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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

FathGAgh.wav - (Eklund getting goosed with the cricket bat) - Grant

FathGAmatuer.wav - Easy, be careful. You'll ruin your amatuer standing.- Grant

FathGAshamed.wav - You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.- Grant

FathGAWhat.wav - A What?- Howard

FathGAyayooow.wav - (another goose from the cricket bat)- Grant

FathGBadDream.wav -That's a bad dream.- Grant

FathGBadNews.wav - Get to the bad news.- Grant

FathGBadNewsLG.wav - Alright, get to the bad news. Well, I decided to liven things up a bit by making a sort of fun and game thing out of it.- Howard

FathGBeatIt.wav - Beat it.- Grant

FathGBed.wav - Some other time. I've been up all night. I'm going to bed.- Grant

FathGBigFinale.wav -If you're waiting for the big finale, I'm sorry, this is all I do.- Grant

FathGBuzzOff.wav - Buzz off.- Grant

FathGBuzzOffLg.wav - Oh, come on, buzz off.- Grant

FathGCantB.wav - Can't be.- Grant

FathGCareful.wav - Be careful. What are you doing with those?- Grant

FathGCrazy.wav - Hey, hold it, hold it. Are you crazy?- Grant

FathGDemoAgain.wav - I didn't quite understand the reason for that last movement. Would you mind demonstrating it again?- Grant

FathGDiffAge.wav -..is at that difficult age and you frightened her. Yeah, well I'm at a difficult age myself. She nearly scared me to death.- Caron/Grant

FathGDoItLG.wav - Oh well, that doesn't seem too difficult. I mean if you can do it I'm sure anyone can. Try it, I haven't had my morning laugh yet.- Caron/Grant

FathGDoItSh.wav -Oh well, that doesn't seem too difficult. I mean if you can do it I'm sure anyone can.- Caron

FathGEscaping.wav - I wasn't running away. I was escaping.- Grant

FathGetAway.wav - Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, get away from that.- Grant

FathGetOff.wav - Now when do I get off?- Grant

FathGFanatic.wav - What are you some kind of religious fanatic?- Grant

FathGFatChance.wav - You know what fat chance means?- Grant

FathGFault.wav - Because it was all your fault.- Greenlaw

FathGFunGame.wav - Now it's fun and game time. Now I played the game, how about the fun.- Grant

FathGGoingW.wav - Where do you think you're going with those? Hmm?- Good

FathGHadEnuf.wav - You've had enough.- Grant

FathGHandsOff.wav - Take your hands off that.- Grant

FathGHello.wav - Hello, hello, hello.- Howard

FathGHeSaidIt.wav - You know, that's exactly the way he said it.- Grant

FathGHeyHey.wav - Hey, hey.- Grant

FathGHoldIt.wav - Hold it, hold it.- Grant

FathGHoommm.wav -(one of those huffs of frustration)-Grant

FathGHowKnow.wav - How did you know?- Grant

FathGHurtAlittle.wav - Now this is going to hurt a little. You should enjoy that. Quiet.- Grant/Caron

FathGIdleMinds.wav - Empty hands make idle minds.- Grant

FathGiggle.wav - (giggle)- Grant

FathGImHere.wav - I'm here, I'm here.- Grant

FathGInMind.wav - I don't know what you had in mind.- Grant

FathGISwear.wav - I swear !- Grant

FathGKilledHer.wav - A chaplain? Good heavens, he's killed her.- Howard

FathGKissFoot.wav - Kiss my foot..-Grant

FathGKnoWhoLG.wav - Do you know who I am? Not exactly, No. Well, we'll let it go this time.- Grant/Good

FathGLearn.wav - Well, you learn something every day.- Grant

FathGLetItGo.wav - Well, we'll let it go this time.- Grant

FathGLives.wav - Now you listen to me. Before you mess around with other people's lives you better take a look at your own.- Grant

FathGMarried.wav - Married?! Goody TwoShoes and the Filthy Beast?- Howard

FathGMornLaugh.wav - Try it, I haven't had my morning laugh yet.- Grant

FathGMustBe.wav - I guess you must be.- Grant

FathGNaturally.wav - Naturally.- Grant

FathGNinny.wav - You ninny- Greenlaw

FathGNo.wav - No.- Grant

FathGOhWell.wav - Oh well.- Grant

FathGOhWellLg.wav - (giggle)Oh well.- Grant

FathGoodSport.wav - Really very decent of you. You're a very good sport. Thank you.- Grant

FathGoodTrick.wav - That'll be a good trick.- Grant

FathGPlease.wav - Please!- Grant

FathGPowerNME.wav - You are making a powerful enemy.- Grant

FathGQuestion.wav - That's a difficult question to answer.- Howard

FathGReachIT.wav - uh, Probably couldn't reach it.- Grant

FathGReadHearLG.wav - Do you read my Mother Goose? Yes, yes, I read you. What's even worse, I can hear you. Now what do you want?- Good/Grant

FathGScram.wav - Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, beat it. Scram, come on.- Grant

FathGShWeWhat.wav - Should we what?- Grant

FathGSillyThing.wav - Why would I do a silly thing like that?- Grant

FathGSmall Thing.wav - Just one small thing.- Howard

FathGSmall ThingLG.wav - Just one small thing. Uh oh.- Howard/Grant

FathGSnakeLG.wav -But thats not a snake. It looks like a snake. You ninny.- Sparke/Greenlaw

FathGSnakesDead.wav - She's alive. The snake's dead.- Grant

FathGSnakeVyLg.wav - That's not a snake. It looks like a snake. That's not a snake. Here. Watch out for the thorns. Ugh, thank you. Not a snake. It looks like a snake. No, it doesn't. This looks like a snake.- Grant/Sparke

FathGSoRude.wav - You don't have to be so rude.- Caron

FathGSoundsGreat.wav -Sounds great.- Grant

FathGSpecReason.wav - You got some special reason for telling me that?- Grant

FathGStandBy.wav - Stand by.-Howard

FathGStopSaying.wav - Oh, stop saying that.- Grant

FathGSuicide.wav - It's suicide.- Grant

FathGTalkIntoIt.wav - Do you really think you're going to talk me into it.- Grant

FathGThatThing.wav - What is that thing?- Grant

FathGTime.wav - Okay, we'll take another whack at it if you will Padre. So, take your time, but hurry it up.- Grant

FathGTough.wav - Well, that's tough.- Grant

FathGTrustHim.wav - Its a sorry day when a man's friends don't trust him.- Grant

FathGUhhOh.wav - Uh, Oh.- Grant

FathGURNuts.wav - You're nuts!- Grant

FathGUseFor.wav - Oh no,no, no. Not that. We'd have had a use for that.- Grant

FathGWarts.wav - The first one who breaks the pledge will get warts.- Grant

FathGWhat.wav - What?- Caron

FathGWhatWant.wav - Now, what do you want?- Grant

FathGWhoa.wav - Wait a minute, whoa.- Grant

FathGWhyDoThat.wav - Why would I want to do that?- Grant

Cary Grant (Walter Eckland), Leslie Caron (Catherine Freneau), Trevor Howard (Commodore Frank Houghton, Pip Sparke (Anne), Jack Good (Lieutenant Stebbins), Verina Greenlaw (Christine)

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