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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
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HGFAccusations.wav - If you have any accusations to make, make them in the proper manner. Otherwise I'll have to ask you to get out.- Grant

HGFAfraid.wav - Ah, now, you're not afraid are you?- Grant

HisGFAintU.wav - Ain't you funny?- Mack

HGFAlbanyToo.wav - Oh, well that will be nice. Yes, yes. A home with mother, in Albany too!- Grant

HGFAmSorry.wav - Oh, I am sorry.- Grant

HisGFAnyTPW.wav - I'd know you any time, any place, any where.- Grant/Russell

HisGFArchieLeach.wav - Whenever you think you've got the Morning Post licked it's time for you to get out of town. Whistling in the dark. Well that isn't going to help you this time. You're through. Listen the last man who said that to me was Archie Leach, just a week before he cut his throat. That so. That so. We've been in worse jams than this, haven't we Hilde? Nope.- Russell/Kolb/Grant

HisGFArmFire.wav - I'd put my arm in fire for you, up to here. Now you can't double- cross me.- Grant

HGFAttaGirl.wav - Atta girl.- Grant

HisGFBabe.wav - Absurd on the face of it. Walter, he's talking like a child. Out of the mouths of babes. Hi Babe. Kolb/Grant/Gilbert

HisGFBellamy.wav - What does he look like? He looks like ah, that fella in the movies, you know, Ralph Bellamy. Oh him?- blonde Evangeline/Grant

HGFBetterThanEver.wav - Hey, I'm better than I ever was.- Grant

HisGFBlowOwnHorn.wav - Shall we announce you? Oh, no, no. I'll blow my own horn.- Operator/Russell

HisGFBrainTrust.wav - If he wasn't crazy before he would by the time ten of those baby's got through psychoanalyzing him. Give me the desk. Is this guy Eggelhofer any good? Figure it out for yourself. He's the guy they sent to Washington to interview the braintrust. He said they were sane.- Newsmen

HisGFCharm.wav - He's got a lot of charm. He comes by it naturally. His grandfather was a snake.- Bellamy/Russell

HisGFChimp.wav - Now get this you double-crossing chimpanzee.- Russell

HisGFChineseGong.wav -Now get this you double-crossing chimpanzee. There ain't gonna be any interview and there ain't gonna be any story. And that certified check of yours is leaving with me in twenty minutes. I wouldn't cover the burning of Rome for you if they were just lighting it up. And if I ever lay my two eyes on you again I'm going to walk right up to you and hammer on that monkey skull of yours until it rings like a Chinese gong.- Russell

HisGFChump.wav - Come on honey. Whatta think I was a chump?- Grant

HisGFChumpLG.wav- Come on honey. Whatta think I was a chump? I mean I thought you didn't love me. What were you thinking with? I don't know.- Grant/Russell

HGFCrippled.wav - What's the matter with you guys? Crippled or something?- Newsman

HisGFCry.wav - Aw honey. Honey, don't don't cry please. Awe come on. I didn't mean to make you cry, Honey. What's the matter with you? You never cried before.- Grant

HGFDameNow.wav - A WHAT! Well you can't stop for a dame now!- Grant

HisGFDenyLg.wav - You don't deny that do you Walter? Deny it! I'm proud of it.- Russell/Grant

HGFDimple.wav - Well, I don't wanta brag. But I've still got the dimple. And in the same place.- Grant

HGFDisease.wav - I ought to know better than to hire anybody with a disease!- Grant

HisGFDontDoThat.wav - Don't do that. Put er back, put er back.- Qualen

HisGFDontKnow.wav - Oh, I don't know. That would make me feel pretty funny.- Bellamy

HisGFDoToU.wav - It frightens me to think of what I'd like to do to you.-Kolb

HisGFDreams.wav - Been seeing me in your dreams?- Grant

HGFDynamiteIt.wav - We might dynamite it. Could we?- Orth/Grant

HisGFExcuseMe.wav - (Russell talking over it but had to include it) Excuse me will ya, I'm talkin' to him.- Grant

HisGFExcuseMe2.wav - Excuse me Madame. Are you referring to me?- Grant

HisGFForgotThere.wav - I'm awfully sorry. I forgot you were there.- Egglehofer

HGFGeehosaphat.wav - Jumping Geehosaphat!-Grant

HisGFGladToDoIt.wav - No, no. I'm glad to do it. Glad to do it.- Grant

HisGFGoodMan.wav - Now look here my good man. You shut up.- Grant/Bellamy

HGFGuiltyWorld.wav - I'm not guilty. It's just, just the world.- Qualen

HGFGuyTryin.wav - Alright. Ya can't blame a guy for tryin'.- Biberman

HisGFHanging.wav - Boys, after all, this is a hanging and it's going to go according to schedule.-Lockhart

HisGFHave2.wav - If you have to you have to. He had to.- Grant/Russell

HisGFHitler.wav - Take Hitler and stick him on the funny page!- Grant

HGFHSebastian.wav - Oh! H Sebastian Jumpin'. I'm trying to concentrate!- Grant

HisGFHungUpLG.wav - Oh, good evening madame. Now listen you ten cent glamour girl, you can't keep Butch away from his duty. What's that? You say that again and I'll come over there and kick you in the teeth. Hey! What kind of language is that? Now look here you. mmmmm She hung up. What did I say?- Grant

HGFIHaveSay.wav - Are you gonna listen to what I have to say?- Russell

HisGFImHere.wav - If things get rough remember I'm here.- Bellamy

HGFImHerelg.wav -If things get rough remember I'm here. I'll come runnin' partner.- Bellamy/Russell

HisGFInsigPimple.wav - Listen you insignificant, square toed, pimple-headed spy, do you realize what you're doing?- Grant

HGFJackLondon.wav - Now get the sense of the animal at bay. Sorta Jack London style? Exactly. I'll just get my rhyming dictionary... Doesn't have to rhyme. Doesn't have to rhyme.- Grant/Truex

HisGFLampWindow.wav - There's been a lamp burning in the window for you honey, here. Oh, I jumped out that window a long time ago Walter.- Grant/Russell

HisGFlaugh.wav - (laugh)- Grant

HisGFLicked.wav - You win, I'm licked.- Grant

HGFLickedLG.wav -(laugh) Alright Hilde, you win, I'm licked.- Grant

HGFLightening.wav - It's a wonder a bolt of lightening don't come down and strike you all dead.- Mack

HisGFLoathsome.wav - You're wonderful, in a loathsome sort of way.- Russell

HisGFLook.wav - Here, what are you doing? Just wanted to look at it.- Bellamy/Grant

HisGFLooney.wav - WWWWhat's the matter with you? Are you looney?-Orth

HisGFLordUniv.wav - Is the Lord of the Universe in? Yes, he's in. In a bad humor. Somebody must have stolen the crown jewels. Shall we announce you? No, no, no. I'll blow my own horn.- Russell/operators

HGFLoveLorn.wav - Oh hello Peaches. How's advise to the love lorn? My cat just had kittens again. It's your own fault.- Russell/Columnist

HisGFLuck.wav - Better luck to you next time.- Russell

HGFMamaDream.wav - Oh no, Mama doesn't dream about ya anymore.- Russell

HGFMarriedAgain.wav - If we find we can't get along in a friendly fashion, we'll get married again.- Grant

HisGFMarvelous.wav - Oh you're marvelous.- Grant

HGFMeetMother.wav - You must come up and meet my mother.- Grant

HGFMissing.wav - You'll find lots of things missing.- Russell

HisGFMockBig.wav - This will bring us back together again. Just the way it used to be. That's what I'm afraid of. Any time, any place, any where. Don't mock me. This is bigger than anything that ever happened to us.- Grant/Russell

HisGFMockTurtle.wav - Get back in there you mock turtle.- Grant

HGFNails.wav - If you was worth breakin' my nails on I'd tear your face wide open.- Mack

HisGFNewspapermen.wav - They ain't human. I know, they're newspapermen.- Mack/Russell

HisGFNice.wav - Oh. Well that will be nice.- Grant

HisGFNiceGoing.wav - I don't get it. (ouch from the waiter) Nice going.- Grant

HisGFNo.wav - Noooo. I don't think so.- Gilbert

HGFNobleOnce.wav - Honey, can't ya understand? I'm tryin' to do something noble for once in my life. Now get out of here before I change my mind.- Grant

HisGFNoDidnt.wav - No, she didn't.- Bellamy

HGFNoIDidnt.wav - No. I didn't Hilde.- Bellamy

HGFNoKiddingSmirk.wav - smirk/laugh. No kidding? laugh- Grant

HisGFNoseOut.wav - Is this any concern of yours? Oh no. From now on I'll thank you to keep your nose out of my affairs.- Grant/stranger

HGFOnContrary.wav - On the contrary, on the contrary.- Grant

HisGFOsteopath.wav - Will you take your hands off me? What are you playing, osteopath?- Russell

HGFOsteopathLg.wav -Will you take your hands off me? What are you playing, osteopath? Temper, temper- Russell/Grant

HisGFPancake.wav - I know, I know. You know, you know. You got the brain of a pancake.- Russell/Grant

HisGFPhonograph.wav -Ahh, put it on a phonograph.- Newsman

HisGFProdUseCrazy.wav - Maybe that's way. Sure it is. Yes, that's what I thought of. Production for use. It's simple isn't it? Very simple. There's nothing crazy about that, is there? Nope, nothing at all.- Qualen/Russell

HisGFProposeTight.wav - I suppose I proposed to you? Well, you practically did. Making googoo eyes at me for two years, until I broke down. Oh Walter! And I still claim I was tight the night I proposed to you. If you'd been a gentleman you'd have forgotten all about it. But not you. Why you. - Grant/Russell

HisGFRelieves.wav - Oh well. That relieves my mind.- Grant

HGFRooster.wav - No, no, leave the rooster story alone, that's human interest.- Grant

HGFScuseMe2.wav - Ah, scuse me, scuse me?- Grant

HGFShuddering.wav - Well you wouldn't have taken me if I hadn't been doll faced. Well, why should I? I thought it'd be a novelty to have a face around here a man could look at without shuddering.- Russell/Grant

HisGFSimplifys.wav - Alright. That simplifies it doesn't it?- Grant

HisGFSimpleLG.wav - Can't locate him. He's out fishin'. How many places to fish are there? At least two, the Atlantic and Pacific. Alright that simplifys it doesn't it?- Orth/Grant

HisGFSlapHappy.wav - He should make some girl real happy. Umhumm. Slaphappy.- Russell

HisGFSorry.wav - Sorry to see you go. Darn sorry.- Grant

HGFSound1.wav - (sound)-Grant

HGFSound2.wav - (sound)-Grant

HGFSound3.wav - (sound)-Grant

HGFSound4.wav - (sound)-Grant

HGFSound5.wav - (sound)-Grant

HGFSound6.wav - (sound)-Grant

HisGFStillAtIt.wav - I see you're still at it.- Russell

HGFStinker.wav - I often wish you weren't such a stinker.- Russell

HisGFStrange.wav - That's strange.- Grant

HisGFTalking.wav - Now you're talking!- Grant

HGFTemper2.wav - Temper, temper- Grant

HisGFThankU.wav - Scuse me, what you say? I said thanks for everything. Nonsense. Don't thank me. I should thank you- Grant/Bellamy

HisGFThinkWith.wav - I mean I thought you didn't love me. What were you thinking with? I don't know.- Russell/Grant

HisGFUnseenPower.wav - What did I tell ya. An unseen power.- Grant

HGFWellDry.wav - You never miss the water til the well runs dry.- Grant

HisGFWhat.wav - What.- Grant

HGFWhat10.wav - What?- Grant

HisGFWhat2.wav -What?- Orth

HisGFWhat3.wav - What?- Russell

HisGFWhat4.wav - What?- Grant

HGFWhat5.wav - What?- Orth

HGFWhat6.wav - What?- Grant

HGFWhat7.wav - What?- Russell

HGFWhat8.wav - What?- Russell

HGFWhat9.wav - What?- Everybody

HisGFWhatWant.wav - What do you want?- Grant

HGFWhatX2.wav - What? What??- Grant

HGFWifeBusiness.wav - Oh, no, no, no. Come on Bruce. I wouldn't use my wife for business.- Bellamy/Grant

HisGFWifeWant.wav - My wife wouldn't want me to do that.- Gilbert

HGFWind.wav - Well you kind of took the wind out of my sails.- Grant

HisGFWiseGuys.wav - A lot of wise guys ain't ya?- Mack

HisGFWishBorn.wav - You're gonna wish you'd never been born.- Grant

HisGFWrong.wav - Oh, that's wrong isn't it.- Grant

Cary Grant (Walter Burns), Rosalind Russell (Hildy Johnson), Ralph Bellamy (Bruce Baldwin), Helen Mack (Molly Malloy), Clarence Kolb (Mayor), Billy Gilbert (Pettybone), John Qualen (Earl Williams)

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