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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

hboataddopt.wav - I'm getting her for my children! Adopt me.- Grant/Hamilton

hboatagricul.wav - How you gonna learn to be a father after all these years? I'll just get a booklet from the Department of Agriculture.- Hyer/Grant

hboatallshut.wav - You are all knowing, all seeing and shut up!- Grant

hboatamazing.wav - Isn't that amazing?- Grant

hboatbed.wav - Leave her alone, she promised to put me to bed.- Herbert

hboatblazes.wav - What in the blazes is that?- Grant

hboatbloodthirsty.wav - Messy business. Always had to get my kid sister to help me take them off the hook. She enjoyed it. Blood-thirsty little creature.- Grant

hboatbreakdown.wav - I'm sorry, would you like some too? Yes, I would like some too. Especially if it will help break down the social barriers between capital and labor. Though, in this case I'm not sure who is who.- Loren/Grant

hboatcando.wav - Can he do that? You bet your sweet life I can do that.- Gibson/Grant

hboatcarry.wav - Let her carry me, I like it.- Herbert

hboatcharming.wav - Charming? Yeah, charming. I spit on charming. Come on, teach me!- Loren/Petersen

hboatchildlabor.wav - Shows you what can be accomplished with cheap child labor.- Grant

hboatcongress.wav - You do not know how to do anything. Then perhaps Father I will run for the Congress.- Ciannelli/Loren

hboatcow.wav - Holy, jumpin' cow.- Guardino

hboatcrazy.wav -What do you think, I'm crazy?- Guardino

hboatdarling.wav - Well, that's a darling thing.- Hyer

hboatdaughter.wav - Go ahead, have a daughter. See what happens?- Ciannelli

hboatdead.wav - Watch that! I wish it hit and you and killed you dead, dead!- Grant/Herbert

hboatdothat.wav - I was just about to do that.- Grant

hboateducation.wav - I have given you the finest education in all of Europe. You do not know how to do anything.- Ciannelli

hboatembarrass.wav - Oh. Oh I. Well, would it embarrass you? Oh, I've gone past that.- Loren/Grant

hboatexhaustion.wav - Well, you'll have to settle down one day Angelo, if only from sheer exhaustion.- Grant

hboatfathers.wav -They're no help Fathers!- Gibson

hboatfirm.wav - Now, what were you saying? Make her be our maid. What! Offer her a lot of money. Be firm.- Grant/Herbert

hboatfrankenstein.wav - Let's go down. We'll live little Frankenstein here.- Petersen

hboatfriend.wav - You can't be our mother, you're our friend!- Herbert

hboatgame.wav - Thank you. Who sir, me sir? Yes sir, you sir. No sir not i sir. Who then sir? Cool cap. Who sir, me sir? Yes sir, you sir. No sir not I sir. Who then sir? Pink cap. Who sir, me sir? Yes sir, you sir. No sir not I sir.- Grant/Herbert/Gibson/Loren

hboatgirl.wav - No, I'm gonna stay up here all night, and freeze. It's too warm to freeze. Oh, you're just a girl.- Herbert/Gibson

hboatgoodnight.wav - Thank you, thank you. And good night Ladies and Gentleman.- Grant

hboatgrocery.wav - And across the river is the Country Club. 'Course there's a better class of people at the grocery store, but that's up to you. It's a free country.- Guardino

hboathate.wav - I hate everybody! I hate everybody in the whole wide world.- Herbert

hboathell.wav - Please, would you do me the honor to go straight to hell?- Loren

hboathelpUR.wav - Oh, I can't tell you what a help you are!- Grant

hboathuckfin.wav - What's this, the Huckleberry Finn approach?- Petersen

hboatidea.wav - Don't tell me I had a good idea at last?- Grant

hboatjob4U.wav - It's a very sad story and I'm deeply touched, but I don't think this is the job for you.- Grant

hboatjurisd.wav - Remember, you're still under my jurisdiction, the three of you.- Grant

hboatknow.wav - You ought to know.- Grant

hboatleash.wav - Straining at the leash.- Grant

hboatlikeit.wav - He's got the law on his side. We'll have to go with him. He ain't gonna like it.- Petersen/Herbert

hboatmaid.wav - A maid, in Washington? The only way you can get any help in this town is to elect them.- Hamilton

hboatmanstupid2.wav - Extraordinary! I've never seen a man behave so stupidly. Haven't you?- Grant/Loren

hboatmanstupido.wav - Incredible. How could a man be that stupid?- Grant

hboatmarv.wav - Marvelous!- Grant

hboatmen.wav - They're sneaky, men!- lady in laundromat

hboatmind.wav - Are you out of your mind?- Grant

hboatneater.wav - It's neater this way.- Guardino

hboatnonsense.wav - Oh, that's nonsense.- Grant

hboatnothing.wav - How sweet to do nothing. Well, you're in America now, they can pull you in for that.- Loren/Grant

hboatnuts.wav - Are you worried that her intentions are honorable? Yeah. It worries me sick. Because I can feel myself just slipping into community property. Hey, why don't you go inside, you know you're driving me nuts? It's a free country.- Grant/Guardino/Loren

hboatoops.wav - Oooops. - Loren

hboatoops2.wav - Oooops.- Herbert

hboatreason.wav - I don't know. Must there be a reason? Always.- Grant/Loren

hboatrecollection.wav - My recollection is a little hazy, but I believe I'm the fella that brought you. Oh yes, you are the stuffy one.- Grant/Loren

hboatridiculous.wav - That's ridiculous!- Grant

hboatsirwedding.wav - That's you sir. Who sir, me sir? Yes sir, you sir.- Herbert/Grant/Loren

hboatsong.wav - Well, we're almost at our new house. (song) Presto, presto, do your very besto. Don't hang back like a shy little kid. You'll be surprised that you did what you did. ............Bing bang bong. I think it going to be wonderful, don't you?- Grant/Loren and kids

hboatspiders.wav - Hey, there's real live spiders up here. Well, you better save them. We may need them for dinner.- Herbert/Grant

hboatstairs.wav - Upstairs maid or downstairs maid? Why, what difference does that make? Well, I wouldn't want you wearing yourself out running up all those stairs.- Hamilton/Grant

hboatstreet.wav - I can't just take any girl one of you finds on the streets.- Grant

hboattalk2much.wav - Why do I talk so much?- Grant

hboatterrible.wav - You must have done something terrible to him. Yes, I did. I took him to a concert. Now, may I have him?- Loren/Grant

hboattogether.wav - But you're together. Only in body.- Gibson/Grant

hboattooold.wav - Too old and too tired to run after her any more. It's your turn.- Ciannelli

hboattrial.wav - You're not on trial.- Grant

hboatugh.wav -(thud) ugh!- Grant

hboatunanimal.wav - I'm one of the undomesticated animals.- Grant

hboatunbalanced.wav - Well, I'm beginning to feel a little unbalanced myself.- Grant

hboatUwant.wav - Alright. If you want to.- Grant

hboatwarned.wav - I warned ya.- Herbert

hboatwhat.wav - What?- Grant

hboatwhat2.wav - What?- Loren

hboatwhat3.wav - What?- Grant

hboatwhistle.wav -wolf whistle- Petersen

hboatwonderful.wav - Isn't it wonderful?- Grant

hboatwork.wav - Go to work.- Loren

hboatworry.wav - Well, if you don't mind, I prefer to worry.- Grant

Cary Grant (Tom Winston), Sophia Loren (Cinzia Zaccardi), Charles Herbert (Robert Winters, Martha Hyer (Caroline Gibson), Harry Guardino (Angelo Donatello), Eduardo Ciannelli (Arturo Zaccardi), Murray Hamilton Alan Wilson), Mimi Gibson (Elizabeth Winters), Paul Petersen (David Winters)

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