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Remember ... the longer the quote, the larger the .wav  file,
Which means ... the longer you have to wait to hear the quote. 
Your patience will be worth the wait!!

egsmadorabletry.wav - Wasn't it adorable of him to try?- Drake

egsmbeenherebefore.wav - I know, I know, I've been here before.- Grant

egsmbeinggirl.wav - Do you know something about being a girl? You can just never give up. You have take every single little defeat and twist it around and around until it turns into a great big victory.- Drake

egsmblastedbusiness.wav - None of your blasted business!- Tone

egsmboiloil.wav - When they're through with you they'll boil you in oil.- Gaines

egsmbootie.wav - I'd like to see some booties.- Grant

egsmbreathe.wav - (sigh) What's the matter? I'm out of breath.- Drake/Grant

egsmchggoodreason.wav - If I change there must be a good reason.- Lynn

egsmchgTuesday.wav - Well, I'd like to change it if it would make you any happier, but I'm afraid no matter what I do, it'll still be Tuesday.- Grant

egsmcrunchychair.wav - The crunchy chair!- Drake

egsmcuredDr.wav - Okay, I'm cured Doctor.- Risdon

egsmdignitydecorum.wav - There's such a thing as dignity and modesty and decorum!- Grant

egsmdoaboutit.wav - I don't see what I can do about it.- Grant

egsmdontthinksobut.wav - I don't think so, but what is it?- Grant

egsmdontUstart.wav - Oh, now don't you start.- Grant

egsmenlighten.wav - Perhaps you can enlighten me.- Grant

egsmeveadam.wav - How in the world did Eve ever get Adam when she had no other woman to help her with the subtle little touches?- Grant

egsmexplains.wav - Why that explains everything!- Drake

egsmextremelycreative.wav - Extremely creative to say the least.- Grant

egsmfaceyears.wav - Oh why not, an ordinary face and I've been wearing it for years.- Grant

egsmfishhook.wav - Might as well tell a fish 'Look out for the hook'.- Drake

egsmfoolishUwere.wav - Well, at least you have the grace to admit how foolish you were.- Tone

egsmfresh.wav - Haven't you anything better to do than be fresh?- Drake

egsmfunniestideas.wav - You have the funniest ideas sometimes.- Drake

egsmfunnyeither.wav - Like your other remark that's not funny either.- Grant

egsmfur.wav - These are very nice. They have fur.- Drake

egsmgdevening.wav - Good Evening.- Grant

egsmgettingat.wav - Now what are you getting at?- Grant

egsmgoahead.wav - Well, I thought just between such old friends you might want to tell me anyway. Well I do want to, but.. Go ahead then.- Grant/Drake

egsmhanged.wav - Well, I'll be hanged!- Grant

egsmhavinaparty.wav - Hey, somebody havin a party?- Albert

egsmhello.wav - Well, hello!- Drake

egsmidealikethat.wav - I wonder what gave him an idea like that?- Lynn

egsmideasmissed.wav - Course I don't want to put any ideas in your head. Well, if you can think of any that I've missed.- Lynn/Drake

egsminsomnia.wav - You any idea what causes this what you guess I might call insomnia?- Grant

egsminterestingnews.wav - That's interesting, but I have news for you.- Grant

egsmlegitimategirl.wav - Well I haven't done a single thing that isn't legitimate for a girl.- Drake

egsmlineofwork.wav - I'd like to accommodate you Miss Sims but actually I'm in another line of work.- Grant

egsmmakesmesick.wav -Augh! Everybody makes me sick!- Lynn

egsmmenforcetodo.wav - Well, I know its dreadful. But this is the kind of thing that men force us to do.- Drake

egsmmorewonderful.wav - Ooooh, well, that's more wonderful then ever!- Drake

egsmnonono.wav - No,no, no, nothing at all!- Drake

egsmnothingtoit.wav - You know there's nothing to it?- Drake

egsmobserved.wav - Well, tell me, exactly what have you observed?- Grant

egsmohmygoodness.wav - Oh, my goodness.- Drake

egsmohyes.wav - Oooh Yyesss.- Grant

egsmouh.wav - odd short sound- Grant

egsmpictsontableclothe.wav - I'm quite a creature of habit you know. You are? For example one night a week I dine here alone at Pierre's and just eat and think and draw funny pictures on the table clothe.- Grant/Drake

egsmprizepack.wav - You see, I don't consider myself any prize package.- Grant

egsmshrewd.wav - Very shrewd little girl, very shrewd.- Tone

egsmsoitis.wav - Well, so it is.- Lynn

egsmsorry.wav - Oh, sorry.

egsmsound2.wav - (kind of a sigh) - Grant

egsmsound3.wav - Uhhmm- Grant

egsmsperfectlysweet.wav - Well, how perfectly sweet!- Drake

egsmsympathy.wav - Come along boys, we get no sympathy here.- Mrs. Willoughby

egsmtalkingabout.wav - Frankly I don't quite know what you're talking about.- Grant

egsmthanksbye.wav - Thanks for everything, bye.- Grant

egsmthatso.wav - Is that so?- Grant

egsmthingslearn.wav - There are a couple of things you've simply got to learn.- Lynn

egsmthingsworkout.wav - I wouldn't worry too much about it. These things have a way of working out.- Grant

egsmtwistwords.wav - Now, now just a second. Just hear me out and please don't try to twist my words around to suit yourself.- Grant

egsmUhere.wav - Imagine seeing you here of all places.- Drake

egsmunderstand.wav - You see, I was after you, but I wasn't after you. Well, I was only after you because I was after him. Do you understand? Maybe I'll begin to about a week from now.- Drake/Grant

egsmunderstandclearly.wav - That's why this is going to be so difficult. But it's just got to be done. Because there's something I want you to understand, clearly, once and for all.- Grant

egsmURdoinghere.wav - I just can't imagine what you're doing here.- Drake

egsmwellhello.wav - Well, hello!- Grant

egsmwhat.wav - What?- Grant

egsmwhat2.wav - What?- Lynn

egsmwhat3.wav - What?- Tone

egsmwhatnow.wav - What are you doing now?- Tone

egsmwhatonearth.wav - What on earth is going on here?- Tone

egsmwheretobegin.wav - Gosh, I've got so much to do! I don't know where to begin.- Drake

egsmwinkiewollies.wav - There's a kind you advertise. I believe you call them Winky woolies. Yes, we do.- Grant/Drake

egsmwomannoise.wav - Oh, stop making a noise like a woman Mary and running my life.- Grant

egsmyowlscream.wav - My guess is you can't yowl and scream at a bunch of mothers and expect them to be delighted. Oh, that's nonsense. All I did was lose my temper for a moment just like any other human being. And I certainly didn't yowl and scream.- Grant/Risdon

Cary Grant (Dr. Madison Brown), Franchot Tone (Roger Sanford), Diana Lynn (Julie Hudson), Betsy Drake (Anabel Sims)

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