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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

MyFavW25Dol.wav - Now that will cost you $25. Just for a nice old joke. You heard me, $25 .You can't do that Your Honor, I'm legally dead. Think its nice to take money from a corpse. Now that'll cost you $25 more. That's $50 you owe me. You keepin' track of this. MMm Yes. See that you do. -Bates/court clerk

MyFavWAlright.wav - Alright- Dunne

MyFavWBelieveMe.wav - Now do you believe me!?- Grant

MyFavWBoreU.wav - Well, why should I bore you with the details?- Grant

MyFavWCabs.wav - Do you ride in cabs? Or do you just trot along side?- Grant

MyFavWCalmRational.wav - So that I can think this thing out, calmly, rationally.- Grant

MyFavWComfortable.wav - Are you comfortable? Very...- Grant/Dunne

MyFavWConfess.wav - He's arranged this meeting to trap us into a confession. Just a moment. What? He's a very clever lawyer, so beware. I'm going to be very foxy myself. I've got nothing to hide.- Dunne/Grant/Scott

MyFavWCutOut.wav - I cut that stuff out a year ago.- Beckett

MyFavWDiagram.wav - My goodness, isn't it clear to you? Do I have to draw you a diagram?- Grant

MyFavWDidntIDo.wav - Didn't I do that?-= Grant

MyFavWDiedLiver.wav - Well, don't stand there gawking, what did he do? He died suddenly of cirrhosis of the liver.- Bates/Grant

MyFavWDo4U.wav - What can I do for you?-Grant

MyFavWDontBelieve.wav - Oh, you don't believe me huh?- Grant

MyFavWDontRush.wav - I know, I know, Don't rush me.- Grant

MyFavWDontUnderSt.wav - Now, uh, you don't understand.- Grant

MyFavWDrivingAt.wav - What are you driving at?- Grant

MyFavWEnjoyMisery.wav - I've got a feeling you're enjoying my misery.- Grant

MyFavWExactly.wav - Exactly.- Grant

MyFavWExplode.wav - I would like to get out of here before I explode.- Patrick

MyFavWFactsTeething.wav - Just the facts, never mind the teething.- Bates

MyFavWFaithful.wav - Go on, I'm one of the most faithful husbands that ever lived. Hmm, with a wife in every room.- Grant/Dunne

MyFavWFeelInsulted.wav - It just occurs to me that I ought to feel insulted.- Dunne

MyFavWFixed.wav - It's fixed!- Grant

MyFavWFurthermore.wav - And furthermore! I won't trouble you any more tonight.- Grant

MyFavWGetAfterU.wav - Don't let me get after you.- Bates

MyFavWGoMad.wav - Sometimes I think I'm going mad. Stark, staring mad.- Patrick

MyFavWGoWay.wav - Go 'way.- Grant

MyFavWHeardNews.wav - I heard the news.- Patrick

MyFavWHeyWhoa.wav - Hey, hey, hey, huh, whoa, wha..- Grant

MyFavWHuh.wav - Huh?- Grant

MyFavWHuh2.wav - Huh!?- Grant

MyFavWIAll.wav - I'all thought your'all performance was pretty good this evenin' sister Ellen.- Grant

MyFavWIdeas.wav - You seem to be out of everything but ideas.- Dunne

MyFavWImportant.wav - Drop everything else, it's very important.- Grant

MyFavWInnerMan.wav - The inner man is crying for nourishment.- Scott

MyFavWIntCase.wav - Is that in the brief? No your Honor. Oh, that should be in the brief. That's the most interesting part of the case.- Bates/Grant

MyFavWInterrupting.wav - Stop interrupting.- Bates

MyFavWIntrigue.wav - We run a first class hotel Mr Arden. And we don't like to made a party to an intrigue.- MacBride

MyFavWJustMoment.wav - Oh now, just a moment! You just a moment!- Grant/Dunne

MyFavWKidSerious.wav - Now don't kid Honey, it's too serious.- Grant

MyFavWKissing.wav - Don't you think it's about time somebody started kissing somebody?- Dunne

MyFavWlaugh.wav -(laugh)- Grant

MyFavWLedgerGoose.wav - (Grant being goosed by the hotel ledger)

MyFavWLegalDead.wav - All I have to say to you is that as far as I'm concerned you're legally dead.- Patrick

MyFavWListenCare.wav - Listen carefully.- Grant

MyFavWLovely.wav - Ohhhh, isn't that loverly.- Dunne

MyFavWMadAboutU.wav - Ahh look Ellen what's the use? You know how I feel. I could go on thinking about it 'til doomsday. I'm stuck. I don't care what happened, I don't care what people say. I was always made about you and I always will be.

MyFavWMadeMistake.wav - OOoops, I made a mistake.- Harrington

MyFavWMakeUHappy.wav - Ooo alright I'll play if it'll make you happy, come on.- Grant

MyFavWMarryEve.wav - Now I don't have to hedge around, I can come right out and tell you. Tell me what? Well, I , I'd like to marry Eve. Oh you would would you!- Scott/Grant

MyFavWMess.wav - Oh, now there's a mess!- Bates

MyFavWMindAnything.wav - Well, you don't want to give them a shock. At their age the mind is a pretty sensitive instrument. We don't know what it's all about when we're that young. No, but we do when we grow up. Don't we? Sure, with maturity the mind can stand anything. Practically anything.- Grant/Dunne

MyFavWNeckin.wav - 'Scuse me folks, but there's an ordinance in this state that don't allow neckin' in barrooms.- Bartender

MyFavWNight.wav - Night. Good Night.- Dunne/Grant

MyFavWNo2.wav -NO!- Grant

MyFavWNoExcuse.wav - That's no excuse.- Grant

MyFavWOnlyFoolin.wav - OHHH, I was only foolin' honey.- Dunne

MyFavWOverW.wav - Well, let's get it over with.- Bates

MyFavWPickleIn.wav - Can you imagine the pickle you'd be in if it weren't?- insurance man

MyFavWPlaymate.wav - No man could ask for a better companion, a truer friend or a more charming playmate.Uhhuh.-Scott/Grant

MyFavWRunWild.wav - Sorta running wild. (laugh)- Dunne

MyFavWSad.wav -Oh, that's sad.- Bates

MyFavWSayAgain.wav - Would you mind saying that again?- Grant

MyFavWSaySomething.wav - You were about to say something?- Grant

MyFavWSayThingLg.wav - Yes, I know. What am I gonna say? That depends on what you feel. I want to do the right thing by everybody. Alright, go ahead. It's not as easy as all that.- Grant/Dunne

MyFavWSensitiveInstru.wav -Well, you don't want to give them a shock. At their age the mind is a pretty sensitive instrument.- Grant

MyFavWShaveLg.wav - But you don't need a shave. Your skin's as smooth as a baby. Ahhh, I feel like a hairy ape. I don't mind. Well, I don't feel right unless I'm shaved. Why don't you shave yourself. I'd love to watch you. Remember the way Victoria always watched Albert. Albert who? Prince Albert and Queen Victoria silly. Ahh, well, he didn't hack himself to peices the way I do.- Patrick/Grant

MyFavWShock.wav - This is gonna be a horrible shock.- Grant

MyFavWSillyMother.wav - My mother wouldn't do anything silly like that.- Beckett

MyFavWSitStay.wav - Sit down, stay awhile.- Grant

MyFavWSkipToday.wav - Do you think you could skip it today if I made it worth your while?- Dunne

MyFavWSleep.wav - How can you sleep at a time like this?- Grant

MyFavWSleepThink.wav - You were right. Perfect for thinking. No good for sleeping though.- Grant

MyFavWSoreQ.wav - You don't have ta get sore. I just asked you a question.-Beckett

MyFavWSpareTime.wav - You have a little time to spare now? Why?- Dunne/Grant

MyFavWStrangle.wav - I could strangle you. Hey, that's a way out.- Grant/Dunne

MyFavWTactDel.wav - Course it's gonna take tact and delicacy.- Grant

MyFavWTellsMeMF.wav - If she's our mother, what's daddy. Our father. Are you sure. Sure, what else could he be. I don't know. Nobody ever tells me anything.- Harrington/Beckett

MyFavWThatsGood.wav - Oh, thats good!- Dunne

MyFavWThatsIt.wav - That's it!- Grant

MyFavWThatsRight.wav - That's right.- Grant

MyFavWThoughtOf.wav - That's one thing I never thought of.- Dunne

MyFavWTruthFictionX3.wav - Truth is stranger than fiction. Truth is stranger than fiction. Truth is stranger than fiction.- Grant

MyFavWUnreasonable.wav -I think you're being very unreasonable.- Grant

MyFavWViolence25.wav - I'll have no violence in my courtroom. $25 and it was worth it.- Bates/Patrick

MyFavWWaitCase.wav - This can wait. This is a very complicated case.- Bates

MyFavWWant.wav - Whaddya want? Whaddya both want? -Grant

MyFavWWantToKnow.wav - That's all I wanted to know.- Dunne

MyFavWWhat.wav - What?-Bates

MyFavWWhat2.wav - What?- Patrick

MyFavWWhat3.wav - What?- Grant

MyFavWWhatIsIt.wav - What is it?- Grant

MyFavWWhattaMan.wav - Whatta man.- MacBride

MyFavWWontBBored.wav - I won't be bored.- MacBride

MyFavWWrongWMe.wav - In the name of heaven, tell me. What's wrong with me?- Patrick

MyFavWXmas.wav - (crash bangs and groans from the final scene with Grant getting ready for Xmas)

Cary Grant (Nick Arden), Irene Dunne (Ellen Arden), Randolph Scott (Stephen Burkett), Gail Patrick (Bianca)

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