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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

holanymore.wav - I didn't think they came that way anymore.- Grant

holasilive.wav - Well, as I live!- Horton

holcertainly.wav- Certainly- Grant

holclear.wav - We'd better get clear on this.- Grant

holcome.wav - Come, come, come, boy.- Horton

holcomplicated.wav - Now look this is getting very complicated if you ask me.- Grant

holcrawled.wav - What if I crawled in on my hands and knees, would he like that?- Grant

holcrawled2.wav - Well, think it would make him any happier if I crawled in on my hands and knees?- Hepburn

holdimples.wav - And poor little dimples has to work her fingers to the bone in order to support all of them.- Horton

holeovercome.wav - It's enormous. I'm overcome.- Grant

holexit.wav - Kindly walk. Do not run to the nearest exit.- Ayres

holfresh.wav - Don't be fresh! Eeeah!- Horton/Dixon (with puppets)

holfun.wav - Oh now, come on darling. Let's not let the fun get out of it.- Grant

holgentleman.wav - I'll do whatever a gentleman can do under the circumstances.- Grant

holgirl.wav - Both very pleasant accomplishments for a girl.- Grant

holgirls.wav - Oh, I don't know. What do most girls do.- Grant

holgm.wav - Well, when I find myself in a position like this I ask myself, What would general motors do. And then I do the opposite.- Grant

holgrit.wav - I'll just grit my teeth, make the best of it.- Grant

holjudus.wav - Judas!- Grant

hollaugh.wav - (meniacal laugh from Nick)- Horton

hollost.wav - Hey! Hey yourself. I'm lost.- Grant/Hepburn

holmando.wav - What man has done. Man can do.- Nolan

holmanners.wav - Mind your manners.- Nolan

holmarv.wav - Say, wouldn't that be marvelous.- Grant

holmyfriends.wav - My Friends.- Grant

holno.wav - No!- Grant

holovercome.wav - I'm overcome.- Grant

holplaymate.wav - The perfect playmate.- Grant

holrear.wav - To the rear, and to the right.- Dixon

holrich.wav - You must all be so rich.- Grant

holromeo.wav - What light through yonder window breaks. Ahhhhahaha.- Horton

holround.wav - Oh! The room's going 'round and 'round.- Horton

holsayso.wav - Oho, why didn't you say so in the first place.- Dixon

holsecret.wav - Yeah. But it could be such a swell, guilty secret for a while.- Grant

holserious.wav - Cheer up. It's not all that serious.- Grant

holshorthand.wav - Well, wouldn't you like me to hide under the sofa and take shorthand notes?- Hepburn

holshutup.wav - I do wish you'd shut up.- Nolan

holsound.wav - (Grant, fooling with his tie)

holtoomuch.wav - Oh. This is too much!- Grant

holup.wav - Come on fella, Up.- Grant

holwalked.wav - I coulda walked that.- Grant

holwench.wav - We're not letting any wench snag you without a struggle you know.- Dixon

holwhat.wav - What?- Nolan

holwhat2.wav - What?- Kolker

holwonderful.wav - Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Guess he liked it.- Grant/Horton

holwonderful2.wav - Is life wonderful where you are?- Hepburn

holworry.wav - You know me fellas. When things get tough, when I feel a worry coming on...you know what I do.- Grant

holyesno.wav - Oh, but darling, no I'm not. Oh yes, you are. Oh no. Oh yes. NO.- Grant/Nolan

Katharine Hepburn (Linda Seton), Cary Grant (Johnny Case), Doris Nolan (Julia Seton), Lew Ayres (Ned Seton), Edward Everett Horton (Nick Potter)

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