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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

gungabout.wav - What was that all about?- CO

gungbetter.wav - That's better!- Fairbanks

gungbetter2.wav - That's much better.- Grant

gungbetter3.wav - Oh. That's better.- McLaglen

gungblazes.wav - Hey! What the blazes is this?- Grant

gungbonny.wav - Well, the children are looking bonny.- Fairbanks

gungbrain.wav - What a brain!- Grant

gungclever.wav - Blinking clever- Grant

gungclever2.wav - Now, you're getting clever again.- Fairbanks

gungdaddy.wav - Oh, I know. You want your daddy to give it to you don't ya?- McLaglen

gungdaisy.wav - You never saw one of these things before did ya? It's for growing daisies isn't it?- Grant

gungdizzy.wav - I'll lock him up alright. I'm only sorry it wasn't you had a dizzy spell too and I'd lock you both up at the same time.- Fairbanks

gungexplain.wav - Well, I'm waiting for an explanation.- Love

gungeyebrow.wav - You want these fingers to fan the eyebrows, more like this. The breeze from them fingers ought to almost blow this eyebrow off.- Grant

gungfilthyneck.wav - Well, if you planned it right mate, you'll be hanging by your filthy neck by nightfall.- Grant

gungfun.wav - We've done things like this before. It's just been a lot of fun. That's all.- Fairbanks

gunggoodone.wav - Huhmmm. That's a good one.- Coote

gunghandman.wav - Hey, take your hands off that man.- Coote

gunghead.wav - You ought to have your head examined.- Fairbanks

gunghero.wav - So, I suppose you think you're a hero.- McLaglen

gunghmstrangled.wav - Now. You're all under arrest. The whole bunch of ya. And you too, and you know why. Her Majesty's very touchy about having her subjects strangled.- Grant

gunghoy.wav - Hoy! Hey!- Grant

gungidiocy.wav - I ought to take away your stripes, not only for insubordination but for idiocy; sheer, childish, soft-brained idiocy.- Love

gungindispense.wav -He's indispensible Sir.- McLaglen

gungkill.wav - Rise and Kill! Kill lest you be killed yourselves. Kill for the love of killing. Kill for the love of Kali. Kill, kill, kill.- Ciannelli

gunglaugh.wav - Aww, don't make me laugh.- McLaglen

gunglittlebit.wav -No, no Saib. Very little bit goes very long way.- Indian Vet

gungmad.wav - Mad!? Mad. Hannibal was mad. Caesar was mad. And Napoleon surely was the maddest of the lot.- Ciannelli

gungmission.wav - Well, that's a bit difficult Sir. Seein' as they've all gone on leave togetter. Gone on some mysterious mission they said Sir. Says I, it'll be a mystery if they all come back right side up Sir.- Coote

gungnaughty.wav - Don't you know that's very naughty.- Grant

gungnoise.wav - (one of those silly sounds that Mr. Grant does so well)

gungpain.wav - I grieve to say Miss, that the man is a tower of pain.- Grant

gungpatrols.wav - Blast it, an officer and his patrol don't vanish into thin air.- Love

gungpatticake.wav - Now if Daddy took a spoonful first himself, baby might do a pattycake for him.-Grant

gungpride.wav - Take him to the tower and teach him the error of false pride.- Ciannelli

gungpudding.wav - What do you think I want to break out of a blooming pudding?- Grant

gungreason.wav - Who made him change it. Reason and common decency.- Grant

gungroar.wav - MacChesney Saib roar so loud poor bheasti cannot get in word sideways between roarings.- Jaffe (thanks Lisa for figuring out the whole of this dialog)

gungsatisfactory.wav - Is this satisfactory Saib?- Jaffe

gungsay.wav - I'm here to speak and I'm gonna have my say.- Grant

gungsilence.wav - Silence is unhealthy.- Love

gungsiren.wav - Oh, that's 'orrible.She's charmed him like a snake. The siren.- McLaglen/Grant

gungsong.wav - (clapping) Hoy, Hey! Sing us a song will ya'?- Grant

gungsound.wav - (another great one) Grant

gungsound4.wav -(and another!)- Grant

gungspit.wav - Come on, spit it out.

gungstrategy.wav - Now, now, now. Be gallant in defeat Sargent. You're simply a victim of superior strategy.- Grant

gungstupid.wav - You ain't so stupid as you look.- McLaglen

gungstupid3.wav - Do I look that stupid?- Fairbanks

gungsurprise.wav - I came here to surprise you and here you are surprising me!- Fontaine

gungteab.wav - I'm leaving the service. Leaving the service?! That's right. I'm getting married and I'm going in the tea business. Married! Tea business! Why you're mad!...- Fairbanks/McLaglen/Grant

gungteashort.wav - I'm getting married and I'm going in the tea business.- Fairbanks

gungtension.wav - Four days in this cruel heat and 'orrible tension.- Grant

gungtired.wav - He's tired.- Grant

gungwant.wav - What do you want?- McLaglen

gungwar.wav - How can we get a nice little war going?- Grant

gungwater.wav - Gunga Din, Gunga Din water! Gunga Din, bring water.

gungweedle.wav - Come on, I have no time to wheedle the story out of you.- Love

gungwelts.wav - Din, I haven't had a more satisfactory set of welts since I run away from home.- Grant

gungwhitelivered.wav - So there you are, you white livered, elephant stealing treasure hunter. Look at ya.- McLaglen

gungwho.wav - Who are you? What are you doing here?- Fairbanks

gungwhoa.wav - Give me that bottle. Ho, whoa, wait!- McLaglen/Grant

gungworld.wav - Come on Din, the world is ours!- Grant

Cary Grant (Sgt. Cutter), Victor McLaglen (Sgt. MacChesney), Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Sgt. Ballantine), Sam Jaffe (Gunga Din)

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