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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

IndiscADay.wav - This is going to be quite a day.- Parker

IndiscBigBen.wav - Big Ben's gong

IndiscBlame.wav - I'd like not to have told you this and in some way I shall get the blame for it I'm sure.- Parker

IndiscBreathHard.wav - Who in heaven's name is that? Stop breathing so hard.- Calvert/Parker

IndiscCandles.wav - I'm burning candles for him.- Calvert

IndiscCatch.wav - There must be a catch in it somewhere. There must be.- Calvert

IndiscCoolingHardly.wav - Hi! Ten seconds late. Last night it was seven, the night before five. I can see the handwriting on the wall. You're cooling. Hardly.- Grant/Bergman

IndiscDidAgain.wav - You see, he did it again, I had to do it again.- Grant

IndiscEntitledTo.wav - Well, they ought to be able to talk a little, simple sentences. You told me that he was good looking and that he danced beautifully. That's all a women's entitled to.- Bergman/Calvert

IndiscEntrance.wav - Nice entrance.- Bergman

IndiscExtraMan.wav - I'm an extra man, you'd make the dinner come out even.- Grant

IndiscFeelLike.wav - I don't feel like it.- Bergman

IndiscGdMorning.wav - Good morning.- Grant

IndiscGirdle.wav - Come on, you'll feel much better in a girdle.- Calvert

IndiscGoByLonger.wav - It'll go by quicker than you think. Oh, that's not true. Why do people always say that?  It'll be longer than I think.- Grant/Bergman

IndiscGreekStatue.wav - The one who looked like a Greek statue. He talked like a Greek statue. I don't think he knew more than a dozen words. Scotch and soda and one or two more.- Calvert/Bergman

IndiscGun.wav - I wouldn't marry any woman if you held a gun to my head. I haven't got any gun. Anyhow I don't think it's a brother in law's place. Has to be a blood relative.- Grant/ Parker

IndiscHelpConvers.wav - I was just trying to help the conversation along.- Grant

IndiscHurryYes.wav - And hurry up! Yes.- Jenkins/Kossoff

IndiscImpressed.wav - You ready to be impressed?- Grant

IndiscIntellReason.wav - You see, that's all I wanted, an intelligent reason.- Bergman

IndiscKnee.wav - At dinner I thought he was pressing his knee against mine. It turned out to be a table leg. I was disappointed.- Calvert

Indisclaugh.wav - laugh- Bergman

IndiscLeave.wav - Leave? Leave? Leave!- Calvert/Parker/Bergman

IndiscLoveRight.wav - Oh, when love is right, everything is right. Oh how true.- Bergman/Grant

IndiscLowerBehavior.wav - Well! I will not lower myself to discussing such behavior. I will merely say that it does not flatter you.- Grant

IndiscManEntertaining.wav - I don't know what you expect from a man. You know there's a limit to how entertaining they can be.- Calvert

IndiscManWork.wav - I'm the only man capable of handling the work. You can take my immodest word for it.- Grant

IndiscMarriedMan.wav - How dare he make love to me and not be a married man!- Bergman

IndiscMyFault.wav - Oh, I didn't mean to be disrespectful. I'm sure it's all my fault.- Grant

IndiscNevermind.wav - Never mind, cheer up, it can't be helped. Come along.- Grant

IndiscNothingBetter.wav - I'd like nothing better.- Grant

IndiscNoYes.wav - No! Yes!- Bergman/Grant

IndiscOffRecord.wav - That's off the record.- Grant

IndiscPublicService.wav - There aren't many like him available as public servants. I'm not interested in the public.- Parker/Calvert

IndiscQuarrel.wav - Course I wouldn't say it was an out and out quarrel but it was a strong difference of opinion.- Grant

IndiscRestraint.wav - I know. You have no restraint.- Grant

IndiscSoGay.wav - She's acting so gay, I know she's depressed.- Calvert

IndiscStartOff.wav - Well, be brilliant. Just start me off.- Parker

IndiscSuitU.wav - They don't suit you?- Grant

IndiscTalksEverything.wav - Stop playing games. Don't tell me you don't like this one. Why he talks and everything.- Calvert

IndiscThatCase.wav - Oh, well in that case.- Grant

IndiscThatImport.wav - Oh, it's not that important really.- Grant

IndiscUnpleasant.wav - I've got something unpleasant to tell you. And I'm dreading it.- Calvert

IndiscWantToKnowLG.wav - What do you want to know? Everything. And I mean everything. Well, I don't think he's romantically attached. Which is what you're hinting. I'm not hinting, I'm asking. How do you know he's not attached? Well, we've had dinner together. He's been alone. So are you, presumably. That proves nothing. That's right. I don't know what he does after he leaves me. I'll follow him next time.- Parker/Calvert

IndiscWOFeet.wav - I deal with diplomatic matters every day without feet.- Grant

IndiscWomanDecieved.wav - You have nothing to blame yourself for. You were a woman and you were deceived. It happens every day, oftener.- Calvert

IndiscWontWont.wav - Oh, I won't, I won't.- Grant

IndiscYesIWould.wav - Yes I would!- Grant

IndiscYouGo.wav - As soon as he told me Anna I said, "Why can't you go?". Her exact words were, "Why in hell can't you go?" In front of the servants.- Calvert/Parker

Cary Grant (Philip Adams), Ingrid Bergman (Anna Kalman), Cecil Parker (Alfred Munson), Phyllis Calvert (Margaret Munson)

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