicate.wav - Pleased to hear so. Thank you. Thank you, I'm sure. (screechs and giggles) Yeah. Shall we dance?( more noises) Now what's all that about? They're trying to communicate with each other.- Mansfield/Frey/Grant/Walston

KissTFMCoopGetIt.wav - I don't get it. You don't resist and you don't cooperate.- Grant

KissTFMCoopLG.wav - I don't get it. You don't resist and you don't cooperate. That's because I don't want you to kiss me, and I don't want you not to kiss me either. Does that make sense? No. Isn't it puzzling and confusing? Yes. Shall we just leave it that way then? Alright. Alright.- Grant/Parker

KissTFMCornyBit.wav - Aww, now that's a pretty corny bit isn't it?- Grant

KissTFMDamnOuch.wav - Damn you!! Ouch.- Parker/Grant

KissTFMDecentU.wav - I must say, this is very decent of you.- Grant

KissTFMDecorative.wav - If you want to. No, I don't want to. Alright. Stick around. But don't say much, just be decorative.- Grant/Parker

KissTFMDidAgain.wav - Oh dear, I did it again. I'm terribly sorry.- Grant

KissTFMDisappointed.wav - I must say I'm very disappointed in you Chief Ruddle.- Mansfield

KissTFMDisciplineSelf.wav - There is such a thing as disciplining yourself!- Nurse

KissTFMDoChosen.wav - But no doing anything until I've chosen.- Mansfield

KissTFMDoIt.wav -Like I told ya. I never do it for any reason if I don't want to. But if I want to, I do it. And I want to.- Mansfield

KissTFMDontApologize.wav - Oh, that's alright. Don't apologize.- Grant

KissTFMDrunk.wav - Am I drunk? No, but what a lovely idea.- Grant

KissTFMEmbarrassRiches.wav - Yeah, that's just the trouble, the embarrassment of riches. I got a feelin' ain't none of us gonna do any good here tonight.- Blyden

KissTFMEnough.wav - Oh, that's enough...now wait, wait...take it easy..take it...(sssshhhhh)- Grant

KissTFMExit.wav - He makes a nice exit, don't he?- Mansfield

KissTFMFortuneMag.wav - Even when I carry Fortune magazine people still look at me like I was from the wrong part of town.- Mansfield

KissTFMFullExtent.wav -If you would just help my friends here I would personally appreciate it to the fullest extent.- Mansfield.

KissTFMGeniusFlying.wav - Oh that! Oh it was nothing really. Any man with unlimited courage and a genius for flying could have done as well.- Grant

KissTFMGirlsImportant.wav - I will not talk about girls, this is important.- Erickson

KissTFMGirlWhatFor.wav - What kind of a girl are you looking for? I'll tell you Sweetie, I'm looking for a girl who doesn't smoke, drink or have any bad habits. What for?- Mansfield/Grant

KissTFMGoinOn.wav - Hey, what's goin' on here?- Reporter

KissTFMGoldbricking.wav - Now it would be just plain goldbricking. Not that we have anything against goldbricking. We're old hands at it.  We've polished it, refined it, raised it to a new art.- Grant/Blyden

KissTFMGood.wav -That was GOOD!- Grant

KissTFMGoodbye.wav - Well, goodbye, I'm sure.- Mansfield

KissTFMGreat.wav - Ain't that great?- Mansfield

KissTFMGumFingers.wav -That is not the uniform for patients in this hospital. But Madame...I am not sick. I've had the corpsmen undress him three times , it's like trying to get chewing gum off your fingers.- Nurse/Walston/Nurse

KissTFMHoly.wav -HOLY!- Walston

KissTFMHouseDick.wav - UhOh, the house detective.- Grant

KissTFMHowAngry.wav - How angry? Very. There must be something wrong with me. I find myself not caring.- Grant/Parker

KissTFMIceCubes.wav - I hear ice cubes rattling in glasses, I hear people talking, I hear people laughing. I can hear your heartbeat. But I can not hear that trumpet. You want to try another place? Why, do you know a joint that has quieter ice cubes?- Grant/Parker

KissTFMILYVM.wav - I love you very much. That's the only way to love a person, otherwise it isn't worth all the trouble.- Parker/Grant

KissTFMImEasy.wav - What can I do for you? ......Oh...Now just because I didn't put up a struggle don't get the notion I'm easy.- Grant

KissTFMIrregIlleg.wav - It's not only irregular, it's illegal.- Walston

KissTFMKillPaper.wav - See, you can't even get killed without paper.- Grant

KissTFMKissHit.wav -Aw, Crewson kissed the right girl and hit the wrong fella. Well, that's par for the course.- Walston/Gunner

KissTFMKissThem.wav - Well, in this letter he said they were getting pushed around and bombed. Then all of a sudden our airplanes were there. So he said Alice, every fella' you see. Army or Navy, You kiss them for me.- Mansfield

KissTFMLaborSaving.wav - Just a labor saving device.- Grant

KissTFMLikeToMe.wav - Aww look honey, I'll explain ya somethin', it ain't like that to me.- Mansfield

KissTFMLittleMan.wav - Now listen little man.- Grant

KissTFMMabel.wav - Hoohoohoo. Turn my face to the wall and call me Mabel.- Blyden

KissTFMMadeClear.wav - Have I made myself sufficiently clear?- Grant

KissTFMMakeSense.wav - Does that make sense? No. Isn't it puzzling and confusing? Yes. Shall we just leave it that way then? Alright. Alright.- Grant/Parker

KissTFMMakeTrade.wav - I thought you were breaking an engagement. I didn't know you were making a trade.- Grant

KissTFMMindDead.wav - I have trained myself not to think back. I have trained myself not to think forward either. You don't think at all? That's right. I have developed a new art. The art of stopping my mind dead.- Grant

KissTFMMoneyGreen.wav - That's the stuff. True love almost always fades, but money stays green forever.- Grant

KissTFMMornBlues.wav - Good Morning Blues.- Grant

KissTFMMyMy.wav - My, My.- Grant

KissTFMNearMiss.wav - EEEGods is she still holding on to your hands? All night long. I didn't even score a near miss. You and me both.- Grant/Blyden

KissTFMNeat.wav - Oh but Chief, that wouldn't be neat.- Grant

KissTFMNosey.wav - I don't know and I'm not going to find out. What makes you so nosey?- Grant

KissTFMNothingReally.wav - Oh that! Oh it was nothing really.- Grant

KissTFMNotNice.wav - Now that's not nice.- Grant

KissTFMOhMistake.wav - Oh I'm sorry! There's a little mistake.- Frey


KissTFMPacific.wav - What a view! The rotten old, mosquito happy, crab bottomed Pacific. Bllahh.- Blyden

KissTFMPaperLaughs.wav - People don't realize the importance of paper in winning the war.(laughing) See, every time I say it somebody laughs. Well, that's not nice. Now I don't want to hear anyone laughing. Chief take down the name of anyone who laughs. Yes sir.- paper dude/Grant/Frey

KissTFMPaperwork.wav - What makes you think we have to stay around for a lot of silly paperwork?- Grant

KissTFMPartyHere.wav - OOOO, What a party we gonna have here.- Blyden

KissTFMPoliceGetHere.wav - Oh, why don't I tell everybody to go home? That would be rude. And in character. Don't bother, only a matter of minutes before the police get here anyway.- Grant/Parker

KissTFMRestraint.wav - Restraint, restraint.- Grant

KissTFMRubIn.wav -Yeah, don't rub it in man.- Blyden

KissTFMRudeCivilians.wav - I wasn't rude was I? Frankly I couldn't tell. What did you intend to be? Oh, I don't know. It's so difficult to talk to civilians these days, they're so sensitive.- Grant/Parker

KissTFMSaluting.wav - Why do I feel like saluting?- Grant

KissTFMSavesConversation.wav - I'm sorry. It saves a lot of conversation.- Grant

KissTFMSayAgain.wav - You can say that again. No. I can't.- Walston/Chuck

KissTFMSayingILY.wav - If that isn't the nicest way of saying I love you I ever saw.- Walston

KissTFMSchool.wav - Where did you go to school?- Grant

KissTFMSellingThings.wav - Ain't that beautiful. Everybody still selling things to everybody else.- Blyden

KissTFMSenator.wav - Poor guy? Wounded twice. Two Purple Hearts. The lucky stiff could be a Senator.- Walston

KissTFMSetStraight.wav - There's only one sure fire way to set you straight. Well, well, well.- Mansfield/Grant

KissTFMShoreLeavePartys.wav - You're needlessly excited. At indoctrination school there was a two week course on shore leave partys. You know, conduct of, behavior at. That sort of thing. Don't worry about anything Mr. Neilsen.- Grant

KissTFMShTemper.wav - A short man, a short temper.- Mansfield

KissTFMSitTired.wav - May I sit down? Why, are you tired?- Reporter/Grant

KissTFMSmallTalk.wav - I suppose you're very proud of yourself. 2000 workers, waiting to hear you...Please Turnbill, I'm in no mood for small talk. Small talk? 2000 workers waiting, all hopped up? Who do you think you are? After I call the Admiral personally to get you off. You've got some crust! I beg you Turnbill, get lost. San Fransisco is full of two bit heros. Aren't there enough tramps to take care of them without you....(thud)- Erickson/Grant

KissTFMSophomoric.wav - Good. Fine. Well, that is I'm a little sophomoric. But otherwise I'm fine.- Grant

KissTFMSorryDuty.wav - Real sorry, but I gotta do my duty.- Frey

KissTFMSound1.wav - (Greeting Mansfield)-Grant

KissTFMSound2.wav - Mansfield

KissTFMSound3.wav - Grant

KissTFMStrictRule.wav - Oh I have a very strict rule. Not a drop before sundown. And I never break a strict rule, except for men in uniform. What are ya drinking?- Mansfield

KissTFMTakeTime.wav - Are you through? No. Take your time.- Grant/Parker

KissTFMTalkinAbout.wav - What you talkin' about?- Blyden

KissTFMTerrainFight.wav - Ahhh. This is the kind of terrain a man likes to fight a war in.- Walston

KissTFMThatClever.wav - Now, isn't that clever?- Grant

KissTFMThinkOfThat.wav - No. I didn't think of that.- Grant

KissTFMThinkThat.wav - What makes you think that?- Grant

KissTFMTone.wav - I wish you wouldn't take that tone with Eddy. I must look around and see if I have another tone someplace.- Klemperer/Grant

KissTFMUWant.wav - I know what you want. I know what you want.- Mansfield

KissTFMWaitChum.wav - Oh, wait a minute chum, take it easy. TschTsch.- Grant

KissTFMWarnU.wav - I tried to warn you.- Parker

KissTFMWarOn.wav - Well the trouble with me is I don't know there's a war going on.- Grant

KissTFMWashMach.wav - Oh come on, you'd love it. It's just like snuggling up to a washing machine, come on.- Grant

KissTFMWellDone.wav - Very well done. Nothing to it.- Parker/Grant

KissTFMWhat1.wav - What? - Klemperer

KissTFMWhat3.wav - What?- Parker

KissTFMWhatFor.wav - You do? Whatever for?- Blyden

KissTFMWhyImport.wav - Why? Is it important?- Grant

KissTFMWorldConditions.wav - Lets just say it's world conditions.- Grant

KissTFMWoundedScenic.wav - Why he's got five Zeros to his credit. He's been wounded. Don't worry, no where along the scenic route. Now, come on.- Grant

KissTFMWwwwhatWasThat.wav - Ahahah. Beg your pardon? WwwWhat was that?- Grant

KissTFMYiay.wav -Yiay.- Grant

Cary Grant (Crewson), Jayne Mansfield (Alice), Suzy Parker (Gwenneth), Leif Erickson (Eddie Turnbill), Ray Walston (Lt. "Mac" McCann), Larry Blyden (Mississip), Werner Klemperer (Lieutenant Walter Wallace), Nathaniel Frey (Ruddle)

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