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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

GGAdvice.wav - Alright, go on, go on, Give me some advice.- Grant

GGAllFrustrating.wav - Don't you remember. The one I borrowed from you. It was all....All very frustrating for you.- Simmons/Grant

GGAllSettled.wav -Well, then. It's all settled.- Grant

GGAstonishing.wav - Astonishing isn't it?- Grant

GGBarkingMad.wav - You must be barking mad!- Kerr

GGBored.wav -What do you want to do the crossword for? Are you bored? To death My Lord.- Grant/Watson

GGCleverThink.wav - You are clever. You think of everything.- Simmons

GGCrackCompliment.wav -Was that a crack or a compliment?- Mitchum

GGCuckoo4.wav -(Cuckoo bird)

GGCuckooLg.wav -(Cuckoo)Oh, that's such a maddening bird. Its a popular expression, isn't in M'Lord. He's gone cuckoo. Who's gone cuckoo? No one M'Lord. You said it was a maddening bird and I said that's how the expression originated. Oh yes.-Grant/Watson

GGDangerousTime.wav -A very dangerous time so you look out.- Grant

GGDinePJsLG.wav - Darling, do you mind if I dine in pajama's? No, of course not. When? When? What do you mean when? Hmm? When what? When the wind changes. What did you say? I asked if you minded if I dined in a suit of armor. What on earth is the matter with you tonight? I don't know. There's something wrong with me I suppose.- Grant/Kerr

GGDisappointing.wav - Oh, that is disappointing.- Grant

GGDisinfectant.wav -If that story is supposed to illustrate what I think are your intentions, I must warn you, I am in no mood to be soaked in disinfectant.- Grant

GGDoNotKnow.wav - Dreadful thing to confess. But I simply do not know.- Kerr

GGDontKnow.wav -Well, I don't know. Good.- Kerr/Mitchum

GGDoThat.wav - And how do you propose to do that? I don't know. I wish I did.- Simmons/Grant

GGDream.wav - I shall wake up and find it is all a beautiful dream.- Grant

GGExplanation.wav - I think I deservc an explanation.- Kerr

GGFightOverMen.wav - Yes, a women. Gentlemen didn't fight over men in those days.- Grant

GGFireAway.wav - Go on. Fire away.- Grant

GGFrightLife.wav - I was never so frightened in my life.- Grant

GGGoodLuck.wav - Well, good luck. You say that as if you think I'm going to need it.- Simmons/Grant

GGGoThruAgain.wav - Must we go through that again?- Grant

GGGumTree.wav - Now where was I? Up a Gum Tree. Oh yes, and very uncomfortable too.- Grant/Kerr

GGHadSome.wav - Well I haven't any. And if I had some I doubt if I'd give it to you.- Grant

GGHeKnows.wav - Well now I know that he knows. And he knows that I know that he knows.- Mitchum

GGHonorSex.wav - There's no honor where there's sex. You are happy to say.- Simmons/Grant

GGImpertinent.wav - Yes, I don't mean to be impertinent. What do you mean to be then?-Watson/Grant

GGImproperSuggestion.wav - Under the present circumstances I find that a most improper suggestion.- Grant

GGImSorry.wav - I'm sorry.- Mitchum

GGLetterRoses.wav - Then what's the point in fighting a duel? Because he was too lazy to write me a letter and too mean to send me roses.- Mitchum/Kerr

GGLunatic.wav - Not unless he's a lunatic.- Mitchum

GGMaddening.wav - Maddening.Maddening.- Grant

GGNoNoNoNo.wav - No. No, no, no, no, no.- Watson

GGNuisance.wav -Oh, I knew you would. What a nuisance you are.- Grant

GGOutOfMind.wav - Are you out of your mind?- Grant

GGOutOfMind2.wav - You must be out of your mind!- Kerr+Simmons

GGPickle.wav - You are in a pickle aren't you?- Grant

GGPity.wav - A pity? Well, what does he mean, a pity.- Kerr

GGPrimitiveU.wav - What's primitive? You are dear.- Simmons/Grant

GGProveWhat.wav - Yes. But what did it prove?- Kerr

GGRaceBattle.wav - And the race is to the swift and the battle to the strong, aye?- Grant

GGReallyBelieve.wav - Ohhh. I can't really believe it.- Grant

GGRidicTrue.wav - Don't be ridiculous! I'm not being ridiculous. It's perfectly true.- Kerr/Grant

GGRotsHell.wav - Well, blast him! I hope he rot's in hell.- Grant

GGSaidBefore.wav - I seem to have said that before.- Grant

GGShoppingList.wav - You should write it down on your shopping list.- Grant

GGSituationLg.wav - A spoken word, like a lost opportunity doesn't come back. When a situation like this is admitted out loud it means it's been accepted. If it is accepted it's got to be discussed. And each time you discuss it you get further apart, until in the end you are so far away from each other that you have to shout. And the whole thing becomes hopeless.- Grant

GGStatement.wav - I wish to make a statement.- Grant

GGSure.wav - Sure? I'm not at'all sure.- Mitchum/Grant

GGTacketTixi.wav - I found a cloak room tacket for a tixi in a suitcase.-Kerr

GGTheoryPrimitive.wav - In theory I must disagree with you. However in practice you may well be right. A little primitive, but what's wrong with that.- Grant

GGThinkAgain.wav - You ought to think it over very carefully. Oh, I have. Perhaps I still am. Well, if that's what you want I'd better think again.- Grant/Kerr

GGThinkWrong.wav - Well, I think that's wrong.- Grant

GGTruthAloud.wav - Would you like me to say the truth out loud, so that you can deny it? Would that make you feel better?- Mitchum

GGUnderstandIDo.wav - I'm sorry, but I don't understand. I know. But the point is, I do.- Mitchum/Kerr

GGUnfinished.wav - And the whole thing might have been finished and done with. Unfinished and done with. That's very different. A most unsatisfactory state of affairs for all concerned.-Kerr/Grant

GGUsual.wav - Is that usual?-Grant

GGVeryStupid.wav - That's selfish, short sighted and very stupid.- Kerr

GGWarning.wav - You know there really ought to be some sort of warning so that you could run away.- Kerr

GGWFoot.wav - What with, my foot?- Grant

GGWhat.wav - What?- Grant

GGWhereIsIt.wav - Where is it? Where's what? You know darn well what. Come on where is it? I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.- Kerr/Grant

GGWholeTorture.wav - The whole thing's going to be absolute torture.- Kerr

GGWorldWags.wav - Oh well. There you are. That's the way the world wags.- Kerr

GGWrongWMe.wav - What on earth is the matter with you tonight? I don't know. There's something wrong with me I suppose.- Kerr/Grant

GGYes3.wav - Yes. Yes. Yes.- Grant

Cary Grant (Victor Rhyall), Deborah Kerr (Hilary Rhyall), Robert Mitchum (Charles Delacro), Jean Simmons (Hattie Durant), Moray Watson (Trevor Sellers)

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