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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

HoneyIllCoop.wav - Now look, you go on in, I'll cooperate. hmm- Grant

HoneyM123Zip.wav - You mean the theatre? Yes the theatre. I uh, isn't that funny. I saw a girl in a show just off Broadway. She did one of those 1,2,3 hoo, 1,2,3 hoo, 1,2,3 zip. cluck,cluck- Rogers/Grant

HoneyM2Pistols.wav -Boy, you're hotter than two pistols- Tom

HoneyMAdmireNerve.wav - What's the matter, did I say something wrong? Oh no, I was just admiring your nerve.- Grant/Slezak

HoneyMAwayFromMe.wav - Can't you stand being away from me for just an hour?- Grant

HoneyMBath.wav - I told you that you might make yourself at home, but I didn't say you could take a bath. (Grant giggle)- Rogers

HoneyMBestHurry.wav - Well, the best I could do in a hurry.- Grant

HoneyMBetterIdea.wav - Well, couldn't you have thought a little harder and got a better idea?- Grant

HoneyMButteR.wav - Look, how, how can you do that? You wouldn't say Conneticute would you? Conneticute. hmmf. Or may I have some bread and buter. (laugh) Mr O'Toole. People would laugh. Bread and Buter. This utter nonsense is at an end.- Grant/Rogers

HoneyMCantGetIt.wav - I cannot get it like this Madame.- Grant

HoneyMClumsy.wav - Well, I'll admit it was a little clumsy.- Grant

HoneyMConfused.wav - I'm all confused.- Grant

HoneyMContentedMan.wav - You're looking at a contented man.- Grant

HoneyMCooperate.wav - See, I told you I'd cooperate.- Grant

HoneyMCorrectingMe.wav - Ah, always correcting me.- Grant

HoneyMCynical.wav - You're just cynical. You've probably been reading Chopinhouer.- Rogers

HoneyMDarnTootin.wav - You're darn tootin.- Rogers

HoneyMDoAboutThat.wav - What are you gonna do about that?- Grant

HoneyMDreamingU.wav - I was dreaming about you.- Grant

HoneyMDwindled.wav - He said it was either him or me. And oh, I don't know, in my mind it just suddenly dwindled down to him.- Rogers

HoneyMFactsFigures.wav - Now that you have my measurements what do you intend to do with them? Well I do feel a little silly about that. You know I'm supposed to be investigating facts not figures.- Rogers/Grant

HoneyMFacultys.wav - My facultys are well in hand Mr. O'Toole. Yeah, that's what you think.- Rogers/Grant

HoneyMGiveStory.wav -Ah now, come on, break down, give me the story.- Grant

HoneyMGiveUpGiveIn.wav - I'm not gonna give up until you give in.- Grant

HoneyMGnatPool.wav - I had the feeling that if a gnat dove into your pool of knowledge he'd have broken his neck.- Grant

HoneyMHeardEverything.wav - Boy, I've heard everything.- Grant

HoneyMHearOfSuch.wav - Did ya ever hear of such a thing?- Rogers

HoneyMHeavensName.wav - Now what in Heaven's name.- Slezak

HoneyMHello.wav - Hello.- Grant

HoneyMHello2.wav - Hello- Grant

HoneyMHelloZipzy.wav - Hello Zippzy.- Grant

HoneyMHereItIs.wav - Oh don't bother me, here it is.- Slezak

HoneyMHighFalutin.wav - I knew them high falutin' books you was always readin' would do you no good.- Ma

HoneyMHitlerDressing.wav - Hey, Hitler is here. Well I can't see him now, I'm dressing.- Grant/Rogers

HoneyMHmmWhat.wav - Hmm What?- Grant

HoneyMHoldStill.wav - Hold still a moment, listen to this.- Grant

HoneyMHoldWire.wav - Hold the wire now. Oh, don't you get off that wire.- Lytess

HoneyMHowRightUR.wav - How right you are.- Grant

HoneyMIGetIt.wav - Oh, I get it.- Grant

HoneyMIGotIt2.wav - I got it! I got it.- Grant

HoneyMIllBet.wav - I'll bet.- Grant

HoneyMInAMess.wav - We're really in a mess, aren't we?- Rogers

HoneyMInnocence.wav - I can prove my innocence. But I can never disprove my stupidity.- Polish General

HoneyMIsntFunny.wav - Look fella, he's right, don't keep doing that that isn't funny.- Grant

HoneyMItllWait.wav - Now, now, now. It'll wait. It'll wait.- Grant

HoneyMJabber.wav - Bein' on the square today brother ain't what it used to be. You see, your jabber don't jive.- Rogers

HoneyMJewelry.wav - Must it be jewelry?- Rogers

HoneyMlaughcg.wav - Grant laugh

HoneyMlaughwaiter.wav - waiter's laugh

HoneyMLife.wav - Life is what you make it.- Rogers

HoneyMLuckyGirl.wav - Lucky girl.- Grant

HoneyMMarines.wav - And by all means, tell it to the Marines. (cheering) Marines? Oh yes, well I had to put them in they'd be offended. Ya see I mentioned all the others. Oh ho, you don't know those Marines.- Grant/Slezak

HoneyMNeverHeard.wav - Oh, no, I never heard of such a thing.- Grant

HoneyMNoTax.wav - And the beauty of it is...no income tax.- photographer spy

HoneyMNowSeeHere.wav - Now see here.- Rogers

HoneyMOffTrack.wav - But wait a minute, we're getting way off the track.- Rogers

HoneyMOnAcctMe.wav - Couldn't have been on account of me could it?- Grant

HoneyMOverBarrel.wav - Up to now life has got you over a barrel, don't you let it throw you.- Grant

HoneyMOverDeadBody.wav - If you give this up the Baron will know it was over your dead body.- Grant

HoneyMOverDo.wav - That might be overdoing it.- Slezak

HoneyMPardonMe.wav - Pardon me.- Grant

HoneyMPlacesToGo.wav - Come on, hurry it up. Get into those things. We've got places to go.- Grant

HoneyMProbablyWill.wav - No, but I probably will.- Grant

HoneyMRepublican.wav - I always talk loud when I'm mad. You're lucky I don't jump up and down. Things like this that can make a man a, a, Republican.- Grant

HoneyMScatterSun.wav - Oh, that's me, scattering sunshine as I go along.- Grant

HoneyMSelfInto.wav - Say, what am I getting myself into?- Rogers

HoneyMSerious.wav - This could be serious!- Grant

HoneyMSerious2.wav - No! This could be serious!- Grant

HoneyMSound1.wav - Ahh- Grant

HoneyMSound2.wav - Huhuh- Grant

HoneyMSound3.wav - Agh- Grant

HoneyMSound4.wav - short laugh- Grant

HoneyMSound5.wav - laugh- Grant

HoneyMSound6.wav - uhm- Grant

HoneyMSound7.wav - Uh uh uh- Grant

HoneyMSound8.wav - ah huh- Grant

HoneyMSpellUnder.wav - Look Miss O, do you mind not breaking the spell I'm under?- Grant

HoneyMStopThat.wav - Stop that!- Grant

HoneyMStuck.wav - And right about there I get stuck.- Rogers

HoneyMStupid.wav - Oh, how stupid of me.- Lytess

HoneyMTakeCareOfU.wav - Don't worry. I'll take care of you.- Grant

HoneyMTerribleMistake.wav - Just wanted to convince you you've made a terrible mistake.- Grant

HoneyMThrowAnything.wav - Don't you ever throw anything away?- Grant

HoneyMTicklish.wav - Oh yes, Mademoiselle is ticklish Nes pas? Oh no. Do not worry, Mademoiselle. Some of my best... Oh, that's better isn't it?- Grant

HoneyMTiredMan.wav - Keep quiet in here would you. I'm not kidding, I'm a tired man.- Grant

HoneyMTroublesOver.wav - Then all your troubles are over.- Grant

HoneyMWashMach.wav - What's come over ya spendin' yer money like this? I could buy myself a washin' machine with what this is costin' ya.- Ma

HoneyMWhat.wav - What?- Rogers

HoneyMWhat2.wav - What?- Grant

HoneyMWhat4.wav - What?- Grant

HoneyMWhatUWant.wav - What do you want?- Grant

HoneyMWhereOnEarth.wav - Where on earth did you get that? (grant laugh) - Rogers

HoneyMWhoAway.wav - Whos going away?- Grant

HoneyMWOFun.wav - Look as if you'd been through a lot yourself around here. I have. I've been without fun.- Grant/Rogers

HoneyMWrongMoment.wav - Did you just stand inside and wait for the wrong moment to come out?- Grant

Cary Grant (Pat O'Toole), Ginger Rogers (Katie O'Hara), Walter Slezak (Baron Von Luber)

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